The Chinese investments in Brazil quadrupled in relation to 2017 according to the Ministério do Planejamento (Ministry of Planning). What is your opinion on this? I see that many Brazilians are "unhappy" with the news.




Guilherme Duarte, born and raised in Brazil
When Brazil gets money from the IMF or the World Bank, we know what is expected from us: be fiscally responsible, stop economic populism, respect h an rights, strengthen the Rule of Law. As a country that stubbornly avoids any serious commitment to the four aforementioned virtues ( i.e, for the general happiness of the elites), getting money from reputable international institutions is always something to be avoided in Brazil (as it is in many other developing countries). That’s where China comes in

当巴西从国际货币基金组织(IMF)或世界银行(World Bank)获得资金时,我们知道我们该做些什么:对财政负责、停止经济民粹主义、尊重人全、加强法治。作为一个顽固地逃避对上述四种美德作出任何严肃承诺的国家,从声誉良好的国际机构获得资金总是要尽量避免的(和其他许多发展中国家一样)。中国就这样找到了用武之处。

Chinese money always comes with subtle strings while not necessarily bringing much for the recipient country — not giving proper weight to the Rule of Law makes Chinese investment easily funneled towards the bank accounts of local oligarchs and nothing substantial happens. Meanwhile, China has claimed (and has gotten) control of ports and of other resources of countries that couldn’t pay their debts[1] and employed temporary Chinese workers. How is that helpful for a developing country?


It is not only Brazilians that worry about Chinese investment. In the US, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are also deeply concerned about the source of the money they get from Venture Capital. Angel Investing and Venture Capital are not transparent and leave founders at the mercy of their corporate patrons, whom could very well be Chinese.


I think there are very legitimate reasons to be concerned about Chinese investments. I don’t think Brazil should say no, but I do think that we should be more serious about using the money correctly



Vitor Gonçalves, lived in Brazil (1999-2016)
As a Brazilian, I think is great, is a sign the country is leaving the recession and starting to grow again.


It’s not surprising that China is investing heavily in Brazil now, because of their One Belt, One Road initiative and our countries already are very close economically, China is Brazil’s largest trading partner and both countries are members of the BRICS.


I have not heard any Brazilian complaining of Chinese investments before. On the contrary.


There were some politicians, with absolutely no understanding of economy, saying bad things about the investments, but most people like them, is good for the country and for the economy.



Tadeu Brasil, lives in Brazil
It seems like a Trojan Horse


Most of the investiments, seeming at first for infrastructure and initiative to globalization, are in fact, to dry resources in a better, more efficient way.


What will happen, is that China will probaly make Brazil a good new market to it’s resources. and a fountain of resources.


From one side, it can be seen that we are going out of the influence of US, but in the end, we only changed the boss, but the rules at the same. And we can lose our influence in Latin America



Sérgio Eduardo Ribeiro da Silva,
This is actually good news…


Brazil is in desperate need of investments, but what we fear is that foreign capital will take over key industries or land in the country.


Marcelo Soares, lives in Brazil
Likely it means more jobs, which can't be bad in times like this. Certainly it's better than fewer jobs.


China is a troublesome country, but their investments here must follow Brazilian laws.


Welcome, then.



Ronaldo Akamine
Thanks for asking.
I can tell you what I think.
I think it is great.


After helping Brazil by lending money to Petrobras when it was in really need, China is now bringing more money to help Brazil develop it's infrastructure.


Another great thing regards ownership over Amazon Forest...


“Contrary to what Brazilians think, the Amazon is not their property, it belongs to all of us,” Al Gore, then a senator, said in 1989.

“与巴西人的想法相反,亚马逊不是他们的财产,它属于我们所有人,”时任参议员的阿尔·戈尔(Al Gore)在1989年说。

I don't know how but Portuguese conquerors managed to keep Brazilian territory this big.


If you analyze Brazil is the only country that speaks portuguese in South America. There are lots of other countries that speak Spanish but I don't know why they split their territory. If they remained together we would have 2 big countries in South America.


For Brazilians lucky, our country size and population count give us a natural power, and surely Amazon Forest is a great part of this power.


By having a rail line with heavy commercial trading in Amazonia Brazil will secure it's ownership over this great treasure.


I believe and I trust in China since China supported Brazil Aero Space program decades ago.


I am happy that China started manufacturing Cars in Brazil (Chery) and I hope to see Chinese or Russians consumer goods enterprises in Brazil.


Currently we have only Unilever, P&G, Nestle and others from the West. I don't think Honda and Toyota counts as Asians because Japan is a pet to USA.


I believe it is better for Brazil to have Multinational enterprises from all over the globe. Currently we are too influenced by USA and Europe.


I believe it is better for Brazil to have balanced external influence, because this way Brazil has more power to decide what is best for itself.



Marcos Silveira, lives in Brazil (1975-present)
Not only chinese investment is coming to Brazil but Chinese people too!! The city I live in (Salvador/BA) is flooding with chinese people in the downtown.


I think it’s good since they’re very polite and hard workers. Always start business and create employment to brazilians. I like them!!


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Renato Alves, WordPress Enginner, CEO and Open Source contributor.
I personally think it could not come in a better time. Brazil is going through a hard time in the economy and I believe this deal could help in the recovery process.


To put in another way, if Brazil was a company going through a bad time and another company, China, signs a deal to invest in your company, what would you say?


Considering that the market/economy is slowing down, you are going through some changes, cutting cost to keep the lights on and so on.


Would you accept this deal or would you turn it down because of the ignorance of your employees and shareholders?


That's what I think about this investment.



Saulo Dos Santos Soares, lives in Brazil
I find it pretty much positive.
Our country is experiencing a technical recession, so the investors are leaving us and new ones are afraid to put their money here, so knowing some countries still believe in Brazil is nice. Of course it's all about money and power, but it'll create more jobs (just this year nearly 100,000 Brazilians have been sacked) and put more money in the internal market.



Luiz Felipe
Some people see with good eyes, others see that piece by piece China might end up buying Petrobrás. It's a long term investment, so we will have to wait to know if those investments were beneficial or not for Brazil and Brazilians.



Julio Cezar, BA Geology & Computing, University of Geneva (1988)
Chinese come to buy Brazil…not to buy from Brazil. Our next president Bolsonaro will stop this corr-tion deal with them. They buy the cor-ted politicians and make whatever they want…enjoy…soon will be end.



Jefferson Sigi Loso, studied at Centro Universitário Claretiano
It may be good.


Before the Chinese, what did happen? Americans and Zionists have dumbed us down and purchased everything they could (Vale, Embraer, Petrobras, etc). The biggest companies Brazil had we no longer have.


In Politics, I guess that no one can get to a leading position in Brazil if he doesn’t support the US foreign polices and Israel now.


The culture, education, economy, laws, the news, the armed forces, most things the US has touched on in Brazil has turned M-st or been weakened. It’s taking over 20 years to build a single nuclear submarine (technology that we had in the ’80s, and today even North Korea has developed on their own).


Now the US-based groups have supported incompetent people to lead this country because of "equality" — NO skilled people anymore. The most important jobs, like administrative jobs and armed force positions, now hire some people because of “affirmative actions”.


That paper de acy is what people have been told that is the best option for Brazil. That’s how great and free we are, thanks to the US/Zionists.


However, the mainstream media (fake news since the ‘60s) keeps making criticism about “the Russians”. When they’re not bashing Russia, they’re bashing some of Israel’s neighbors… yes, very important.


Can China do worse than that to us???


China doesn’t seem to be looking for vassal states as badly as some. At least China has paid us without any political trick. The Chinese pays in cash.


With the Chinese we’ve done deals, good or bad but clean deals (cash x product), nothing else in the shadows.

我们和中国人做过交易,不管结果是好是坏,但都是干净的 (现金x产品),没有黑幕。


Anderson L.A, Heavily following Brazilian politics for the last 20 years.

These people make jokes about China and Cuba*, forgetting in many ways that China is world wide leader in many areas that Brazilians cannot even dream about, and that Health Care and primary education in Cuba are way better than any South American country, including Brazil.


It is even funny sometimes getting to know that when these people see someone they perceive as "leftist" holding an Iphone, they say straight away " Go to Cuba, co-st". Obviously those people are totally unaware that Apple Iphone is assembled by Foxxccon, in a Co-try : China.


Educated Brazilians, not influenced by the aforementioned media, surely perceive the China railroad investment in Brazil as a great deal that certainly will make cheaper export due to the improved logistics. However, it is very unlikely that the majority if population think this way.


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