What is India's comparison with China in science?




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A student who is pass out with having 60% marks in 12th. He can get scholarship if he/she belong to reserve cast and another side for general cast he has to take more than 90% then there may be chance not surety of scholarship.
So Reserved cast student will go forward to general cast and 60% of marks boy how much be strong in study. You can think of that.

This is only a small example, by this intelligent students are behind and they do not get scope. So how country will improve.

Sorry if you mind it but it's true








Abhishek Vyas, lives in India

Sir Definitely CHINA. No doubt.



Udbhav Vishwakarma

Hello Asker,

As Prasanna mentioned in his wonderful answer that China is so much technologically advanced than India. I would like to add something;


It's because of its Quality population.


My father has been to China for official purpose, a 10 day tour organised by his Company's Department.

When he came back, he told me that the way China perceives Education is far different and better than ours. "Children there and children here are pretty different." The Person who was officially elected to help my Father in his tour programme has 1 son (18 years old), whose dream is to be a Footballer. His Dad respects his passion and made him join the Chinese Football Academy, he stays away from his Dad, does a part-time job for his Fees and for financial help and is very much happy with his current life.




I am sure you must have figured what I mean from the first paragraphs only.

Indian parents don't respect Ambitions, except becoming Doctors and Engineer. I am an Engineering student and I love what I do. I don't consider Engineering as burden. But here in my college I have met many those students who have incredible talents in Athletics, Singing, Dancing etc. that you can't even imagine. Family and Social Pressure has made them do what they didn't want.




In India, Education is something that can fetch you a stable Job, earn huge money and fullfill your family's needs. This cycle is being continued Generation by Generation.


My Brother always wished to go for Research in Cosmology, Work in ISRO so as to serve his nation. He is now pursuing Electrical Engineering from NITs. Where he wished, where he went :-(

You do something different here, unless it is not providing you with Funds and Resources, its bulls**t. This is the Truth. This makes most of Good Engineers leave their Country, and its completely not their fault.




Sorry for the long post,
But I though it was worth mentioning.
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Prasanna Sivakumar
I would very disappointingly say its CHINA who is leading in both SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY.


The past 10 years where the CHINA, clearly over took US as the leading publishers of scientific papers. India clearly lagging behind in the same, I would say, India clearly missed good opportunities of being a leader in scientific field.


BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) together accounted for about 17.3% of total research papers in science and engineering published in 2011 compared to 7.6% in 1995, whereas their contribution to total doctorates produced in science and engineering in 2010 was 31.2% of the world total. India held second position in 1995 amongst BRICS countries and was behind Russia, whereas in 2011, China not only replaced Russia but also attained second position in publishing science and engineering research papers in the world, next only to USA.


So, its sad to see India despite of having mentors like Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, still lagging behind in Scientific field, Indian go nment need to bring some schemes helping in the research field.



Recently I came across another archived article which has a good detailed study of world wide scientific papers contribution stats. Its good and very detailed article.



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