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Beijing purchases Su-35 for rearward-firing missile


China has decided to purchase Su-35 fighter from Russia because it is able to launch rearward-firing missiles, according to senior colonel Wu Guohui, an associate professor at Beijing's National Defense University.

The Russia-designed R-73M2, R-74ME missiles, US-designed by AIM-9X and the China-designed PL-10 all have the capability of being launched against enemy aircraft from the back of the aircraft, according to the Party-run People's Daily. The missile has a "nose cone" over the rocket engine and modified fins to prevent instability problems while briefly flying backwards after launch.



The birth of rearward-firing missiles has changed the concept of aerial warfare, according to Wu. In regular air-to-air combat, a fighter must shoot down its enemy from behind. With rearward-firing missiles and a a rearview display mounted on the helmet of the pilot, fighter pilots in the future can attack their target from the front.

China has no proper fighter yet capable of launching such a missile during actual combat. The Su-35 will be incorporated into the PLA Air Force to help pilots and the aviation industry get a feel for the new mode of combat. In the future, China will be able to make its own modifications from the Su-35 model.




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NOPE. Su-35 is being bought because -
1) China's perceived "super flankers" such as the AESA-equipped J-11B and rumored J-16 are nothing but repainted Su-27SKs. They have no AESA radar, they don't even have a PESA. Just the same old MSA as the Su-27/J-11A did, albeit with improvements.
2) The engine problem. Some J-11B prototypes have been fitted with WS-10 engines so far, but it does not seem the new Chinese engine is giving any satisfactory performance, as there are pictures to prove that many J-10B/J-11B/J-15 (which were meant to use WS-10), are still using large numbers of AL-31FN engines.
The WS-10 is meant to be an improvement over the less-powerful (albeit far more reliable) AL-31FN, with the principle betterment being an increased level of AB thrust. But the poor hot section life, TBO & MBTF of the WS-10's core, key hot-section components and pressure fans means it is more of a liability to PLAAF rather than an improvement, when compared to existing AL-31FN.
So the most obvious solution for China now is to try and get new engine technology from Russia in the form of the new Saturn 117S models.
3) China needs a new high-end Flanker to counter the jets being procured by India, Japan & SK. The present J-10A and J-11A, while being numerous, are inadequate technology-wise. And will be more so by the end of the decade.


1, 中国所谓的“超级侧卫”,即装备了有源相控阵技术(AESA)的J-11B和传闻中的J-16其实都是重新刷层漆的SU-27SKS而已。他们根本没有有源相控阵雷达,甚至连“无源相控阵技术(PESA)都没有。只是一种经过改进,类似SU-27/J-11A的旧机械扫描技术雷达(MSA)。

2, 在发动机问题上。到目前为止,虽然一些J-11B原型机已经装备了WS-10发动机,但新的国产发动机似乎并没有达到令人满意的效果,因为有照片为证,许多J-10B/J-11B/J-15(意味着使用WS-10),仍在大量使用AL-31FN发动机。



3, 中国需要一款型的“高端侧卫”来应对印度、日本、韩国的战机采购计划。目前的J-10A和J-11A已经够多,已不够智能化。而且未来十年后会更明显。

The Drdo Guy(印度)回复Gessler(印度)
I think PLAAF should go on war with some powerful country and then they will find out that there numbers are just insufficient against a few just due to lack of technology, there fighters will be nothing more than sitting ducks for some better airforces of the world who's names i'll not mention. Because one of the most powerful airforces in the world is not fool to spend Billions every year. They will get there a$$es whipped in case of any misadventure.


Do we have any plans of procuring Su-35?


No, upgrading Su-30MKI to Super Sukhoi will make it the ultimate Flanker.
Do rest assured.


Also Top speed of su 30mki is 2,120 km/h and of su-35 is 2,500 km/h
Unit cost of su30mki is 25,000,000 USD and of su-35 is 40,000,000–65,000,000 USD (2013)

My perception is "mehnga hai toh behthar hai" or is the lower cost of su30mki becoz of joint development. Please shed some light.


我的看法是"mehnga hai toh behthar hai"或因为共同开发使得SU-30MKI的成本更低。请给些启发。

The cost of present-day Su-30MKI is much higher than $25 million.
Super MKI will get uprated engine with 20% more thrust, that will help increase both max speed & maximum non-AB speed, possibly giving it supercruise.
It will get a new AESA radar (not Zhuk-AE as being claimed by journos), much more powerful than Su-35 PESA radar. It will comparable to PAK-FA AESA.
Most of Super MKI's avionics & subsystems will be derived from those developed for PAK-FA. This alone will make it much ahead of Su-35.
We are yet to see the actual RCS values of new Super MKI, because we don't yet know what kind of RCS-reduction measures are being taken.







we are expecting it by Mid 2014, right ??


Hard to say. Let's see if something is said during St. Antony's visit to Rossiya.


St. Antony ??
wow bro. that was like so totally random



Vstol Jockey(印度)
“In the future, China will be able to make its own modifications from the Su-35 model.”
The last line says it all. More chinese copies and with full knowledge of Russia. Do we still put our money into Pak-Fa?



Layman(印度)回复Vstol Jockey(印度)
I feel there is gonna be extortion again like the Carrier, And there is not much levey considering the fact that there is no exclusivity also there are none other than 2 partners in design and development phase. What are we gonna get may be a priced stallion at the price of a Dinosaur.


Vstol Jockey(印度)回复Layman(印度)
I find no rational in IN being forced to lease another Akula for 10 yrs for a price for which we can ask French DCNS to deliver three Scorpene with AIP from their shipyards while we set up our own line in Mumbai.

Pls remember that hulls of two more Arihant are ready and nearly 70% fitted out. Why shud we waste our money on Akula of first generation? The Italian waitress is the agent of old KGB and now Russia, she has no love for this nation or its defence forces.

The Paupers of Turin, Italy are now Billionaires with no known source of income.




Layman(印度)回复Vstol Jockey(印度)
Nothing more i can add to the brilliance stated by a Ace.
Seems like India wants to keep Russia in the leash... That would be the only explanation for the going on negotiations for the Subs.


Vstol Jockey(印度)回复Layman(印度)
The way we are dragging the conclusion of these deals, we will be left with no choice but to ask french to make most of the equipment in their facilities as the time taken to set up similar facilities in India will not get shortened. There are already rumours that IAF & MOD is negotiating for a lower price of Rafale to increase the number of ready built planes from DS in France. If you guys may remember, this is what happenned with every aircraft deal which India has signed. The story of Jags, Hawks, SU-30s will be reapeated for Rafale also. But I do not mind it for Rafale as we are getting a good product from most reliable friends that we had till date. Unlike russians, they stuck to their time schedules and did not fleece us. They are good with spares supply and do not have clauses like Americans which can render your entire equipment unfit for war when you need it the most. The spares have been supplied in shortest time with no clauses and no extra cost. They did not even stop us or demand extra money when we had to rewire M2K during Kargil war for LGBs. Russians till date have not allowed us to use our own ammo and Barrels for T-90 tanks. They have infact even refused full TOT even after signing the deal and we still have to import a substantial part of T-90 from Russia for India built T-90.
Did it ever occur to any member here that while French have been the most reliable friend of India for weapons tilldate, We bought Mystere and Orag from them, why did we go totally into the lap of Russians after the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri? Who got benefitted the most? Who was about to be sent out of India forever to UK by Shastri and what did this person do as return benefit to USSR? Did Shastri die or was he eliminated to make way for a russian agent to take over India at the request of this agent who offered to be an agent of USSR forever?
Zero marks for getting it right.


Criminal(印度)回复 Layman(印度)
Extortion sounds like an understatement IMO


A diplomatic word for holding something for ransom if i may say....


Now that makes perfect sense


You cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear


your rage against india because we are not buying US fighters ?
well your fault you guys chose the wrong friend during cold war


Himanshu Pandey(印度)回复Omya(印度)
leave him alone... he is not remained as much entertaining as he was


The Drdo Guy(印度)回复Himanshu Pandey(印度)
Oh Brother!!!!OBAMA will impose sanctions on you..


So do we make it out of a donkey's ear like the US?


Beijing purchases Su-35 for rearward-firing missile ???
I can't agree with the news,
i think the one Trimurti Mods @Manmohan Yadav (others being @layman and @Himanshu Pandey)
has stated several times every time there is a news like this
"will believe when i see it"
unless officially declared, i ain't believing it
my Mama raised no Idiot, specially when it comes to believing the Chinese


Manmohan Yadav(印度)回复Criminal(印度)
yup your smart


Himanshu Pandey(印度)回复Criminal(印度)
then your mama raised a bright kid


zero for me


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