How modern is the infrastructure of China?



Eddie Kuang, Sales Engineer

In the coastal provinces and cities it’s miles ahead of America. In the rural interior, there is almost zero development. Some villages look the way they did back when there were emperors. But high speed rail doea criss cross the whole country. It’s a very comfortable alternative to flying.



Emily Jones

If I told you that no one compete China in two things so i’m not wrong.

1- Development

2- Technology.

These are the strength of China because they can do anything in both fields with cheap cost. Now a days we see many things in the world made by China. They produce various things in the market and people take advantage of that products.


1 -发展。

2 -技术。



Vidya Sagar Rao

go and see for yourself



Jeff Faubel, MA from Indiana University Bloomington

world class



George S T Khoo, Senior Self Emplyed

Modern enough to make China more progressive and prosperous.



Yan Cao, former International Trade

When I visited China, I felt like I was seeing the future of the world. Their per capita GDP might be lower than some countries but their infrastructure is absolutely No. 1 in the world. I’d better show you some pictures:

The longest sea-crossing bridge ( 55 km long )

High suspension bridge in the sky(as high as a 200 stored building)

Beijing Daxing International airport,the largest and most advanced airport in the world ,it has been completed in just 3.5 years.

High Speed Trains ( 350kms per hour ). Many people prefer HST to airplanes.

Modern and clean subway stations. China’s subway network reaches 4,600 km. The subways provide A/C and wifi.
















Highways ( pretty “high” indeed ).



The tallest building in China ( in Shanghai ).



Hi-Tech center - Shenzhen. It used to be a fishing village in the 1980s.




Peter Goh, former Financial Controller

Please visit China or go to any internet . Click Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen and you will be amazed and bewildered as compared to your company



Bhagat Nautiyal, Principal Research Officer at Indian Institute of Petroleum (1984-present)

China is much modern as compares to India but may be slightly less modern than the USA. She has their own Whatsapp and Facebook format. She has made most modernized rail and road network across the country touching Indian Border all through.



Roger Shepard, former Lt. Col at U.S. Army (1975-2005)

What part? The high-speed rail mileage that is greater than the rest of the entire world combined? The Manufacturing infrastructure that is the greatest in the world? Take your choice.


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Philip Rabe, former Construction Coordinator (1988-2013)

Modern Chinese infrastructure is the most up to date on the planet. They are still building out their systems, but they already have more high speed rail than any other country.

They are plunging into renewables, and last year installed more solar power than all of the United States entire inventory.

I don’t know about their tap water, maybe someone can chime in.





Roger Carmichael, former Sr. Opto-Mech. Design Engr (1964-2002)

Son of a Harley Dealer in California is teaching English in China> He has said that while China’s infrastructure is modern, they have yet to clean up the air b/c so many ancient sewer lines are the DITCHEs beside roadways, so wherever U go, U get a dose of Raw Sewage” sulfur smell in the air, like an oper cess pool> I dunno’ but that was how the Phillipines was when I lived there as a boy.



Kevin Anderson, lives in Tasmania, Australia

The Chinese fast train network - very impressive - have mostly been built in the past 10 to 12 years.



Mark Warner, former Toilet Flush Reduction Closet Diver

I wish there were Luxurious Trains in China. Not just fast. Old style trains that travels from Nepal perhaps through Tib ( orient express style ) but longer bigger more scenic more luxurious so tourists like me can sit on a chair and enjoy the nature in a slow speed. CASINO on board. Pubs and master bedrooms

A huge train. Different classes. 1st Class .2 nd clads 3 rd Class and even a 4th class. A tourist attraction mmm uhhm

From the Movie Snowpiercer




Allen Xia, lives in New Zealand

I am an overseas Chinese and usually go back to China visiting my family and friend every two years. Every time I went back, I feel myself behind China for ten years.

In 2014, I couldn’t get a taxi at the kerbside by waiving hands to taxi drivers, which I used to do before relocating to New Zealand. Because people started calling taxis using Apps on their smart phones.

In 2016, I spent about an hour to find an ATM and withdrawn 1000RMB cash at Guangzhou Baiyun airport when arrived. One month later, I had to deposit 800RMB back as cash were no longer needed for most scenarios in most places.

China growth is unbelievably fast. I am going back 2020, looking forward to what else I will see…






Mark Lai, Founder and Managing Director (1991-present)

In terms of transport, they have airports in every city and the first tier cities have ticketless self check in machines, fast train at 300km/h city to city round the country day and night, subway trains in major cities and third tier cities, lrt even to some cities, air conditioned buses plying cities, towns and villages with mobile apps giving real time information and taxis and ride hailing Didicuxing 24/7 services. Highways have convenient kiosk for refueling, restrooms and f & b services. Electric charging for cars are also common in tier one cities.

4G internet Service is available throughout the country even in villages and 5G has just rollout in tier one cities. Autonomous vehicles like cars and buses are already available in selected cities. Government and utilities services are also available online cutting down time. Shopping and food deliveries are also done online saving costs and time. Every and any kind of services is coming up online.

Hospitals, clinics, schools, markets, Malls and Parks are available in every housing estate and villages. Housing and rents is controlled to prevent speculation and keep affordable.





Allen Allington, former Career Counselor and 50 years of world traveling.

China built more miles of freeway in one year (2012 I think) than the USA has built in 50 years. They are smooth, well maintained often with miles and miles of trimmed hedges in the median, mile and miles of fruit trees on sides of freeways, sometimes 12 rows thick and often I see some women sweeping the edges of the highways miles from any visible city or town (with a broom).

The streets in most cities are well designed with wide sidewalks (30–50 feet), separate bike/motor scooter lanes and streets for car traffic.

Many of the bridges, even in more rural cities are a often a work of art and lit at night with neon.





David Miller, former Entrepreneur and Company Co-founder

China has built a LOT in a fairly short time, mostly since about 1985. Modern China’s leadership felt it was a time for a dramatic change so they’ve poured massive resources into building new roads, dams & waterworks, high speed rail and other major infrastructure projects.



George Harrison, Interested especially in Biology and Computer Science

Recently I spent a month in Shenzhen as a visiting professor and it felt like I had traveled to the 22nd century. Coming from Silicon Valley, that was a surprising experience for me.

Most taxis there are pure battery electric cars whose batteries get swapped out when needed. And very affordable too. The subway is clean and fast. Electronic money is the norm as you can pay for everything with WeChat by scanning a QR code. Super fast trains connect you to Hongkong and Guangzhou.

And the average age is 32 for this city of 20 million.

It is the home of many high tech companies like Ten Cent and DJI.

And the best part is that it costs next to nothing for university students to study and live there, as student housing is heavily subsidized by the go nment to offset their opportunity cost.

Oh, I also went to see a doctor (about a minor skin issue) and it cost me total cash of CNY 50, which is about $7.

It was perfectly safe to walk anywhere even past midnight. There is no need for anyone to own handguns in China, not to mention automatic weapons, so school children are always safe there.

Finally, I saw no homeless folks or beggars.

In Berkeley especially, and the SF Bay Area in general, the number of homeless has grown so much it is embarrassing to admit we are the richest country in the world with a 20 trillion dollar economy!











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