After US, military drill with Russia, China



NEW DELHI: With the world turning increasingly multi-polar, India is assiduously engaging with all the major players in the arena of military exercises. Just after its first tri-service war game with the US concluded last week, India is now all set to hold exercises with Russia and China almost simultaneously next month.


India is also clear it will not ignore its neighbourhood in this continuing thrust on "defence diplomacy", lining up exercises with Nepal (Exercise Surya Kiran), Bangladesh (Sampriti), Sri Lanka (Mitra Shakti) and Myanmar (IMBEX) in the December-February time-frame.

在持续推进的“国防外交”中,印度不会忽视邻国,在12月至2月期间,印度将分别与尼泊尔(Surya Kiran演习)、孟加拉国(Sampriti演习)、斯里兰卡(Mitra Shakti演习)和缅甸(IMBEX演习)举行联合演习。

"With nations grappling with global terrorism, piracy and gun-running on the high seas, violence by rebel militias and other such threats, the exercises serve to enhance military interoperability, strategic cooperation and confidence-building among nations," said a senior defence official.


With China, of course, it's more of confidence-building. Continuing with the resumption in military engagements after the freeze due to the Do-m troop face-off during June-August 2017, India and China will hold their eight "Hand-in-Hand" annual exercise at Umroi near Shillong in Meghalaya from December 7 to 20. "Though just a company-level exercise, it is important to build trust between the two armies," said an officer.


Exercises with the US and Russia are much bigger and complex. The amphibious "Tiger Triumph" tri-service exercise with the US was held off the Vishakhapatnam and Kakinada coasts from November 13 to 21.


This was only the second time India deployed assets and manpower from its Army, Navy and IAF together for an exercise with a foreign country, after the "Indra" war games with Russia at Vladivostok in 2017.



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Rajat Pandit•1091•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Rajat Pandit•New Delhi•2 days ago

In the last almost 4 years, 72 joint exercises were conducted by Army, 39 by Navy, 21 by IAF, apart from 2 tri-Service ones (US & Russia)



Sanjoy Pandey•5953•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Sanjoy Pandey•Kolkata•3 days ago

Every other thing is okay, but China is never trustworthy. They always want to cheat all other countries.


Kim Soon Ho•7• Sanjoy Pandey•1 day ago

You mean all other countries are saints.



Baburao •257• Sanjoy Pandey•3 days ago

Chinese cannot be trusted.


Vishva Nathan•653• Baburao •2 days ago

We already know that. Let them know, still we can cooperate with them, as much as we are ready to fight them. India is not a fool.



Rajam•1958•News King Frequent Flyer Inboxer • Rajam•3 days ago

Always good to see the Chinese Combat Arms close up!! One must see ones enemy for what he is, Superiority and Inferiority. Assess the Chinese as a ever present danger.



John Miller•117• John Miller•3 days ago

India you can''t be friend with everybody. You gonna have to choose a side very soon



Harshad Kanakiya•1901•Frequent Flyer Member • Harshad Kanakiya•3 days ago

China too is now business oriented country.... not collecting land by aggression but, by business debts. Modi builds relations with all countries. Only Pakistan is no FAR SIGHT. God help us.



Lumteeng Chapaktu•14279• Lumteeng Chapaktu•3 days ago

What a great honour for China, they will learn from the BIackies all the techniques used in imaginary surgical strikes and fake encounters. BIackie jokers must teach Americans on how to fight with Taliban.



Sambappa Kalvala•5957•Member • Sambappa Kalvala•3 days ago

Just formality and no commitment



Arun Choudhary•26792•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Arun Choudhary•3 days ago

very good step by step training to our sena ,,,but be care full from china



VP Singh•359• VP Singh•Seattle, USA. Roots from Rajasthan•3 days ago

Hopefully this military drill w/ China will actually be SENSEFUL, unlike the previous ones where we resulted in standoffs.


Vande Matram•19782•Influencer Wordsmith News King • VP Singh•Earth•3 days ago

chowtiye, military drill is just a drill. It doesn''t solve any real-world problem.


VP Singh•359• Vande Matram•Seattle, USA. Roots from Rajasthan•3 days ago




ONE LINER Challenge•26410• ONE LINER Challenge•3 days ago




Akshita•4140• Akshita •3 days ago




Asok Datta•2774• Asok Datta•3 days ago

India will play with everybody- in the meantime Pakistan will sneak and kill our forces - well done India!!!




pakisareganduhomos•3783• Pakisareganduhomos•Kaloo Gandu Papistan•3 days ago

I dia needs to continue it Military Buildup. Modi govt is doing it right.



Quhesobi•Member • Quhesobi•3 days ago

Feku is completely out of his mind. Not only is he unable to deliver on his jumlas but also he is committing treason by working with Chinks.



Anthony Morais•3948•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Anthony Morais•3 days ago

India is the only country that is able to learn from other major military powers. Who will India choose if they fight each other? Will neutrality be acceptable?



war monger• war monger•cow land

India is testing every military in the world. India will be ready to conquer them all to rule the entire world.


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