Is India a better country than Brazil?




Meet Shah, lives in India

I'm from India and I spent a year in São Paulo, Brazil for my exchange. So I think I'm qualified to answer.


I'm answering from the point of view of living (i.e. which is a better place to live)


Although both have it's pros and cons, my answer would be-




For many reasons, Brazil is a better place to live.


Better infrastructure: No arguments here. Brazil has a way better infrastructure than India (I felt rather funny when Brazilians used to say that Brazil has one of the best infrastructure).


Liberal mindset: Brazilians have a liberal mindset and they let you do whatever you want without interfering. On the other hand, Indians are generally conservative and don't give you space.


Traffic: India has a messy and noisy traffic, and lack of traffic discipline. The Brazilian traffic was comparatively pleasant.


Transport: Brazil has really good buses and metros. I find the Indian transport sy em inefficient and poorly organised.


People: The so-called 'Indian hospitality' is overrated. Brazilians are way more hospitable and generous. Also, their open-mindedness and social skills make them really fun to hang out with.


Civic sense: Brazilians have a good civic sense. They rarely litter. Also, they follow the lane discipline, parking sense and never cut into queues. On the other hand, Indians are known for their lack of civic sense.


Accepting nature: Brazilians have an accepting nature. They accept people from all races, nationality, re gion,etc and make everyone feel welcomed. Also they are liberal towards homosexuality. We Indians aren't always welcoming.


Work life: Comparatively, work life in Brazil is bit more relaxed and Brazilians aren't usually stressed due to work, whereas their Indian counterparts have an extremely stressful work life.


Enjoying life: Brazilians are zing at ing and celebrating. They're extremely happy people. In India, the ing scene is dull and the clubs are usually closed by 1-1:30 am.


Quality of life: The quality of life in Brazil is way better than India due to many reasons like social security, life expectancy, lesser pollution, free healthcare and education, liberal outlook, etc.


India scores in following departments-


Safety: India is a bit safer than Brazil. Some places in Brazil have high crime rates. (Although crime ests on large scale in some Indian states)


Diversity: India has diversity in cultures, re gions, languages, music, etc.

Better military.

Variety of climates.

Good variety in food.

Good economic outlook






Don't get me wrong. I love India and I'm proud of my Indian roots. But I have to paint the truth.



Vikram Garg, Think structurally, not in terms of personalities or culture

I will presume the OP means to ask if the average Brazilian is better off than the average Indian.


The answer is, at this point of time, the average Brazilian is far better off than the average Indian. But in the next two decades, the situation might change somewhat in the favor of the average Indian.


Brazil, despite having a similar ‘develo country’ tag as India, is a very different country in fundamental ways.


First and foremost, it is heavily urbanized, as far back as 1960, Brazil’s urban population was 46%, and today the vast majority (86%) of Brazilians live in urban areas. In contrast, India’s urbanization rate is only 33% even today. Which means India is much less urban even today than Brazil was in 1960 ! The main implication is that less than 20% of Brazilian’s still make a living from farming, whereas the majority of Indians (52%) live off the land.


Brazil’s culture (despite some extremely superficial similarities) is vastly different from Indic cultural traditions. Most notably, the society is not conservative regarding marriage and sex, whereas India is one of the most conservative societies in this regard. However, like other South/Central American countries, Brazil has been strongly influenced by the Catholic church, and there are strict anti-abortion laws. Access to oral contraception is also more limited than in India.


This ties into a very important issue, crime. Brazil’s high urbanization rate, legacy of racial inequity, high teen birth and the American appetite for drugs/guns have combined to give Brazil a very high murder rate. India has escaped this problem so far, mainly because it is still very rural and access to guns is extremely difficult in India. Levels of single motherhood, and single parenting are also extremely low (<4%) in India compared to Brazil, where nearly half the children grow up without a father.


However, India is leaning to towards higher levels of single motherhood, urban social inequity and rampant drug abuse. As India urbanizes, it would do well to learn from Brazil’s experience, and take the steps to keep crime/murder rates low.



Paulo Henrique dos Santos Oliveira, lived in Brazil

It depends on what do you value, what is your position in life and what is your cultural background.


Brazil has a much higher average income and GDP per capita and much less poverty. It's a diverse nation but its culture is basically Western. Brazilian cities look more organized (I never thought I would write this) and the Brazilian countryside is much more prosperous than the Indian one.


India has faster recent economic growth, a better science and technology panor. India is truly one of the most diverse nations in the world. It's quite more equal than Brazil and it has much lower crime rates on average. India also has a stronger military.


If you're rich, you'd be pretty much okay in any of them both, but in India you'd have less worries about crime. If you're poor, you definitely want Brazil, especially if you intend on living on a smaller town. If you want cultural adventure, India is the place to be - Brazil would be an intriguing twist on familiar settings. If you want a longer and healthier life, chances are you'd be better off in Brazil, but if you want a life with better education, India is a good choice. Your go nment will be slightly better in Brazil, and your private sector slightly better in India. India is more traditionalist and Brazil is more liberal.


I could go on and on, but some country being better than the other is too subjective a thing. Hope this helps.



Anant Pandit

Life is not Statistics, life is not GDP numbers.


I am an Indian though i feel seeing current scenario playing around me I would pick Brazil as better country to live in.


A country needs to have rich past and a Richer future. That future is how its people behave , how disciplined they are, the leaders they choose how corrupt or action oriented they are.


Even in most metropolitan cities and and even in the POSHEST of the area of those metros , you will find litter, you might see someone relieving himself. Women might get stares. You will find even the most educated breaking one law or other. You will find them hailing a cab in middle of the road blocking entire road itself. And same individuals when they are driving they would abuse the person who does that.


India from a peaceful, accepting, embracing country has become and slowly becoming anous, impatient and competitive country. The value sy em which were not based on such materialistic possessions are gradually eroding.



Vivek Tulja

I am a US citizen of Indian origin and have spent much time in Brazil (and other South American countries). Brazil and India are really not comparable. Most of Brazil does not feel like a third world country. Most of the crime and poverty in Brazil that everyone talks about ests only in certain pockets. Having been to 50+ countries, I have not seen anywhere the kind of abject, widespread poverty we see in India - certainly not in Brazil. And the total lack of civic sense! Again, unmatched in the world.


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Yash Pathak, lives in India

Yes!! INDIA totally wins the race !!

耶! !印度完全赢得了比赛!

Pros of India (and cons for Brazil) :—


2.We owned Space … Mangalyan to Chandrayan 2 to GSLV MK 3 ! First attempt to MARS !!


4.EDUCATION ( Most Competitive in the whole Earth, All the current Head CEOs of GIANTS are Indian )

5.IT sector. Have our own silicon valley !!

6.Research and Start ups ( way ahead ) ( Mainly in recent years ) !!

7.CULTURE and Heritage

8.GDP ( way ahead ) ( But less in per capita)

9.CELEBRATIONS ( festivals and Joy )

10.Cricket ( They don't play so…but we also got football now …lets see )


12.CRIMES ( even less than USA) ( if you do not know research yourself !!)

13.Largest Democracy

14.Oops How can i forget BOLLYWOOD !! ( Not as big as Hollywood but way more films in a year)



2.我们的太空优势…从火星飞船到月船2号到GSLV MK 3 !首次尝试登陆火星!!














1.Less Built Infrastructure

2.Less per capita GDP due to …

3.High Population

4.Traffics and Road ( can be included in Infrastructures )

5.Less Skyscrapers

6.A little bit conservative , Brazilians are Liberals

7.High poverty and Less Health Benefits!!

8.……. I searched even Google , i can not find anything else !!…

I don't mean to prove anything but the thing is : What i wre IS the Fact !!









8 ........我连谷歌都搜过了,找不到其他方面了!!



Gabriel Beckman

Brazil by far! Since healthcare in Brazil is actually good and TOTALLY free, even for illegal immigrants. The medium wage in Brazil is much higher than India, in Brazil, people can buy cars, houses, foods, anything because it’s kinda ch for their wages. Almost everyone is educated in Brazil, in which means literacy rate is much higher in Brazil than India. Medicines are free in Brazil and for everyone, free universities and free schools. Brazil got good buses and metro sy ems and stuff, not too expensive. Oh and for students is totally free. Brazilians are far away nicer than Indians, in the welcoming index shows that Brazil is the most welcoming country in South America, or the whole americas. There’s a lot of opportunities in Brazil, everyone can get a great quality of life in Brazil. But if you’re educated and with a degree, no wonders, you gonna be well paid and have everything you want :] Oh, in the biggest cities people usually know english, in which could help you. And Brazil it’s not as polutted as India.


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