Tamil Nadu panchayat auctions two posts for Rs 65 lakh



In an open violation of the country’s de ratic principles and oral ethics, a panchayat in Cuddalore district passed a resolution on Monday to give another term to its former presi nt and AIADMK functionary R Sakthivel after he offered to “donate” Rs 50 lakh for the renovation of a temple in the village and for undertaking other development projects.


The Nadukuppam panchayat near Panruti also resolved to DMDK functionary A Murugan, 36, as its vice-presi nt after he promised Rs 5 lakh for the temple, villagers told TOI.


In a video circulated on WhatsApp, a village elder was seen reading out the resolution to unanimously Sakthivel and Murugan presi nt and vice-presi nt respectively of Nadukuppam panchayat “kee in view the completion of renovation of the Sri Draupadiamman temple and for the betterment of the village”.


The village elders, who ‘auctioned’ the two posts in a meeting on Monday, passed the resolution and directed the two functionaries to pay up the money before December 15. The elders, in turn, promised that no one will file nominations for the posts if the two leaders give the money on time. There are 1,900 vers in the panchayat, which comprises eight wards.


Reacting to the villagers’ decision, Cuddalore district collector V Anbuselvan warned of stern action ag inst the “unde ratic practice” of auctioning the local body posts.

作为对村民的回应,Cuddalore地区收税官V Anbuselvan警告称,要对拍卖地方机构职位的“不做法”采取严厉行动。

Denying that he took part in an auction for the presi nt’s post, 42-year-old Sakthivel said, “It is a plot by the opposition camp, which has launched attempts to tarnish my name and image. I am not a zamindar to offer Rs 50 lakh. I hail from a family of farmers. I wanted to garner support of village elders, who gathered on Monday as I planned to file the nomination papers on Wednesday,” he said.


He has lodged a compnt with Muthandikuppam police station seeking action ag inst “attempts to spread false information” to tarnish his image.



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Elephantisland • 1 hour ago

Atleast this is better than horse trading or just doing nothing!



Pramod Kumar • 26 mins ago

There's nothing wrong in it because the same event is happening behind the curtain.



Sanjay • Mumbai • 39 mins ago

But they will try to earn the "spent" money by illegal sources, misusing same post.



SYED ABDULMUQTADIR • Jeddah • 39 mins ago

Two years ago this type of same case was reported in Telangana.



Bchandramenon Vengasserry • Alappuzha • 9 mins ago

India is a land of 130 crore people and a de acy . So things like these will happen occasionally.



Jayant Avinash• 29 mins ago

can MP and MLAs also be auctioned.. they will always be corrupt but this way at least some of that money will come back



Saswati • 33 mins ago

This is not new in indian po itics. Po iticians buy ves by hook or cook, you may like it or not.



Sudhakar Rao • Riyadh • 43 mins ago

People doing it open, we used to see it in movies.



Dilip Kumar • 1 hour ago

It shows how leaders are powerful in our country who took ladder of de acy and become unde ratic... they are too mighty in all respects....



Nanksn • Planet earth • 1 hour ago

Look at the earning pential in a Panchayat ion..!!



Human Being • This world • 1 hour ago

At least they are unanimous decisions !



Leon Fernandes• Mumbai • 3 hours ago

nothing unusual atleast they have been fair and transparent... all the ion should be conducted in this manner for the betterment of the society !!!



Nusrath Pasha• 2 hours ago

All corrupt now who will save india


king• 1 hour ago

I can ....lol... well no one can....po iticians lawyers, judges,, collectors, governors ED ,,,,CBI,,, EC and many more all are corrupt.



Sambappa Kalv• 5 hours ago

All po itical posts should be auctioned in public to recycle loed money



Vsgr• Bangalore • 5 hours ago

Its anybody's guess on what we get in return from the presi nt of the panchayat after paying such a hefty amount for the post.



HappyTimes User• 5 hours ago




Madan Mohan Siddhanthi• Mumbai • 6 hours ago

Every thing for sale - he will loot 5000lakhs



Saravanfbi• 6 hours ago

de ratically the majority agreed to someone based on money..



Lokesh T• 7 hours ago

Better than voting


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