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外文标题:Can China's Gionee beat Apple, Samsung in India?


BANGALORE: China's Gionee is looking to take the fight to higher-end brands such as Samsung and Apple as the company looks to gain share in India, world's fastest-growing smartphone market. It isn't too worried about less-expensive, local brands either, a senior executive said.

The Shenzhen-based company's entry into India comes as it looks for new engines of growth and expand beyond home market China, where its market share has been growing.



"Indian smartphone market is at a tipping point, and Gionee is excited about this," said Arvind Vohra, who heads the company's India operations. "We're trying to tell consumers that it is not about price, but it is about performance in terms of display and other features, which many handsets lack."

On the price front, Gionee will have to face competition from home-grown brands like Micromax, Lava and Maxx Mobile and higher-end brands such as Samsung.

“印度智能机市场处于一个临界点上,金立对此感到十分兴奋。”金立手机印度业务负责人Arvind Vohra说,“我们试图告诉消费者,不能只看价格,而且要看性能,这是许多手机所缺乏的。”

在价格方面,金立将面临来自Micromax、Lava和Maxx Mobile等本土品牌以及三星等高端品牌的竞争。

Last year, Gionee increased its market share in China from 1.5% of 2012 to 4.7%, according to technology research firm Gartner. The company has also given serious competition to brands such as Samsung and Apple that have seen a drop in their share of the Chinese market.

A latecomer in the Indian handset market, Gionee faces the uphill task of competing with market leaders such as Samsung, Micromax, Karbonn and winning the confidence of Indian consumers. The three brands together accounted for over 60% of India's smartphone market during the July- September period, when over 11 million smartphones were sold, according to data from market research firm CyberMedia Research.



Rival handset makers said Gionee may be a household name in China, but it lacks a strong distribution network in India, where it officially entered in the beginning of this year. Gionee currently has just about 1% market share in India, according to analyst estimates.

"We don't expect much competition because Gionee can't match our chain of distribution network or brand presence," said Krishna Singh, chief operating officer at Maxx Mobile.

Singh said consumer perception that Chinese brands are "cheap and low-quality" could affect Gionee's plans for India. "They can't attain a leadership status here. It's more like asking, 'will Indian brands be a success in China?,'" he added.


“我们预计(金立)并不会带来多大竞争,因为金立无法匹敌我们强大的分销网络和品牌存在。”Maxx Mobile的首席运营官Krishna Singh称。



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Do not buy foreign product , try for local so that we can save our job


True Indian (blore)
Its high time for India to promote home grown brands to be manufactured in India. recently news was there saying india investing in IC fab units.. whats up with that now..???


Gaurav Vishal (Bangalore)
More than Apple Nokia has shares in India, not a good heading, misleading to say the least.


john (bangalore)
First it should try to beat karbon...


shreyansh jain (indore)
welcome ..


Rajendra Kurup (Unknown)
With Chinese products, in India it is impossible.


True Indian (blore) replies to Rajendra Kurup
Indian market is flooded with chinese products..


Rajendra Kurup (Unknown)
Impossible to do by Chinese Products!!!


Randhawa (Chandigarh)
All major brand like apple samsung micromax are made in china.India never made any handset.Gionee and lenovo launched very good qua Ity phone . Much better than samsung and micromax. E5 e 6 and k 900



Satish Dhondale (Bangalore)
China, very difficult to impress Indians because of the cheap products that are developed which were lacking in quality.


Romi (singapore)
Paid article No way can chinese mobiles be able to compete with apple samsung chinese mobiles use cheap parts & probably can have high radiation levels


Prasanjit Maity (Mumbai)
no chinese brand can ever dominate the Indian market
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Chandan Raj (Pune)
Tough task for them beat such name like apple or samsung ..they have to face major challenge from micromax
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jayesh_shertate (Location)
Will beat micromax, if they provide good service to customer, micromax providing good phones but very bad services...all third part service centers.



Romi (singapore) replies to jayesh_shertate
micromax also imports chinese stuff
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singh.prabhdeep78 ()
Micromax will be a tougher competitor in India for Gionee
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Nagabhushan TR (Bangalore)
Gionee is a very nice mobile interms of features it gives for the price, no wonder it competes with Samsung Galaxy S3 while costing close to 10K less. I have been using the mobile for past 3 months now and have been delighted with its performance, just that they lack marketing people dont know about it and very fact that it is branded as chinese is affecting it. Infact almost all the companies build their product in China. Apple, Samsung, Micromax etc.
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就性价比而言,金立是非常不错的手机,难怪能与三星Galaxy S3竞争,价格却不到10000卢比。我用金立手机已经3个月了,它的表现令我满意,就是缺乏营销,人们不了解,且标榜中国品牌也带来了影响。实际上,几乎所有厂商都把手机放在中国生产,苹果、三星、Micromax等都是。

Romi (singapore) replies to Nagabhushan TR
apple is only assembling in china due to cheap labour u cant compare gionee with apple by saying both being made in china apple is american co while goinee is chinese local co also be aware cheap chinese phones have high level of radiation


Rohit Rai (Bangalore)
Always use Indian Products. To know about the Indian Brands and product go through the facebook and search for "Be Indian Use Indian" page. Be Indian Use Indian.
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我一直在用印度货。要了解印度品牌,请去facebook搜索“Be Indian Use Indian”。

Deepak (Bangalore) replies to Rohit Rai
Can you name a single handset made in India!?
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Rohit Rai replies to Deepak
Sir i thin you got something wrong from my comment here. My intention was just to make aware about the Indian product/brands. As you requested, here i am trying to give you some Indian brands in Handset category. Owner of these brands are from India. Karbonn Mobiles, Micromax Mobile, Onida Electronics, Spice Telecom, Videocon, Lava Here i am not telling that sop using iPhone,Samsung,Nokia etc from today onwards. It depends on your choice and your understanding about using Indian Brands. For more info about Indian Brands/Products you can go through the Facebook page "Be Indian Use Indian".Just take it simple.
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先生,我想你理解错了,我的意图是让你对印度产品和品牌有个认识。根据您的要求,我这里列出手机领域的一些印度品牌,这些品牌的老板来自印度,比如Karbonn手机、Micromax手机、Onida电子、Spice电信、Videocon、Lava。我不是说从今往后就别用苹果iPhone、三星、诺基亚等手机,一切取决于你的选择和对使用印度品牌的理解。如果想了解印度品牌和产品的更多信息,你可以去facebook搜索“Be Indian Use Indian”

Deepak replies to Rohit Rai
I completely understood and then wrote a reply to your comment!. I will further explain, the so called Indian companies in your list dont even assemble leave alone manufacturing the phones currently they sell!. They completely import the set along with box from China and simply distribute with a margin!. Micromax has recently said that they are trying to assemble phones in India from next year!. So in essence whatever so called Indian companies phones are actually 100% Chinese!


Romi (singapore) replies to Rohit Rai
hello all the brands that you mention as not india made products they import from in skd or ckd & assemble here They are making peope stupid by sayin g its indian product
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