原文标题:Beijing to begin deep water drilling in disputed South China Sea


BEIJING: China's first deep water oil drill is ready to start production in the South China Sea amid a continuing standoff with the Philippines in another section of the contested waters.

The official Xinhua News Agency says China National Offshore Oil Corp.'s rig will start operations on Wednesday in an area 320 kilometers (200 miles) southeast of Hong Kong. It will drill at a depth of 1,500 meters (almost 5,000 feet), Xinhua said in a report Tuesday.

The area where the platform will be stationed does not appear to be under dispute, but southeast of it, ships from China and the Philippines continue a standoff over Scarborough Shoal.

That dispute has been going on since April 10 when the Philippine navy accused Chinese boats of fishing illegally. Both countries claim the shoal.

China's foreign ministry on Tuesday said it had summoned a top Philippine diplomat in Beijing to complain about the standoff for the third time in recent weeks.






Vice-foreign minister Fu Ying told Charge D'affaires Alex Chua that the Philippines was escalating tensions and making it more difficult to reach a negotiated settlement to the standoff, the ministry quoted her as saying in a statement read on state television's national noon broadcast.

"It is hoped that the Philippine side will not misjudge the situation, and not escalate tensions without considering consequences," Fu said.

China submitted a map to the UN in 2009 claiming virtually the entire South China Sea, but has not clarified the exact extent of its claims to the 200 islands, coral outcrops and banks spread over the potentially resource rich waters. Other claimants are Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam.

In Manila, department of foreign affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez reiterated that the shoal is an integral part of Philippine territory. He added, without elaborating, that Filipino diplomats "are endeavouring to undertake a new diplomatic initiative, which we hope will help diffuse the situation."






hemshp (Bangalore)
Chinese are very fast... if India does not catch up, we will be left behind by a million light years.


Blackhole (Milkyway) replies to hemshp
Only a million ?


Proud Indian (Chennai)
China is a giant. All disputed parties can benefit tremendously by amicably resolving the issue with China.


Do not contest, Do not confront. Explore and share proportionately.


Sharoin Sherrif (Delhi)
It is hoped that the Philippine side will not misjudge the situation, and not escalate tensions without considering consequences......Such a stubborn statement from China !! India must look into the matter as its close enough !!!!


The Great Maratha (Pune)
China will soon start conquering the world. Everything that I own is made in china. India should learn something from this. We need Modiji.


shyam aallowala (sydney)
why we r complaining..Nehru gifted Tibet to china with thanks n we lost thousand of shaheed..


Whatacleaner (Syd) replies to shyam aallowala
10 hrs ago (04:11 AM)
Under what category did you manage to get into Australia ?


Mumbaikar (Mumbai) replies to shyam aallowala
Tibet was never India's to gift it CHINA... you fool. The only ruler who was trying in invade China was the Mogul, but he too was defeated by the north easter King. Read your History. Never the Chiness conqured India and Never the Indian conquerd China. All thanks to the Himalaya s which made it difficult for bothe countries to rule against eachother... hahaha


Girish Nair (Trivandrum)
In reality, China have no business there.


Namgyal (Gangtok) replies to Girish Nair
In reality has India any business in Sikkim ?


pandeyshirish (Zurich)
its a catch 22 situation....you can't confront and you can't be silent either. If we remain silent China will start digging in Indian Ocean and if we confront we are not ready for war. Hopefully our very able foreign minister will find a solution.


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Vijay (Hyderabad)
After Pakistan China is a big headache in the region. China is trying to gobble up as much of Asia as possible


Chchu (Baktiyarpur)
Indu - Chini bhai - bhai


myalmightygod (India) replies to Chchu
No more Hindi chini bhai bhai, its bye bye chinkis


Launchpad (Hindustan)
It's time that India too start claiming its portion in such disputed area in coordination with philliphines .. already china has entered arunachal pradesh and POK area...We need to give tit for tat answer to china...china is expanding its territory by hook or crook!!!This is how we can keep them away atleast from arunachal pradesh & kashmir area. Jai hind

印度应该开始配合菲律宾,在那里的争议地区声称拥有部分主权...中国已经进入了“阿鲁纳恰尔邦”和巴占克什米尔地区...我们需要对中国以牙还牙 ...中国千方百计扩大领土!这是我们让他们至少远离“阿鲁纳恰尔邦”和克什米尔地区的方法。印度胜利。

shoukat firfiray (mumbai)
big fish wants to grab everything at once but it will be too dangerous if its digestion system get choked and result in sudden death. Hope china change its attitude by showing of its military might instead show mercy and allow all neighbours to share equally which is God gifted blessing in entire south china sea . Otherwise, big fish cannot be on win side always and may get defeated by small fish with special tactics with the help of coalition partners. Wait and see the game to witness the defeat of big fish once in all.


vinay sharma (Goa)
The only way to stop Cinia's regional hegemony is for sorrounding countries including India to form an alliance.


The Indian (India)
China's aggressive nature is evident and is a threat to Indian Progress!!!


karan sharma (Bangalore)
China is becoming more and more dangerous not only for rest of the world but also for its own people...Certainly their communist Government's GREED is increasing day by day as they planning to eat whole of Asia...


Proud Indian (Chennai)
We shall NOT interfere into China's affairs. We got defeated by China in 1962. If we get defeated again, we won't exist as a nation to try our luck next time. We already have Paki terror, Naxalism, overpopulation and corruption killing us.


Sanjeev Fernandes (Doha)
The aggressive nature of China will end up in war with India. The US will back India to vanish China from the world map. It will happen very shortly and the destiny of Pakistan also will be the same.


bsreddy.chandu (chennai)
Can anybody dare to question them and stop them ? Everybody know how strong they are. Jo Powerful hain wohi Jeetega bhai, Indian ka democary guya thel lene.


原创翻译:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com

Brij Khanna (chandigarh)
19 hrs ago (07:11 PM)
Due to its rapid economic rise and military strength and reluctance/inability of other countries to counter the same, there will be more such activity by China in the region and the world. See the helplessness of India to protect or even protest China's repeated incursions of Indian territory. Indian leaders are busy with their politics and other factors and no body appears to be bothered of impending dangers lurking in the neighbourhood of India. Now it is an open secret that India probably is not in a position to defend itself from an attack, if it happens and there can be another humiliation like 1962. If It may not happens it will be due to economic reasons, India being a big market and not due to any deterrent from India militarily. It is a general assessment and many may not agree but their will be many sharing my views.


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