原文标题:China suspends officials in forced abortion case

BEIJING: China suspended three officials and apologized to a woman who was forced to undergo an abortion seven months into her pregnancy in a case that sparked a public uproar after graphic photos of the mother and her dead baby were circulated online.

The case has renewed criticism of China's widely hated one-child limit, which, while designed to control the country's exploding population, has led to often violently imposed forced abortions and sterilizations as local authorities pursue birth quotas set by Beijing.

Feng Jianmei, 27, was beaten by officials and forced to abort the baby at seven months on June 2 because her family could not afford a 40,000 yuan ($6,300) fine for having a second child, Chinese media reported this week.




Photos of her and the reportedly stillborn baby lying on a hospital bed were posted online and spread widely, triggering a public outpouring of sympathy and outrage.

The government of Ankang city, where Feng lives in northwest China's Shaanxi province, said a deputy mayor visited Feng and her husband in the hospital, apologized to them and said officials would be suspended amid an investigation.

"Today, I am here on behalf of the municipal government to see you and express our sincere apology to you. I hope to get your understanding," Deputy Mayor Du Shouping said, according to a statement on the city government's website Friday.




The official Xinhua News Agency says three officials would be relieved of their duties: two top local family planning officials and the head of the township government.

Xinhua said Feng was not legally entitled to a second child under China's one-child limit, but added that late-term abortions are prohibited.

Critics of the one-child policy point out that it also leads to a dangerously imbalanced sex ratio. Families abort girls out of a traditional preference for male heirs.

The government says the controls have prevented an additional 400 million births in the world's most populous country of 1.3 billion.






Robin (India)
Communism and violence cannot be separated.
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Harirajan Kr (Madurai, India)
This is not a exact method to reduce or prevent population. India win in this race to reduce population without like those laws.Where is the Human rights in china?
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arambam (mumbai) replies to Harirajan Kr
In india some particular communities contribute to the population raise.


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Rajguru (delhi)
Why talk of human rights only? Ever thought of human responsibilities? Children are the future of societies, of the Nation and of the world. Better nourished, better educated, better skilled, having a sense of responsibility towards fellow citizens –such children when grow up make the villages, the cities, the country and the world a better place to live. On the contrary ,the laissez -faire governance as in India will just maintain status quos forever.
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ashis (kolkata) replies to Rajguru 8 hrs ago
Of course, social responsibilities are important, especially, in the context of our country. But abortion at late stage is equivalent to killing a baby. In India, children die out of neglect. In China they are killed by state sponsored machinery.
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Rajguru (delhi) replies to ashis
Yes,yes ,There cannot be two opinion on that. Abortion at late stage and murder of human beings is one and the same,no civilised society will approve.
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Cameron (UK) replies to ashis 6 hrs ago
India has a small land/limited resources but Indians breed like rabbits. You'll know soon enough about your irresponsible "human rights".
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ashis (kolkata) 8 hrs ago
Nobody takes seriously the commies. They are hypocrite. We do not believe them. It is the power of modern technology and internet that the Mayor has to seek apology. China is in the days of Mao still today. See how eccentric is their law. If you have 40 thousand yuan you may have a second child. What is its basic difference with Islamic countries where killer get away paying the blood money?
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arambam (mumbai)
Chinese are worse in terms of humilities...... they abuse all types of human rights.
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Saeed (US) replies to arambam 6 hrs ago
Really? I thought Chinese and most Asians are considered modest and respectful. What type of human rights did all Chinese abuse?
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arambam replies to Saeed
Go to tibet and see for yourself......then comment please. Sitting at US you will never know the real picture
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Kaml (US) 6 hrs ago
It seems lots of ToI readers can read but not comprehend (:- The article said "China suspends officials in forced abortion case" and "late-term abortions are prohibited". If you want to bash China, choose a right topic. Every society has criminals. Maybe India is an exception?
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似乎许多印度时报读者会阅读,但不会理解 (:- 文章说了,”中国停职了强制流产案中的官员“和”晚期流产是被禁止的“。如果你们想抨击中国,请选一个正确的话题。每个社会都有罪犯。或许印度是个例外?

50 cents bridgade (Malaysia) 4 hrs ago
Should have tried this woman in court for willfully and knowingly endangered her baby by having a conception with full knowledge it is a crime to do so. She has no conscience. She should have being charged with murder. The poor official is only doing his/her job.
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baldev singh (Mumbai)
Nobody can take away the right to give birth to a child. If we are looking at family planning then it should be done by educating them instead of forcing such things on them. It may take a little longer to control the population this way but it will be the correct way. China is know for excesses towards its people not only in controlling child births but also in rendering its citizens homeless for the sake of development without being given an alternative place. Farmers have been asked to leave their fertile land and given non fertile land for various projects because of which their growth has been the higher since more than a decade. But what cost is this growth coming at. The richer are getting richer and poor poorer. They may be world power in might today but how good is a country which is not loved by its own people because such actions.
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