WHO to Javadekar: No study shows pollution spares Indians



NAGPUR: The World Health Organization (WHO), a specialized agency of the United Nations working on international public health, has rebuked Union environment minister Prakash Javadekar for stating that there is no link between air pollution and reduced lifespan. “We wish it didn’t kill people but unfortunately it does,” said WHO offi als.


The minister, while speaking in the Parliament on Friday, strongly stressed that there was no Indian study to prove the impact of air pollution on public health. Javadekar further told the house not to “create fear psychosis among people”.


Speaking to TOI from the ongoing COP 25 meet in Madrid, WHO director (public health) Dr Maria Neira asserted that strong scientific evidences show exposure to pollution has a major impact on people’s health.


“Independent of which methodology is used or what are the estimates, it is urgent to take action because the levels of air pollution in certain cities in India are very high and this is definitely having an impact on the health of citizens. The evidence is available and so are the interventions, the expertise is there and so is the plan of action. We urge the Indian go nment, which has enormous amounts of expertise and competencies, to do its best in tackling the sources of air pollution and reducing toc pollutants that citizens are exposed to at the moment,” said Dr Neira.


Also reacting to the minister’s statement was WHO’S Climate Lead Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum. “We have brought together and analysed tens of thousands of studies showing effect of air pollution on health from every population of the world. We are yet to find a study which shows any population, including India, which is immune from the health impacts of air pollution,” he said.



Balinder • Tibba • 5 hours ago

It shows low IQ level of Modi and his team.He himself and his ministers are making us a laughing stock



Prakasarao Anantaneni• 6 hours ago

let's put him and his family in heavily polluted Delhi chambers to prove his theory if necessary, the whole cabinets families.



Ravindran • Mumbai • 4 hours ago

Javadekar is a flat earther who has no fa th in science and technology. He believes in plastic surgery in ancient India, tantric powers and voodoo. He and his colleagues in the cabinet are hel us recm India’s lost glory



Syed Tanvir Ali • Howrah • 5 hours ago

First study science then open mouth don't give bad image of India.Pollution in the all over the world main cause of human life loss now and future also,so start to o make new smart cities with trees.



ayan dutta • 5 hours ago

Mr. Javadekar, hats off to your intelligence



Mohammad Aamir • 4 hours ago

What a Solid insult to illiterate Sanghis. Modi and his team is bringing more shame to our country.



Edoras • 4 hours ago

Thats why Gujju Hijjjdaaa Feku runs abroad so often.



True • 2 hours ago

Many of the Central Ministers are seen to make foolish and unscientific statements. Surprising that even Javadekar is no exception.



Ganesh Sk • 4 hours ago

Even a child would know that pollution kills.



ENN DEE • 3 hours ago

I think to be a minister minister in BJP one must prove that they have a mouth that can blabber 24/7 and that mouth has no connection with brain... Actually brain is not needed as well....



Arun • 3 hours ago

brilliant.. dont know why people these kinds of idiots



War • 3 hours ago

BJP is a big joke. Only fools would ve for them.



Sudhir • Pune • 3 hours ago

WHO to Javadekar: No study shows pollution spares Indians. Making a fool of himself in India and abroad. Really funny.



Amit • 1 hour ago

Mr. Javadekar should have restrain himself before speaking something serious in parliament. Are Indian different species on earth who don't fall prey to pollution, Mr Javadekar? The casual behavior of our ministers is not OKAY.


India First • Marlboro • 2 hours ago

Javadekar, like all bhakts, is as stupid as stupid could be.



Ratan Bhattacharjee • 39 mins ago

Why blame him, his like other ministers knowledge and job is çentred around Modiji and Amit Shah .



Navin Jain • 2 hours ago

OK then ask him to live in a highly polluted house for the next 5 years and prove his theory



Sr Abc • 3 hours ago

Javdekar's ideas may get space into a go nment text book very soon as one of the pioneers who have re-defined the ecological evidence vis a vis pollution that is presently available to the world.



Sunil • 2 hours ago

Mosquito gets dangue after biting Delhities



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