苹果发布iPhone 5S和iPhone 5C,瞄准印度和中国市场

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三泰虎博客9月11日译文,印度时报文章《苹果发布iPhone 5S和廉价iPhone 5C,瞄准印度和中国》。苹果首次公开廉价智能机iPhone 5C。它的规格几乎与去年当做旗舰机型发布的iPhone5相同。iPhone 5C比迄今为止发布的所有iPhone智能机要更便宜,据称是针对印度和中国等新兴市场。随着iPhone 5S的发布,苹果已经下线自去年发布至今当做旗舰机型的iPhone 5苹果此次也推出了高价的iPhone 5S,它将替代IPhone 5成为公司最新的旗舰机型,有金色、白色和黑色等三种颜色供选择。

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NEW DELHI: Apple has, for the first time, unveiled a cheaper smartphone, named the iPhone 5C. It has almost the same specifications as iPhone 5, which was launched as the company’s flagship device last year, but in a plastic body.

The iPhone 5C (with contract in the US) is cheaper than all new iPhones launched till now, and is said to be targeted at emerging markets like India and China. With the launch of iPhone 5S, Apple has discontinued the iPhone 5 that was rolled out last year and served as the flagship model till now.

Apple also launched its pricey new iPhone 5S, which will take over from iPhone 5 as the latest flagship device of the company. It will be available in three colours – gold, white and black.

苹果首次公开廉价智能机iPhone 5C。它的规格几乎与去年当做旗舰机型发布的iPhone5相同。

iPhone 5C比迄今为止发布的所有iPhone智能机要更便宜,据称是针对印度和中国等新兴市场。随着iPhone 5S的发布,苹果已经下线自去年发布至今当做旗舰机型的iPhone 5

苹果此次也推出了高价的iPhone 5S,它将替代IPhone 5成为公司最新的旗舰机型,有金色、白色和黑色等三种颜色供选择。


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aditya.r003 (bangalore)
i like it
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NewsTrack (Odisha)
Apple still on No. 1, when it comes creating a hype and get people excited about their products. You can’t disprove this.
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Milan (Mumbai )
what’s d release date of 5s in India ??
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iPhone 5S 什么时候在印度发布?

Deathcall (Dubai)
When a corporate wants more revenue they have to produce products that are cheap and dump it over India a and china to have a great volume of sale
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Boom Boom DANNY (thane )
Great to see in lowest cost.graet confirgation apple rocks
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hisexxy (usa)
There is no change in the new models…apple learn from samsung
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NewsTrack (Odisha) replies to hisexxy
Whatever people say, Apple still on No. 1.
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hisexxy (usa)
Samsung rocks guys…apple y r doomed
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ambitesh gaur (New Delhi)
I guess with current value of Indian Rupee, these $99 and $199 may cost us more than 15k rupee (unlocked version)…Not so Cheap though…I would call it a budget friendly if it cost somewhere around 10k not more than that.
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Utpal Bhuyan (Bangalore, India) replies to ambitesh gaur
That is on contract. Without contract, expect 35k


ambitesh gaur (New Delhi)
Hi guys, how are you all? – Sent from my iPhone 5C

嗨,各位,你们好吗?——本条消息发自我的iPhone 5C手机

Ashish Shah (Pune)
The most crucial element will be the pricing.. Also disappointed that screen size is still 4″
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dennistarapore (Mumbai, India)
Saying/implying my cheaper phone (5C) is for you poor guys in emerging markets, is like crapping on your consumer. Apple – take a flying F.
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苹果暗示廉价iPhone 5C是为新兴市场的穷人准备的,这就像是在消费者头上拉屎。

Kameshwar Pratap (Bangalore, India)
wow… finally apple launched their new product.. 5c special target is india and china market.. contract cost of 16gb model is $99.. only…
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哇,苹果最终发布了新产品。iPhone 5C是为印度和中国市场特别准备的,16g版本的合同价只要99美元….

Patel (Bangalore)
‘India’ was not even mentioned. Stop lying!
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sreekar91 ()
I myself am a biggest apple fan and own all the apple products….First time i lost interest in iphone series….there is nothing new except finger print recognition in iphone 5S…..Why the hell they wont increase screen size….inspite of best screen resolution…..Apple is going down…..We miss u steve jobs and ur innovation……if this continues apple might vanish in 10 years….only hopes on IOS 7…
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我是苹果的铁杆粉丝,苹果所有的产品我都买了…..我第一次对苹果失去兴趣……除了iPhone 5S的指纹识别外,根本就没啥新鲜的……尽管屏幕分辨率很不错,为什么他们不增大屏幕尺寸….苹果在走下坡路…..我们怀念乔布斯和他的创新…..如果继续这样下去,苹果也许会在十年内消失……唯一的希望寄托在IOS 7上……

maddy (sgp)
Why the hell i need a 64 bit processor, a finger pribt scanner and a dual flaish on a phone??… Its not a computer or a hi fi security device or a DSLR camera… Apple.disappointed me.
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sohag (kolkata)
Finally apple is back
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Aarien A Shine (Unknown) replies to sohag
Now design got struck, just powder on faces……
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girish (new delhi)
In india ww dont have contract option still i will upgrade to 5s from ip5
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Baljit Mall (italy)
galaxy s4 is still better then 5s
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三星galaxy s4仍比iPhone 5s更好

NewsTrack (Odisha)
The reason, why people are paying attention and being excited about APPLE stuff, because it’s different and they really do innovation. Anyone who has ever had an Apple computer ever, is a convert. Sure, they are expensive, but since when do good things come cheap?
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rohan ()
iPhone 5s: 16gb:-45,500 32gb:-51,500 64gb:-59,500 iPhone 5c: 16gb:-33,500 32gb:40,500
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iPhone 5s 16g价格45500卢比,32g价格51500卢比,64g价格59500卢比

iPhone 5c 16g价格33500卢比,32g价格40500卢比

Uday (Dubai, UAE)

Now how in the hell can iphone 5c be cheaper in india, when the exchange rates are so high? Wrong timing Tim Clark!
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汇率这么高,iphone 5c在印度怎么会卖得便宜?来得不是时候!

MARATHA (pune)
Apple has same future as that was for Nokia.Bloody nokia sold poor [email protected] rupees.Now no takers for Nokia..same fate will be for Apple..
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iype George (New delhi)
Apple need not worry about making a cheaper version. This will be done by China and will be available for Rs 5000/= soon.
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Komatineni Komatineni (India)
well, 5C – 5China. Not 5i 😉
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是iPhone 5C ,C代表中国,不是 5i 😉

Ashish (Atlanta, USA)
5C is the great answer to those who cursed Apple products for being Expensive! Apple products are way high in terms of quality! It’s good for India and its ppl who didn’t buy earlier versions of iPhone due to its price. 5C is surely going to give tough competition to Samsung.
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iPhone 5C是对那些诅咒苹果卖得太贵的人的响亮答复!苹果的质量非常高!这对那些以前因iPhone价格太贵而没买的人是利好消息。iPhone 5C必将给三星带去激烈竞争。

Manroop Singh (Bangalore)
just cant wait
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Ketan Shah (Durban, South Africa)
no one can afford to avoid India and China markets…………….
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