印度网民沸腾了:不丹政服强行驱逐3000名印度人。根据不丹新闻社(Bhutan News Service)报导,不丹政服无预警的下令,境内3000多名印度人限期离开。然而不丹媒体并没有报导,这消息由海外的不丹媒体报导。印度人看到新闻纷纷不满,扬言要灭了不丹,来看看印度网民的评论。不丹新闻社是由海外的不丹难民创办,以线上版本发布。


Bhutan asks 3,000 Indians to quit the country by today


The Ministry of Labour and Human Resources has directed people of Indian origin working in the country to leave by Tuesday, November 29. However, no Bhutanese media from inside have reported the ministry’s order, and the actual reason behind this matter has remained yet unclear.


According to reports, convenor of overseas affairs of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Vijay Jolly, has sent a letter to the King and Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley, lodging a complaint against the move.

根据印度人民党(BJP)的海外侨务召集人的报告,维贾伊·乔利(Vijay Jolly),给国王和不丹总理吉格梅·廷里写信,递交投诉,抗议此项逐客令。

He said that the order violated the India-Bhutan friendship treaty clause 5, which envisages a closer co-relation between the people of the two nations.


“About 3,000 businessmen, workers and their dependents – all of Indian origin – working in Bhutan and contributing towards its growth and development for over 40-50 years, have been directed to get out of the Buddhist nation by Tuesday, November 29, 2011,” reports quoted Jolly as saying.


The BJP further said that Bhutan has always been a home away from home.


“Indians have lived and worked hard and productively in Bhutan. This category of people would never be an impediment to the indigenous Bhutanese workforce,” Jolly wrote in his letter.


Although it is a verbal order, but the signatures of the said affected people have been taken by the authorities, added reports.


He further added that most of these people are small-time businessmen/traders and workers.


“They have nowhere else to go and nothing to fall back upon as they have already spent the prime of their lives in Bhutan working for the country.”


The BJP also warned the Government of Bhutan that those Indian nationals have never been a threat to the integrity, unity, independence, sovereignty, socio-economic and cultural growth of Bhutan.


On behalf of BJP, Jolly demanded ‘The People of Indian Origin’ in Bhutan be treated with honour and respect. BJP has requested the king to intervene in the matter urgently and rescinded the order.




Kumari Sharma says:

Bhutan Government’s Cruel Scene is clearly known… My dear friends who are inside Bhutan please be aware of the cruel Government…. They are really well known in the world in evicting the people from the country….. Why UN is sitting quietly???? on this human rights issues……


Bhutanese Refugee says:

It is nothing new for Bhutan because people of Nepali origin were already evicted from Bhutan nearly two decades earlier. now its Indian’s turn. I guess India will now know what the hell and fake is Bhutan.

Actually Bhutan is heavy tied of making people refugee……go Bhutan go…..you the best to make people refugee….AND POINT TO BE REMEMBER…….Bhutan will give a common statement that Indian terrorist has been removed successfully……forgetting the contribution made by them towards the productivity and development of Bhutan.



khali says:

dont worry u bhutanese, we indians gonna kick u out of ur country n vl rule ourselves and vl make it fully india.. its our master plan nw… just watch the game played by ur godfathers…. hahahaha the war has begun..


Mohan says:

is this real news.


kamalkhanal says:

it is not a big deal for bhutan king bcause if he can remove his own citizen,he can remove indian let us see the result of delhi how the indian goverment .


Francis says:

I think what was done is a needed thing at the right time. The Royal Government if has done something genuinely needs to be saluted. Its high time that The Royal Government of Bhutan woke up to the hidden agendas of the Indians to slowly occupy the country and call Bhutan as their own state.



RA S. DAHAL says:

Does Bhutan think it will be as easy as chasing innocent lhotshampas out of their homeland? India helped Bhutan to drive the lhotshampas out to infiltrate more Indians into Bhutan so that it can keep closer watch on China . I am sure India will use all its power and position to force Bhutan to change its decision. Bhutan has no choice but to let the Indians stay there.



Lonchen.Jigmey Y thenley says:

Indian people and Government of India are going to know who we are. You will now me and Jigmey Singey Wangchuck. we are the hidden satan of 21st century. Be aware of us. We aregoing to kick everyones ass from this country sooner or later, and this country will be sole Buddhist kingdom…we all satan will be in this hell. India be aware….China is there with us now…



K.B Gurung says:

I completely support Prime Minister Jigmy Y Thenley. Why unwanted Indian should stay in Bhutan when all Bhutanese are competenent to do any kind of jobs; bussiness, teaching, engineering etc etc. So, people of Indian origin should be asked honestly to leave the country. Bhutan has given enough space to Indian authroties such as IMTART and Hydropower; and with this small issue like asking Indian immigrant to leave the country is not a big deal. When illigal immigrant from Arizona are send back to Mexico why not illigal immigrant from India to go back their home? Common dude!


Indian says:

There is a need for clarity here: is bhutan asking “people of indian origin” OR Indian nationals in bhutan to leave?


Alice Verheij says

Can anyone, ANYONE!, second source this story? Can’t find any other media reporting on this at the moment. Is it true? Is it a hoax? It does sound weird that Bhutan would take the risk of social / political conflict with India as India has been the great protector for Bhutan in recent history…

It just doesn’t make sense to offend India while weeks earlier the king visited India on his honeymoon tour and he also seems to have visited southern Bhutan rather extensively.



Yishai says

Dear Indian, there is no “people of Indian Origin” in Bhutan. There may be few such individuals but they do not form a mass as “People of Indian Origin”. The Order seems to have been out to implicate the “Indian Nationals in Bhutan” without proper documents or those whose contracts expired.

By the way, do you quite forget about your facilitating the eviction of Bhutanese Citizens two decades ago under the generosity of India? What good did you expect for this act, then? If the snake charmer gets bitten, it is what he deserves!



Anonymous says:

If this is true, then Bhutan is being very ungrateful. I do not understand why Bhutanese people hate India so much. India provides massive amounts of aid to Bhutan. Bhutan’s infrastructure was built by Indian workers. But K.B. Gurung’s comment–that the Indians are now unwanted because Bhutanese are now competent in teaching, engineering, etc.–demonstrates that the Bhutan has no qualms about betraying India after getting what it wants.

The expulsion of the Lhotsampa who have lived in Bhutan for two centuries went to show how hostile the country had become to other races and cultures. If Bhutan turns on someone who has been with them for two centuries, then how much more against the former suzerain of fifty years? If India were more assertive like America or China, none of this would have been permitted.

如果是真的,那不丹真是忘恩负义啊。不理解为何不丹人如此讨厌印度。印度为不丹提供了大量援助。不丹的基础设施是印度工人修建的。但K.B. Gurung说,不丹现在不需要印度人了,不丹人可以胜任教师、工程师等岗位,表明不丹在得到自己想要的东西后,对背叛印度压根就无所顾忌。


Shyam Bista says:

I don’t have any remorse about the fact that Bhutan is evicting the Indian nationals. I think it is the way it is. It is clear that the Indian govt. was behind the scene to evict the lhoshampas from Bhutan. Now it seems it’s their turn to be evicted. But no worries, because they became mere spectators, when the king was dumping us in the ditch. Moreover, they have their homes and nationality back in their homeland.
When the Lhomphas were stripped off everything, it was Indian, especially the Congress, who facilitated the dictator to successfully evict 1/5 of the population. Shame to India and to Bhutan for unlawfully acting against the will and spirits of the people, depriving everything and making us stateless. Not only that, India became the stumbling block for launching any kind of moment in Bhutan, for the safe return of the Lhoshampas.


Nilik says:

2 quick important points:
I don’t think this case is comparable to hounding out the SB by the RGB. 1. While the southern Bhutanese were the citizens of the country these Indians were just doing business in Bhutan even though for a long time. 2. While the SB were thrown out over night backed by a cooked up agenda, these Indians were notified or at least made aware of this plan.





Amrikaney says:

Bhutan is under a spell of curse from the day the first family was evicted. Bhutan may not feel the effect of the curse now but will feel it sooner than later. The most hard working, loyal and disciplined people of the country were rendered homeless under false accusations. God is not partial, be it Buddha or Bishnu or Jesus or Allah. The culprit will not go unpunished. If the truth has to be told..Bhutan still exists because of India’s blessings. The very foundation of Bhutan is laid by Indians and now we hear that Indians are forced to leave the country. A silent fart from Manmohan singh is enough to erase the entire country from the world map.


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