Four Rafales to arrive in India by July-end, India to gain edge over Pakistan, China in air



NEW DEHI: In a major boost to India's firepower in air, first four Rafale fighter aircraft would start arriving in India by July-end this year from France.


The delivery of the aircraft was earlier supposed to have been done by May end but this was postponed by two months in view of the Covid-19 situation in both India and France.


"The first four aircraft including three twin-seater trainer aircraft and one single-seater fighter aircraft would start arriving by the end of July at the Ambala airbase. The trainers will have the tail numbers of the RB series in honour of the Air Force Chief RKS Bhadauria who played a pivotal role in finalising India's largest-ever defence deal for 36 Rafale combat aircraft," defence sources told ANI here.

印度国防消息人士告诉亚洲国际新闻社:“首批4架“阵风”战,包括三架双座教练机和一架单座战斗机,将于7月底抵达安巴拉空军基地。教练机的尾号为RB系列,以纪念印度空军司令RKS Bhadauria,他在敲定36架“阵风”战机防务合同中发挥了关键作用,这是印度迄今为止最大额的国防合同”。

The first aircraft to be flown in is planned to be piloted by the Commanding Officer of the 17 Golden Arrows' squadron along with a French pilot, they said.


The aircraft on their way from France to India would be refuelled by a French Air Force tanker aircraft in the air before they make a stopover in the Middle East.


"From Middle East to India, there would be one mid-air refuelling done by the Indian IL-78 tanker before they land in India," sources said.


Sources said that the Rafales could have come directly from France to India but a 10-hour flight could have been stressful sitting inside a small cockpit.


The first batch of seven Indian pilots has also finished their training at a French airbase while the second batch would be going to France as soon as the lockdown measures are relaxed in both the countries.


Post lockdown, India received the first consignment of equipment from France when a cargo plane landed in Delhi last week and more equipment would arrive in the near future. India had signed a deal worth over Rs 60,000 crore with France in September 2016 for 36 Rafales to meet the emergency requirements of the Indian Air Force.


Air Chief Marshal Bhadauria was the Deputy Chief of Air Staff at that time and headed the Indian negotiation team for the deal which is the biggest ever in monetary terms in India. Armed with the long-range Meteor air to air missiles and SCALP, the Rafales would give India an edge over both Pakistan and China in terms of air strike capability.


Sources said the air to air and the air to ground strike capabilities of the Rafale cannot be matched by both China and Pakistan and the aircraft would give India an edge over both the rivals.



Don't publish such news. Congress leaders like Antonio Maino and Raul Vinci will have sleepless nights.



Rajiv Sharma

Slowly and steadily india will become self reliance




such a shame for Indians.... not India...... after 73 years we are still comparing with a failed nation cald Pakistan



Madan Aggarwal

Our comparison if at all, should be with China and not Pakistan which is only 1/7 of our size. Let us aim for higher goals



Ashish Bohra

I can't understand what pleasure we get by comparing ourselves to Pakistan as everyone knows that it's a failed state. we should always compare ourselves with higher ones.


Owais hasan Khan

N that failed state has been nightmare for Hindustan since 1947, hahaha



Nation First

Pakistan flexes its muscles only because of China.



Sanjay Sawant

why shall we compare us with filthy dirty isla-ist pakistan? Let us compare ourselves with some prominent country like China.




ashish bagade

Four FOUR  well we need atleast 100



Indian First

I guess our biggest threat is China not pak .. Y do v give them sooo much of importance , population of Uttarpradesh and Pakistan' is the same .




Great news, thanks to NDA go nment.

Rahul should think about quitting Indian politics bcoz of misguiding Indians.





Agreed IAF needs Rafales very badly. But 4 Rafales won't make a sea change.


Gaana User

Initially 4 aircrafts will be delivered out of 36. Atleast read properly before speaking nonsense



Anupam Rajkhowa

India is anyways far ahead of Pakistan Air force. We should slowly and quiety build our strength against Chinese capabilities.



Praveen Kishore

Boycott Chinese Products




The media must stop comparing India with Pakistan. Each and every person in India and around the world knows that, India is better and ahead in every sector's against pakistan.




Mr.Ambani is celebrating with champagne

Whereas poor people of India are losing blood



Rolien Chiru

why always pakistan this blind bhakt r running after pak.. we shld compare with develop country nt pak.. India is far better then pak in everything.. so next time compare wit US or Russ..


Niranjan Nalkur

Yes but why are we comparing our might with Pskistan~ it should be with China. Pakistan is a small fry...



Ramananda Shetty

Why indian news channels comparing India specially with Pakistan



manish nigam

At least in this tough time we have good news that RAFALES, are about to come in July. let's cheer up for our country.



Prashant Vaidya

During such a crisis time, is this news relevent?



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