India lost $1.3 billion due to 4,196 hours of no internet



CHENNAI: Internet shutdowns in India are not just disruptions in routine and individual fre m, but are also having an economic impact on the country. Around 4,196 hours of internet blackouts in India cost the economy close to $1.3 billion in 2019, finds a study by UK-based tech research firm Top10Vpn.


India was the third worst-hit economy worldwide after crisis-hit Iraq and Sudan thanks to state-imposed shut downs across Jammu & Kashmir, A Pradesh, Assam, Meghya, Rajasthan, UP and other regions, shows the report. An average of 8.4 million internet users were impacted across the multiple in dents, it said.


The economic impact is likely to be higher, the study adds, given that the study only assessed large region-wide blackouts and India's smaller and more localised shutdowns weren't included.


"There were more internet shutdowns in 2019 than ever before," Samuel Woodhams and Simon Migliano, authors of the report by Top10Vpn told TOI in an email. "As for India, the frequency of disruptions still far surpasses any other country we analysed and, unless swift action is taken to reduce the number and duration of disruptions, the economic impact is likely to continue to rise," they added.

Top10Vpn报告的作者Samuel Woodhams和Simon Migliano在邮件中告诉《印度时报》:“2019年的断网次数比以往任何时候都更多。”他们补充称:“至于印度,断网的频率仍远高于我们分析的其它任何国家。除非迅速采取行动,减少断网次数和持续时间,否则对经济影响可能会继续上升。”

"The shutdown in Kashmir is one of the longest internet shutdowns to have ever occurred and cost the Indian economy nearly $1.1 billion in 2019," Woodhams and Migliano said. It has hurt the economy, impacted local healthcare services, fre m of the press and education in the region.

Samuel Woodhams和Simon Migliano称:“克什米尔地区是迄今为止断网持续时间最长的地区之一,在2019年对印度经济造成的损失近11亿美元,损害了经济,影响了当地的医疗服务、新闻自由和教育。

The clampdown of internet services in the northeast in relation to the Citizenship Amendment Act resulted in around $102 million of economic impact, and the restrictions in Uttar Pradesh led to a $63 million hit.



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Top Comment

Why don't you guys show how much dge was avoided because of the internet shutdown. what kind of analysis is this?



Varadarajan Rangachari • 8 hours ago

Security of the nation is more important than earning profits by allowing anti nationals to use the interne t for their nefarious acitivities!



Maverick • New Delhi • 8 hours ago

Would you have taken the responsibility had 100 people died with rumor mongering? Would you guys have blamed the internet or Gt for this?



Subhendu sekhar Patra• 6 hours ago

Is the gt. taking the responsibility of the death of the people standing in atm queue?



Bawarchi • 7 hours ago

The ministers responsible for these shutdowns should be sent to jail.



Rachappa Jarmale • 6 hours ago

Internet shutdown is a necessary measure to mitigate voilence from spreading. It has certainly saved hundreds of innocent lives.



Brahm • 6 hours ago

What is more important, people's life or economy?



Amrit Bindra • Cleveland • 8 hours ago

The study failed to calculate what the losseswould have been if the internet was not shutdown. And, why the internet had to be shutdown? That the Congress-Leftists are ressible for inciting people to violence over something which should be none of their concern!




Surendra • 6 hours ago

What is the base for the loss through internet? Is it loss for internet providers or for India ?



Paadi Pantalu • 7 hours ago

But it saved 100's of lives of innocent Kashmiries, chill



Raj Dudeja • 8 hours ago

Congress and its ally parties don't care about such losses: they are just trying to implement the agenda of Pakistan, i.e. create disharmony in India



Sandeep • 5 hours ago

we are only looking at economic impact which can be recovered once every thing is normal. but the social impact by way of loss of lives and other effects are not getting measured as it cannot be quantified. I think India should and can take that loss rather than have loss of lives which may dent the lives of so many families.



Ramprakash • Hyderabad • 6 hours ago

How much is lost when anti-CAA presters dest yed public property



Brahm • 6 hours ago

Was this study funded by Congress?



Jagjit Singh Sidhoo• 6 hours ago

Bnce this with the reduced loss due to less violence



Mugundhan Soundararajan • 6 hours ago

It is a ridiculous calculation. India mean who is India. I have not lost anything.



Chetan • 4 hours ago

how much it could have cost to public property and himan lives if such Internat curb was not impose to maintain l&o ?



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