What is your view on Boycott China? Can India survive without Chinese import? What would be the economic impact of India banning all Chinese imports?




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As far as this year is concerned, its a bad idea to ban Chinese products because the goods that are to be sold in Diwali are not imported a day before Diwali. They land here in wholesale markets few months before and then are supplied to the whole country in the retail stores.

Now, the problem is that all the Indian store owners have purchased a lot of Chinese goods fir Diwali and its stored in their godowns. China has already sold the goods and have made their profits.

Now if we ban Chinese goods, its the Indian Businessmen who will be affected rather than China. The Chinese Product Ban initiative became prominent a few weeks or month ago but the goods have already been purchased by Indian retailers and if they are unable to sell it, it will be a loss to India indirectly.

So as of now, we should not ban the Chinese products.

But we can start a campaign for a complete ban on Chinese Products from say next year which will be effective. Also, for this campaign to be successful, we will need to manufacture lot of goods in India for which we are dependent (a lot) on China







Lokendra Sharma, A Critical Analyst

Looking at the Present Situation of Indian Industries it can be clearly stated that India can survive the without Chinese imports. I’ll tell you why.

Most of the Chinese imports are Business to Business and thus provide Indian manufacturing units cheap and reliable raw materials and machinery tools. 

Because of being cheap as well as reliable Indian businesses heavily depend on Chinese counterparts due to Dearth of substitutes.

Thus only those Chinese goofs can be boycotted which are Business to Consumers which are so small that it wont literally affect the Chinese economy.






Anuvrat Bundela, works at Freelancing

Before bycott china.we must assure that we have that much big infrastructure to fulfill our population needs.and india can survive without chinese import.



Jai Veer, Director at Hindchef Pvt. Ltd.

Indo-China relations are more friendly then it sound. The statement of Chinese leadership is merely a diplomatic strategy (more precisely gimmicks) to keep friendship with Pakistan and increase the sale of its goods, specially weapons to Pakistan.


Why we cannot Ban Import from China


1.Banning Chinese product has huge impact on India because all electronics products are being Imported from China. Electronics manufacturing require huge investment. India will not be able to start electronics manufacturing all of a sudden.

2.As a retaliation China may also ban Imports from India. Export to China is a significant part of Indian exports (more then 8% of total export, including China and Hong Kong). While for China Export to India is relatively small as compared to its overall exports (less then 2%).

3.Banning import shall be against lot of international treaties which India and China has signed in WTO and mutually.




India is already very strict for Dumping and China has failed several time in its Dumping strategy. India Government is taking good steps in keeping China Import low but sudden changes may destroy lot of businesses and International relations



Uzair Quadri, Just one of the billion people living here

Well you should probably read a book about this I'll recommend this one

A year without "made in China"  is a complete and perfect answer to your question this book is about an American family which lived a year without made in China products and their experience was as expected horrible this extract from Reuters article explains a lot about their experience For all of 2005, minor purchases required dogged detective work as Bongiorni scoured catalogues and read labels.

She repeatedly struck out trying to buy inexpensive shoes for her son, and even the chic local boutique that sold fancy European labels had gone out of business. So she shelled out $68 for Italian sneakers from a catalogue.



Broken appliances gathered dust because the spare parts came from China. And, with the Asian country having a near lock on the toy aisles, her 4-year-old son grew tired of taking Danish-made Legos to birthday parties as gifts.

Bongiorni got a lesson in the global economy after products advertised as Made in USA turned out to have Chinese parts. She decided to keep a lamp with just this problem after speaking to the manufacturer and learning how China is "eating the lunch" of the few U.S lamp producers left.

Since the boycott's end, Bongiorni has chosen a middle ground. Her family seeks alternatives but accepts Chinese products when most practical. But one habit from the boycott remains: It required her to think hard about what she buys.

"Shopping became meaningful," she said

Answering to the main question no it is practically impossible for any country even India to live without "made in China"






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Theoretically we can ban imports from China. However, Practically INDIA have done an agreement with WTO and one of the point means that In order to Export freely we must also allow imports freely.

However, just to speak in theory Banning Import will impact the world economy not only China or America, its a vicious circle . when India buy finished goods from china, China in-turn imports raw material from other country and so on, sometimes India itself sells raw material so they can buy finished products.

Banning Chinese product will indirectly or directly lower Indian economy as well as we will also be banned by many countries who support china and over all its loss to the nation.

Make in India also needs raw material to be imported. For example we need component to make mobile phones in India either they are made in China, Taiwan or Korea.

Lot of machines need to Manufacturer goods are India are imported.








The first thing that happens is China will start more incursions into India on both land and sea fronts. They are already near to the gates of Malacca strait. Coco islands has a chinese sigint station. Chinese are slowly starting to claim Riau islands also. If this does not translate into war then.


1.India starts manufacturing almost all that cheap chinese imports sell in India.

2.India gets more employment

3.India gets more people who spend

4.India gets heavily customised locally popular goods.

5.Indias trade deficit with china will reduce.

6.Indian economy will see robust growth.

7.India will get more innovative products and entrepreneurs.

  1. 印度开始制造几乎所有廉价的中国进口商品。
  2. 印度就业率提高。
  3. 印度有更多的人消费。
  4. 印度有许多本地热销商品。
  5. 印度对中国的贸易逆差将会减少。
  6. 印度经济将出现强劲增长。
  7. 印度将涌现更多的创新产品和企业家。


Aditya Goyal, Foreign Trade expert in Hyderabad, India

Its going to be disastrous in both the short and long run.

The following daily use products will get expensive;

1.Plastic products



4.Mobile Phones

5.Computer peripherals

India depends on China for majority of Industrial semi finished products and Raw Materials, Chemicals, Steel Products, Paper & Paper Board, LDPE, PP, Machinery and Tools etc.. will all get expensive hence inflation will increase and economic stability will go for a toss.










Devdatta R. Davari

May be banning chinese goods reduces their market in India, that is good for India in strategic view but it will not have major impact on china as they have small parts of trade with India. Instead of this we must catch the chinese products one by one and start to manufacture it into our own land and in near future also be able to sell that same product to china under name ”MADE IN INDIA”. Like this we can start degrading their economy from the roots and could also be able to grow ours



Pankaj Shukla, self employed

World never stops if somebody goes. If India stops imports from China soon Indian companies will start manufacturing goods that were earlier imported from china



Raj Sharma, former Banker

China has placed themselves in such a position that it is impossible to boycott or ignore them. They are the worlds growth engine and with massive manufacturing capacity / technological achievements in various filed they have it will be a loss to the country who would boycott china.



Sandeep Rao, Strategy

The self sufficiency principle is if the global price of a commodity is dropping or Global price is less than local price import it. If it drops further, import more. On the other hand, if the global price is rising more than the local price export the commodity, as it rises more, explore ways and means to export more.

Crude oil is less than 100 USD per barrel right now, import it. If it falls below 90, import more. It falls below 70 import even more, plan for storage. Store more as it falls.

Price of caviar or khadi handlooms is rising, produce more and export more. It rises further export even more. Plan for more production.

Boycotting is a selective consumer decision. If the price is high the consumer will not buy it, if it is affordable - consumer is interested. All these artificial props setup by the go nment to support expensive local production will not be sustainable in the long run, eventually either the children or grandchildren have to face the music





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