Paracetamol prices up 40% as coronavirus shuts China



NEW DELHI: India is facing the ripple effects of shutdowns in China with production of medicines being hit as supply chain disruptions prolong.


Prices of paracetamol, the most commonly used analgesic, have jumped by 40% in India, while the cost of azithromycin, an antibiotic used for treating a variety of bacterial infections, has risen by 70%, said Pankaj R Patel, chairman of Zydus Cadila. The pharma industry could face shortages in finished drug formulations starting April if supplies aren’t restored by the first week of next month, he said.

Zydus Cadila公司董事长帕特尔称,印度最常用的止痛剂扑热息痛的价格上涨了40%,而用于治疗多种细菌感染的阿奇霉素的价格上涨了70%。他称,如果到下个月的第一周仍不能恢复供应,制药行业可能会从4月份开始面临成品药物制剂的短缺。

The coronavirus, which has killed more than 1,000 people and stoked fears of a broader slowdown in China, has disrupted global supply lines after factories there slowed production and people were restricted from moving in and out of the country. As manufacturers based in China restart factories, nations such as India that depend heavily on imports of some raw material and intermediate goods from the mainland continue to face uncertainty.


Patel sees a substantial increase in prices of active pharmaceutical ingredients — the basic substance used to make drugs — in the short- to medium-term. India, one of the largest suppliers of generic drugs to the world and home to about 12% of all manufacturing sites catering to the US market, relies on China for as much as 80% of active pharmaceutical ingredient requirement.



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Indra Prabha • faridabad • 5 hours ago

This is the only expertise Indian business are capable of;balckmailing the public in the itme of emergency.These should be caught and hanged without trial,on the streets.



N Indian• 5 hours ago

isn't Indian pharmaceutical industry capable of making this or generic version in India?



Mohan M• 5 hours ago

India is making paracetamol for decades. Now the demand is temporarily increased



anthony• 5 hours ago

India can only assemble never makes anything



Ajit Nair • 5 hours ago

are indian pharma industry incapable of manufacturing medicines. why depend on chinese and others for medicines. we need original drugs and medicines , safe for indian citizens.




Venkata Subba• 1 hour ago

Many active pharmaceutical ingredients called as API, are manufactured in china since there less controls there and setting up a plant is easy.



NITIN KALE • 4 hours ago

Instead of spending on moon, mars, manned space missions, antarctica, statues spend on building facilities for producing basic medicines.



Vijayakumar Bhosale • Pune • 4 hours ago

This is the best time to reduce our dependencies on China and find some alternatives.



Iindian • 4 hours ago

banning china products



Maya • Pune • 5 hours ago

And they make hay while the sun shines, our very own pharmaceutical companies. First the torrential, unseasonal rains was said to be the cause of spiralling food prices, of course, not the hoarding! And now this virus comes to the aid of our greed driven corporates.




rinkuu • 5 hours ago

prices of many essential medicines are rising hope it would be controlled very very soon



Krishnan Subramanian Iyer • Mumbai • 4 hours ago

Parcetomol can be easily purchased in India. It is a shame on Indians that we depend on China


Ravie • Chandigarh • 4 hours ago

there was a time that these medicines were manufactured in India, seems now imported from China.



Nataraj • Bangalore • 4 hours ago

Our medical mafia is more cruel & worse than Corona virus.



Kiran • 4 hours ago

There is ZERO innovation, hard work, perseverance in mid size businessmen in India. Most businesses run on importing , assembling and marketing, let it be furniture, electrical parts, raw material..anything you name it. . No one wants to start from grass root and offer product.



murthy krishna • 4 hours ago

Central Govt should be very vigilant and surprise check should be conducted ....



Raju Kanojia • Faridabad • 4 hours ago

This is all he shmeless community is capable off;blackmail of the poor and needy.Where did they get it to sell costly?Only the earlier stocks1And now they blackmail the poor for the medicins;this is what the Govt allows them to do.



Balachandramenon Vengasserry • Alappuzha • 4 hours ago

Govt of India shall take this opportunity to produce medicines in mass scale under Make In India scheme. It is hoped Central Health Minister is not sleeping over this issue.



Abhijit Dey • Agartala • 5 hours ago

Even electronic component price is increased. There will be one more economy crisis just because of Chini!!!



Shasti Brata • 27 mins ago

Frankly, I was under the impression that India was one of the largest bulk drugs manufacturer and exporter throughout the world! I did not think that we would be depending on China for our paracetamol requirements! Or is it that Indian drug manufacturers are trying to exploit the situation in China to make windfall profits?





Kc • 2 hours ago

now tomorrow if China gets better and everything becomes normal then also prices of medicine Will remain higher..



proud Indian • 3 hours ago

this is the consequence of chinese monopoly in may items, india should have imposed duties on these to protect and grow local industries



Piddan Sam Dselva • 4 hours ago

Can't INDIA be self sufficient even in these basic medicines And is it necessary to depend on unfriendly CHINA for these so that Indians are made to pay double the cost ?



Ajinkya Gadgil • 5 hours ago

Force the pirated medicine companies to produce more of paracetamol.



Subbu India • Bengal • 5 hours ago

Makers of Paracetamol will make good business out of this tragedy.



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