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外文标题:China can't afford to enter India: Nepal Army chief


CHANDIGARH: Dismissing the recent reports of 640 sq km incursion in Ladakh by Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), Nepal's chief of army staff Gaurav Shumsher Jang Bahadur Rana on Thursday said China cannot afford to enter India even as he sought to stick to his country's non-alignment policy for not offering military support to either country in case of a war.

"China is too pre-occupied with the Tibetan issue. And, then there is Xinjiang region facing the separatist movement. The PLA cannot afford to enter India, or for that matter Nepal. Whether it's the mighty Himalayas or the Indo-Gangetic plains, they have no reasons to make incursions into India. There are no provocations," Rana told TOI in an exclusive interview in Chandigarh.



Rana held the alleged incursion of the Red Army into Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh as a common occurrence. "In all military agreements, there are problems when you draw lines of control on maps using a pen. Whenever there is a violation, either country then blames it on the thickness of the drawn line. So there are no signs of any concern for India," he said.

Chinese troops had apparently made inroads up to 10km into Daulat Beg Oldi sector of eastern Ladakh in April and 20km into Chaglagam area of Arunachal Pradesh in August this year. Rana, who is on a six-day visit to India, also said that Indian Army is capable of giving strong response to China in case of an attack or war. He, however, said India lacked political will to do so.



Rana, who had visited China for a similar 10-day visit to strengthen military ties in July this year, said Nepal's relations with India were "incomparable".

"Right from India's Independence in 1947 when we had sent 5-7 Nepal Army battalions to Hyderabad for the unification process, we have had healthy cooperation with India. Tsunami was other big example. But then we have our foreign policy of non-alignment which ensures no military support to any country in an eventuality related to a conflict," the India-educated chief said.




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CoruptComunalCongres (Location)
Little bit doubt on this news....
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Vittalanand Rao (Chennai)
Purely a theoretical statement. It s a real fact that China wanrs occupy plains down hill south of Himalayas to command strategic positions and for challenging India when ever it has a need to do so
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banshee.india ()
Bakwas..... I would like you to check the Year wise Map of China. Their Land has been increaing sine last 100 years. And the Map of India which India uses in not used by anyone in the world. Its jsut ways of fooling the Citizens to cover the Policy makers and the Armies Failures.
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rajat singh (Unknown)
This theory is just figment of your imagination..............
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Viks Singh (Unknown)
We should think for ourselves not try to imagine what China is going to do next.
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hemsing (delhi)
Thats Fine Actually bcoz china now cannot aford a full fledge War With India as we are The Second most Powerfull Nation In This Region nd India is Also Diplomatically Stronger In Ties And Agreement with US and Russia But Provocation is a Tool Of China To check the intentions of their Neighbours Whether india or Japan .bUT WE DONT NEED TO WORRY MUCH bUT wE NEED TO WORRY mORE aBOUT THE TRAITORS IN OUR oWN cOUNTRY THE PSEUDO SECULARS WHO ARE Trying to divide the ecountry for their petty interests
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anonymous (India)
China is following the war manual of Great master - SUN TZU, so they are not in a hurry, they follow inch by inch and keep changing map. there is many land which does not belong to china , etc. but see all of them are in Chinese control.
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axa19 (INDIA) replies to anonymous
INDIANS keep waiting for GODs to help them out, and due to this a foreigner sonia maino, and her buddhu half-INDIAN raul vinci keep making gthem fools and are LEAST bothered about Nation as it is NOT ther nation ! We need a nationalist to come to the center, and FIX china & pakistan for ALL TIMES TO COME
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Amit (Mumbai)
Good that Rana has praised the Indian Army,but he should also note down the Chinese troops guts when they set up tents in Indian territory and tell the Indian soldiers to go back and also they dismantle Indian Army's survelliance cameras.These are clear signs that China is provoking India to act near the border whether it is occupied with other issues or not.
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gorigora (chennai)
If the northies call certain chinese provinces don't belong to china, in what account india claims all its states? Worlds worst hypocrites are indians who applies different barometer for others and themselves. Atleast in china people are treated equal - which is hard to achieve in india.. let indians have a hard look at theie own face in the mirror!!! Acting like a fake democracy doesn't make things any better!!! There should be some qualification to criticize china..
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rupendra rakshit (yamunanagar)
China can do anything. They have an expansionist mentality and those who think otherwise are fooling themselve or are making a fool of others. Some Indian top leaders believed that in 1962 and we all know the results.
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Amey Joshi (Mumbai, Maharashtra, Ind)
it is our political background which is always a hinder to army, otherwise we went to islamabad twice,
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Akshay Kumar ()
China is capable of doing anything as it wants to show its might to the world....... India should retaliate in case of any unprovoked action by the Chinese army.........


Himwant (South Asia)
India had been looking at Nepal with American European eyes. Nepal's Commander-in-Chief's statement is intended to flare up more regional conflict.


subbarao (Hyderabad)
Why are we trusting Nepal, which is increasingly getting close to china?
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pram_a ()
Probably a mouthpiece of China.


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