Bengaluru: Chinese firm to make new Namma Metro coaches; they may be built in Andhra


BENGALURU: Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL) has awarded a contract to China’s CRRC Corporation Ltd to provide 216 coaches.


BMRCL officials said CRRC’s subsidiary, CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co Ltd, received the contract to supply rolling stock for Metro's Phase 2 project. “CRRC is setting up a plant in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. They have committed to manufacture 34 (204 coaches) out of 36 (216 coaches) train sets in India. The awarded cost is almost Rs 235 crore less than that of L2 (second lowest tender) cost. The supplies will start in the third quarter of 2021,” BMRCL managing director Ajay Seth told TOI.

BMRCL官称,中国中车的子公司,中国中车南京浦镇车辆有限公司,收到了为地铁二期工程提供车厢的合同。BMRCL总经理Ajay Seth告诉印度时报:“中国中车正在安得拉邦斯里市建立一家工厂。他们承诺在印度生产36套(216节)列车中的34套(204节)。中标成本几乎比L2(第二低投标)成本低23.5亿卢比。将于2021年第三季度开始交付。”


BMRCL had set deadlines for completion of the upcoming lines: Yelachenahalli-Anjanapura Township in August 2020, Mysuru Road-Kengeri in October 2020, Byappanahalli-Whitefield in August 2021 and Nagasandra-BIEC in January 2022. Standalone lines RV Road-Bommasandra and Gottigere-Nagawara are expected to be ready in November 2021 and June 2024, respectively.

BMRCL为即将建成的线路设定了最后期限:2020年8月建成Yelachenahalli-Anjanapura段,2020年10月建成Mysuru Road-Kengeri段, 2021年8月建成Byappanahalli-Whitefield,段 2022年1月建成Nagasandra-BIEC段。独立路线RV Road-Bommasandra和Gottigere-Nagawara预计分别在2021年11月和2024年6月完成。

CRRC also suppled rolling stock to Metro systems in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Navi Mumbai, Kolkata, Noida and Nagpur. In March 2017, BEML received the contract to supply 150 coaches to convert 50 3-coach trains on both the Purple and Green Lines to 6-coach trains.


In fact, L&T, the contractor for the Vellara Junction-Pottery Town Metro stretch, is procuring tunnel boring machines (TBMs), made by China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation Limited. Two TBMs have already reached Chennai port. The other two are in transit and are likely to arrive in the city in March.

事实上,Vellara juncer - pottery Town地铁段的承包商L&T正在采购隧道掘进机(TBMs),由中国铁建重工有限公司制造。两辆隧道掘进机已经抵达金奈港。另外两辆正在运输途中,可能在3月份抵达该市。


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Raju • India • 15 hours ago

Noooo. Here I am banning Chinese products in my personal life and Namma Metro to be made by China? Deeply disappointed.




sureshachar• 7 hours ago

Chinese products usage have become common after Modi came to power, earlier go nment did not allow Chinese in telecom and heavy investments like this, they were only restricted to toys but now, they are blackmailing bjp go nment I think



Deshpande • 15 hours ago

What about MAKE in India, is it only slogan?.



Varshan Bp • 15 hours ago

BEML coaches are good.



Deje je • Bangalore • 14 hours ago

Govt again ignoring BEML worst decision. by Modi Govt



John Tulip • Pune • 15 hours ago

Setting up industry here and taking orders . Chinese are every whete



Praveen .Kumar • Bangalore • 16 hours ago

The trade imbalance with China grows



Raghavendra • 10 hours ago

Why China? Even it is bit expensive we shd procure locally..



Deje je • Bangalore • 14 hours ago

worst decision by the Govt ...toothless govt ..instead of banning China they are entertaining it. shame on Modi



Kooler Sun • Bengaluru • 14 hours ago

Free virus in all coaches


Anantha Prasanna• 9 hours ago

Great, there will be population control



Ranjan Sharan • 15 hours ago

Why Indian railways is not taking this kind initiative and at same time go nment should provide support it's win win situation Make In India plus it will boost out GDP not Chinese.



Prashant Singh • 16 hours ago

New coaches with in-built corona virus



Samnaziss • 13 hours ago

so where is make in India modi ji.


Sandeep Agrawal• 8 hours ago

Have u read the article or just the headline..? Its a part of make in India peoject and will set up in AP, India. Go and read full article first..



Pingu Khan • 16 hours ago

Proud of Modiji for promoting Indo-China friendship..



Prashanth Shetty • 16 hours ago

Namma metro should have negotiated with india manufacturer and asked them to match chinese firm’s bid price



Kanth King • 46 mins ago

give it some Indian company no foreign companies anymore..



Ramesh Parthiban • 6 hours ago

A non-patriotic, shame to 'make-in india' tag and useless public administration move to save cost against quality living.



Shashi Shankar • 7 hours ago

Chinese firm will do setup in India with huge cost and supply coaches at half of cost. Any fool will able to figure out that it will be imported from China and assembled in India.



Shyam • 8 hours ago

Chinese will quote low and manufacturing will be given to them. As usual our people lose out on jobs.



Ramesh Sargam • Bangalore • 16 hours ago

But time not ripe or right to bring in Chinese tech experts to set up factory at Andhra as corona virus has not come under control in China.



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