Coronavir s scare: 5 Delhi-NCR schools shut as precaution



NEW DELHI: The coronavir s scare grew in Delhi-NCR on Tuesday, with two private schools being shut in Noida. Three other branches of one of these schools — one in south Delhi and two in Gurgaon — also advanced their spring breaks as a precaution.


The Shriram Millennium School, Noida, where two children of the Delhi resi nt (who tested positive for Covid-19) study, said it would close till Friday on the advice of Gautam Budh Nagar chief medical officer Anurag Bhargava. Shiv Nadar School, Noida, announced holidays till March 10. Meanwhile, The Shri Ram School, Vasant Vihar, will shut from Thursday and its Aravali and Moulsari campuses in Gurgaon will close from March 9. The schools’ management said: “The spring break has been advanced. The holidays will be utilised for sanitising the schools as a precautionary measure.”

Covid19检测呈阳性的德里男子的两个孩子就读于位于诺伊达的Shriram Millennium学校。该校表示,在Gautam Budh Nagar的首席医疗官Anurag Bhargava的建议下,学校将停课至星期五。诺伊达的Shiv Nadar学校宣布放假至3月10日。而Shri Ram学校将于星期四开始停课,位于古尔岗的两个校区将于3月9日开始停课。学校管理层表示:“春假提前了。作为预防措施,学校将利用假期进行消毒。”

At least 70 people who came in contact with the Covid-19 patient, including six from Agra and 44 who attended a birthday thrown by him, are under watch.


Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain on Tuesday said the go nment was taking all possible steps to keep the city safe. Flanked by deputy CM Manish Sisodia, Jain said, “Isolation wards are being readied in 25 hospitals, including 19 go nment-run and six private hospitals.” As many as 3.5-lakh N95 masks were being arranged, he added. “We have over 8,000 separation kits for staff treating coronavir s patients.”

德里卫生部长Satyendar Jain星期二表示,政府正在采取一切可能的措施来保障安全。Jain称:“25家医院的隔离病房已经准备就绪,其中包括19家公立医院和6家私立医院。”他补充说,已经安排了多35万个N95口罩。“我们有8000多套试剂盒,供医护人员诊断冠状病毒患者。”

Health ministry offi als told TOI that the six people from Agra, who are suspected to be infected, have a high viral load and have been quarantined at Safdarjung Hospital, while others who came in contact with the Delhi resi nt have been put under isolation at their respective homes.


“Those admitted at Safdarjung hospital are under isolation and stable. We have sent their lung washing samples for testing the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune. Confirmation is awaited,” the health ministry said.


The Delhi Covid-19 patient had visited the La Piazza restaurant at Hyatt Regency Delhi on February 28. As a precautionary measure, the hel said they had asked the staff present at the restaurant at that time to go on self-quarantine for 14 days.

这名德里新冠病毒患者于2月28日去过新德里凯悦酒店的La Piazza餐厅。作为预防措施,酒店表示,他们已经要求当时在餐厅的员工进行14天的自我隔离。


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Suhas • 15 hours ago

Indian are suffering from worse disease is casteism, coronavir s should kill all casteist people and make India safe and great country.



paarth • 15 hours ago

India needs to develop skills like in how fast they were able to mobilize. They could build a hospital from scratch in a week close to the epicenter. The US is buying mels and converting them into quarantine zones. Education to the public about precautions is also important.



John the Baptist• 15 hours ago

Hindu Mahasabha plans gaumutra with cow-dung cakes to fight coronavir s in India



Sameer Koul • 15 hours ago

Coronovir s medicine? Gaumutra is is ultimate therapy. Only India has this medicine.



Shakti • Ahmedabad • 15 hours ago

the great Indian summer is fast approaching..this would wipe out corona vir se..since vir ses are fragile and cannot survive with the the heat...sun is the only antide ..



Fossil By Then • 11 hours ago

If Indians were just 10% more clean and hygienic, there would be significant decrease of diseases in India. But thats impossible. Its not in their culture. Re gion, Caste and Regionalism have far greater priority than anything else..!!



Sureshi • Satara • 11 hours ago

COVID19 is a BJP creation to divert the nation's attention from the real issues!!!



Geoff Boycott • 11 hours ago

There is only one cure for Corona vir s in India and that needs help from all re gious people. All Hindus, Mus ms and Chr tians must get together and pray hard and fast. Schools must be closed so that all children and babies can participate in this prayer. Does not matter how you pray or what you say to God.....just pray, pray and pray. I am sure the vir s will get scared.



Concerned Citizen• 11 hours ago

This is getting scary now. Our Administration is not strong or disciplined enough to manage an untreatable pendamic.



Aravind Khanndelwal • 11 hours ago

Yes burn cow dung cake with camphor to eliminate corona. It will vanish after holi, you joker.



Yogesh • Delhi • 12 hours ago

The go nment and the authorities should also request the people to not to go to the temple, mo es, madrasas, dargahs, Gurudwaras, churches and such other crowded places to safeguard ag inst the Corona scare.



paarth • 15 hours ago

The testing facilities in India are inadequate. We need to scale out the testing. There should be labs in every state that can scale out the testing and deliver the results within 24 hours. The longer the test results take, the vir s can spread among the contacts in the meantime. India needs to divert some of the budget money towards stable testing infrastructure close to major cities.



Geoff Boycott • 11 hours ago

I am sure a cure must have been sent via whatsapp in India which probably involves homeopathy or some zing gaumutar concoction or some cowdung treatment.


rajesh• 5 hours ago

Homeopathy has not originated in India,



Raj • PERTH • 11 hours ago

We never know how accurate the news coming out of is. When says the decease in under control, is it really under control?



Concerned Citizen • 11 hours ago

Request everyone to be extra careful coming in contact with others and follow all precautions being advertised.



DB HUF• 11 hours ago

Prevention better than cure and in this case, no cure as yet.



Sandipan • Kolkata • 12 hours ago

The world should go with the HINDU way of greetings (NAMASTE) instead of hand shakes.



Guest • 10 hours ago

Maintain hand hygiene folks and stay away from crowded places and wash your hands as frequently as you can. Stay fit and healthy India. Don't panic if you have any symptoms like cough and cold, see a physician immediately.



Geoff Boycott • 10 hours ago

Corona vir s is new but rate of death associated with this vir s is about the same as flu vir s. Don't panic but take precautions. Just like the other flu vir s, this will disappear in few months.



Saswati • 7 hours ago

The holidays will be utilised for sanitising the schools as a precautionary measure. No one should panic on this issue that is also important.



Vilas Durge • 9 hours ago

No need to panic...Corona Vir s’ is infectious but mortality percentage is 0.2% as compared to SARS where it was less infectious but mortality rate was high (10%).


Sane Among Insanes• 9 hours ago

Correct yourself. Mortality rate is 3 %



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