Why is China so modern while India is lagging behind?(2)



Varun Nair, Passion for Indian Politics

India is planning on building its first bullet train between Mumbai and Vadodara,and it was supposed to be built by 2023.




India and Japan signed a MoU to undertake a joint feasibility study of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route in New Delhi in September 2013.The project is estimated to cost ₹1.1 lakh crore (US$16 billion),including the cost of 24 trainsets, interest during construction and import duties.JICA agreed to fund 81% of the total project cost ₹88,087 crore (US$13 billion), through a 50-year loan at an interest rate of 0.1% with a moratorium on repayments up to 15 years and the remaining cost will be borne by the state go nments of Maharashtra and Gujarat.20% of the components used on the corridor will be supplied by Japan, and manufactured in India.



Now the video…


This is a video by ABP news where they are making a documentary on the progress of the bullet train project which is scheduled to be completed by 2023.The video was released on Jan 23 2019,hence maybe they shot the video in nov-dec period,whatever might be the case it is obvious that the construction phase should have begun in order to complete it on the time.But the truth was,

这是ABP新闻的视频,他们正在制作一个关于高铁列车项目进展的纪录片,该项目计划在2023年完成。该视频发布于2019年1月23日,因此可能拍摄于11月- 12月期间,无论如何,很明显,为了能如期完工,项目都该开始建设了。但事实是,


As you can see,”research” is being done in the place which is supposed to have a underground pass. Again sad state the go nment takes forever to begin things.





The land that you see to your right,is where the bullet train will pass by.The land is still owned by famous company Godrej and they wouldn't let the go nment have this land to build the project here and are going on a long and fierce court battle to win the case.Then instead suggest that,the project be shifted to the other side of the road which is also owned by Godrej,and the project be built there.How ridiculous?They want a bullet train plan to be changed just because it's inconvenient for them.




This is a stats slide where it's clearly mentioned that out of the 1080 pieces of land that need to be acquire,only 40% i.e about 546 pieces of land has been acquired.Out of 461 hectare land that need to be acquired on the Maharashtra side only 66 Hectare has been acquired while on the Gujarat side,put of the 971 hectare land that needs to be acquired,only 450 hectare land has been acquired.





This guy is telling that news reporter that the adivasi(translation:tribal people),won't give the land away for any amount of money.Are you serious?How can you not give your land when the go nment is asking for it plus,they are going to pay you remuneration for the same! Next,he talks about how the project isn't beneficial to them.You be the judge for yourself.

Moving on,


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You can always watch the complete video,the link to it is given in the footnote of the title.


Hence we can come up with 2 major points:-

1.The go nment takes forever to do things.

2.Since India is a de ratic nation we can't just take land away from people without fighting them in courts or making them happy by incurring loss yourself.




On contrary,if this things were to happen in China,they would make things happen as fast as possible as china has always believed in showing itself to be progressive by having skyscraper and huge buildings and a great rail system. In less than a month they will acquire land,forcefully or by peace but will acquire it on time and begin building on time and complete things on time as well.



Jai Hind!


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Abhishek Barnwal, B.Tech from National Institutes of Technology

Let's see some medium and big infrastructural projects delayed in India, then we can ourselves derive the answer to the above question:


Konal Dam,Jharkhand:

i) Introduced in 1978 with an estimated cost of Rs.12 crore.

iI) Took 42 years to build and the cost was escalated to Rs.2500 crore.

iii) The best part is, Dam was washed away within 14 hrs of inauguration. Officials involved in this project explained it as “RATS ate away the dam.”





Basghatta Bridge,Bihar

  1. i) This bridge was built by Bihar State Bridge Construction Corporation over the Bagmati river in Mujaffarpur.
  2. ii) It costed Rs.25 crore.




Signature Bridge,Delhi:

  1. i) Delhi go nment finalised the draft plan in 1998 with an estimated cost of Rs.1100 crore.
  2. ii) Took 20 years to build and the cost surpassed Rs.1875 crore.

SignatureBridge DelhiSignatureBridge,新德里:



The Delhi−Jaipur Expressway

  1. i) The project was first proposed in 2013. Land acquisition problems have however been stalling the project.
  2. ii) The cost has already shot up by 40%.




Polavaram Irrigation Project

  1. i) It was cleared for construction in 2004. Land acquisition issues along with delays in design approvals plague the project.
  2. ii) Estimated cost is around Rs.20,000 crore aims to create irrigation for 72,000 acres of land.




Navi Mumbai International Airport

  1. i) It is one of the largest greenfield airports in the world. At max. it will be able to handle 60M passengers a year.
  2. ii) Even after every clearance the project has been already delayed by 2 years due to (I think you can guess) land acquisition issues.




Delhi−Mumbai Industrial Corridor

  1. i) DMIC is the largest industrial corridor in the world, spanning 6 states.
  2. ii) The project was introduced in 2006 and scheduled for completion in over 9 years, starting from Jan 2008.

iii) The revised deadline is 2025 now. After reading above points you should not ask why this is delayed.





These are just small examples of bigger damage India is tolerating since decades. We all are contributing to this knowingly or unknowingly.

According to a report published in 2018 by Construction World, India is losing more than 3 trillion just because of delays in projects.




Jaideep Singh Gill, I have been alive for more than 6 thousand days.

To put it simply India needs strict law and action which has never been provided to India. China had strictness and India did not they had discipline while India did not have discipline. That’s why one failed and the other succeeded.

We need to have priorities solved as fast as possible.



1.Overpopulation needs to stop. Their should be a two child policy in India. It is a much better option than a one child policy. Their should be one son, and one daughter. Lesser people means each person gets more resources. Lesser population equals more resource’s.


2.We need to fertilize salt water so we can have a larger amount of fresh water their is alot of salt water in the Indian ocean, if it gets converted to fresh water then their would not be water scarcity in some states. People wouldn’t kill themselves for a drop of water.


3.The use of adulterated food and junk food needs to stop. Their needs to be more awareness for fitness and health in India. To stop obesity, overweightness, diabeties, cancer & heart attacks. One in five deaths in india (twenty percent) happen because a aunty or a mom will give you a sweetreat/food this is not a healthy thing for anyone.


I don’t have a solution for pollution but i am sure that among the 130 crore Indians living in India (i don’t live in India i was not born their but my parents were) their would be at the very least 1 crore Indians that are smart enough to have a solution for this pollution problem. Most of the polluted cities in the world are in India and that is a fact.



Amit Pandya, Founder & CEO at AKruti Financial Technologies (2014-present)

India got independence from British Raj in 1947, but from the starting, the problem has always been the power and politics. China was also a colony of British. India was ahead from China but we are sleeping giants those who won’t do anything until severe pressure comes. China opened up its economy around in 1978 and become the Global Manufacturer, bringing in the latest technology, state of the art infrastructure. They are only enjoying the fruits of the seeds they sow. But here in India bad politics and co ption is the reason and also the craze of settling in Canada, USA and UK. Even a small work cannot be done without co ption, even the Government is visionless and all the politicians and there businessmen friends only focus on feeling their own pockets, which cannot improve or build the world-class infrastructure we need. Even when we praise and boast of ourself in de acy we cannot beat socialist China in terms of Growth.







Saivenkat Nanduri, works at Hyundai Motor India Engineering

1.Because they work hard rather than spending time asking these kinda questions on quora.

2.Because the people in china are not comparing themselves with India. Their competitor is USA. India?? Hell, no!!

3.Government can do anything. They can do mega projects within 2–3 years, while we mostly do them forever.

4.They create their own version of everything. Their google is Baidu, their tesla is BYD, their whatsapp is wechat, their apple is huawei, their uber is Didi. They are all damn successful companies.


2.因为中国人没有拿自己和印度比较。他们的竞争对手是美国。印度? ?哦,才不呢! !



We are always busy comparing ourselves with countries like pakistan, bangladesh etc. India is still in the stage of cleaning their roads, building bathrooms, bringing people out of poverty etc. which are like basic requirements for livelihood.


Most importantly, many of the chinese are atheists and they work while we are busy fighting among ourselves in the name of religion.


These are some of the pics that i have taken during my recent trip to the Shanghai which can be compared to major cities like Newyork and Chicago.






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