2nd biggest arms importer, India 23rd on exporters' list



NEW DELHI: India continues to languish in the strategically-vulnerable position of being the world’s second-largest arms importer, just behind Saudi Arabia. The only silver lining is that India has clawed its way to the 23rd position among the top 25 weapon exporters, with Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Mauritius being its biggest clients, though it constitutes a negligible 0.2% share of the total global figure.


The latest data on international arms transfers released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on Monday shows India accounted for 9.2% of the total global arms imports during 2015-2019, while Saudi Arabia registered 12%. China stood at the fifth position (4.3%), while Pakistan was at 11th (2.6%).


“Between 2010-14 and 2015-19, arms imports by India and Pakistan decreased by 32% and 39%, respectively. While both countries have long-standing aims to produce their own major arms, they remain largely dependent on imports and have substantial outstanding orders and plans for imports of all types of major arms,” said the global think-tank.


SIPRI, in fact, cited the example of India’s Balakot air strikes and Pakistan’s attempted counter-strike in February last year to show the overwhelming dependence of the two on foreign weapons. If India deployed French (Mirage-2000s) and Russian (Sukhoi-30MKIs and MiG-21s) fighters, along with Israeli precision-guided bombs (Spice-2000s) and Swedish artillery (Bofors), Pakistan used American (F-16s) and Chinese (JF-17s) jets, and Swedish AWACS during the military face-off.

斯德哥尔摩国际和平研究(SIPRI)称,去年2月印度的巴拉科特空袭和巴基斯坦的反攻行动,表明了两国严重依赖外国武器。军事对峙期间,印度派出法国(幻影-2000)和俄罗斯(苏霍伊- 30mkis和米格-21)战机,连同以色列精确制导诈弹(香料-2000年)和瑞典火炮(博福斯),而巴基斯坦动用美国(F -16)和中国(JF -17枭龙)战机,以及瑞典的预警机

Russia remained the largest arms supplier to India in 2010-14 and 2015-19, but deliveries fell by 47% and its share of total Indian imports went down from 76% to 56%. Imports from the US, which became India’s second-largest arms supplier in 2010-14 as part of the growing strategic partnership, also fell by 51% in 2015-19. “In contrast, arms imports from Israel and France increased, by 175% and 715% respectively, making them the second and third-largest suppliers to India in 2015-19,” said SIPRI.

2010- 2014年和2015-2019年,俄罗斯仍是印度最大的武器供应国,但交付量下降了47%,占印度进口总额的份额从76%下降到56%。为了加强双方战略伙伴关系,美国在2010- 2014年成为印度第二大武器供应国,不过到了2015-2019年,印度从美国的进口额也下降了51%。SIPRI称:“相比之下,印度从以色列和法国进口的武器分别增加了175%和715%,以色列和法国也由此在2015-2019年成为印度的第二大和第三大武器供应国。”

While the US figures do not include the Rs 21,000 crore deals inked for Apache and MH-60R helicopters during President Donald Trump’s visit here last month, the huge spike in France’s contribution is primarily due to the Rs 59,000 crore deal inked for 36 Rafales in September 2016.

美国的数据不包括上个月唐纳德·特朗普总统访问印度期间签署的价值2100亿卢比的阿帕奇和MH - 60R直升机交易,而法国武器占印度进口额的比例之所以大幅增加,主要是因为2016年9月印度从法国采购了36架“阵风”战机,价值5900亿卢比。


As per SIPRI data, China accounts for 73% of its all-weather ally Pakistan’s arms imports, followed by Russia (6.6%) and Italy (6.1%). The US, which earlier supplied 30% of the arms imported by Pakistan, was down to just 4.1% in 2015-19 after it decided to stop military aid to the country.


India’s embarrassing continuance at the very top in the global arms import rankings reinforces the persisting failure to build a strong defence industrial base, with the NDA go nment’s “Make in India” policy also yet to actually take-off in producing diesel-electric submarines, fighters, light utility helicopters, minesweepers and infantry combat vehicles for the last six years, as was earlier reported by TOI.


But India’s arms exports have certainly picked up. Official Indian figures show they jumped from Rs 2,060 crore in 2015-16 to Rs 10,746 crore in 2018-19. The figure for 2019-20 stood at Rs 5,883 crore in December 31 last year. Just last week, defence minister Rajnath Singh said the go nment had set an arms export target of $5 billion in the next five years. This, of course, will take some doing.

然而,印度的武器出口无疑已经增加。印度官方数据显示,印度武器出口从2015- 2016年的206亿卢比,跃升至2018- 2019年的1074.6亿卢比。而2019- 2020年的这一数据为588.3亿卢比。就在上周,印度国防部长拉杰纳特·辛格表示,政府已经设定了未来5年出口50亿美元武器的目标,当然这需要努力。


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Ravie • Chandigarh • 8 hours ago

India has improved considerably in last 5-6 years by improving in make in India and pushing for more export of arms and ammunition.



joker • Ravie Gupta • cow land • 6 hours ago

good joke. improved on buying more, much more.



Shilpy • onthescene • 8 hours ago

india plays defense while pakis play offense all the time. let's change all this 180 deg for once and all.



Zuby Assani • 7 hours ago

ha ha ha....Saudi and India are the biggest importers respectively...but they don’t even kill a fly



Nanksn • Planet earth • 5 hours ago

We are always ulta in everything..We should be in the bottom for imports and near the top for exports. Hope the Make in India will rectify this situation asap.



Rahul • 8 hours ago

Army personals should be cut down and modernisation of equipments should be given more importance. Quality over quantity.



Arun Chaudhary • 6 hours ago

Now India is exporting arms from make in India ,,,,big development of our nation ,,,,,,



Pramod Kumar • 6 hours ago

In stead of spending huge amount in importing armms and ammunition from foreign countries we need to tap the best talents from our country and engage them in the manufacture of military weapons systems so that taxpayer s money is properly used and managed.It is high time to think along this line and make proper planning and roadmap for this.jaihind



FinancialRisk Government• 4 hours ago

weapon manufacturing should be an Industry and should employ millions of people in India



Karna M • Mars • 7 hours ago

Privatization is the need of the hour. Please privatize HAL and DRDO. People just gossip and gamble over there. When the price of canteen meal rises up by a rupee or two, then entire organization goes on strike. Let them understand the meaning of accountability.



Paadi Pantalu

India is behind indigenous arms unlike in space. The primary reason is the reservations in defense establishments.



Dan Shaw • 6 hours ago

We have 2 enemies on our borders constantly threatening and so we need to purchas weapons to protect land and people.



FinancialRisk Government• 4 hours ago

China doesn't really hate India or is an Enemy of India. China is good friend of India for zillions of years and both have co-existed as a next door neighbors. It is this DONKEY Brand Pakistan and his affiliates such as Turkey and Malysia who are problem.



FinancialRisk Government• 4 hours ago

China is not real enemy. China is just afraid that India doesn't take revenge of 1962. China in reality is a very mature and decent country just as India.



K Mohan Hyderabad • Hyderabad • 5 hours ago

India should now produce weapons and export the same to small countries



K Mohan Hyderabad • Hyderabad • 5 hours ago

India has the reason to import arms for having constant threat from the neighbors


Zen MS• 3 hours ago

Y right, and this threat looms only during elections, very strange...



Srinivasa Babu • 5 hours ago

Make in India has made India to export arms to other countries. We should see that more arms are made in India itself and stop imports.



Sun Rise • 7 hours ago

India should buy cheap oil/petroleum now and store it in the strategic petroleum reserve.



Abhijit • Hyderabad • 2 hours ago

It is extremely sad to note that we are wasting money on some non existent threat by our neighbours


Prasanta Dangoria• 1 hour ago

The threat is real. Don't talk like a fool. Pakistan and China attacked India multiple times in the past.



Abhijit Sharma • Untold Truth • 2 hours ago

Indian exports dropped from 10000 crore in 2018 to 5000 crore in 2019.why! ?


MP Singh • 40 mins ago

Because Feku has destroyed all industries after demonitization.



Obito Uchiha • 4 hours ago

Don't think India should be spending so much on Military. China focused on Poverty a long time ago and now they are 2nd largest superpower of the world. Pakistan also is likely not to attack India, but perhaps they may use proxies such as terrorists, but India can easily hit back hard. This useless govt must focus on what is important and focus on getting India more developed and more people out of poverty, only then India will prosper



super India

India a super power?



Tellicherry Arunachalam • 56 mins ago

Why not hold a meeting of all nations bordering India and agree on the reduction of defense spending so that more resources are made available to fight Coronavirus



Ganesh Raj • 2 hours ago

Good that India is now in arm export list for the first time due to modi.i imports reduced by 30%. hope we are in right track in that case.



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