Delhiites may lose 17 years of their lives due to air pollution, finds study



Air pollution levels in the national capital are at an all-time high. With almost every region in the city recording bad air quality, Delhi is turning into a gas chamber. If you thought not being able to breathe properly or burning eyes and headaches are the only thing to worry about, think again.


In what may be more shocking news, a study says that citizens living in Delhi might be losing as many as 17 years of their lives if pollution levels continue to cross the 'danger' mark. According to a new report, people living in the city are currently breathing air which is 25 times more toc than the permissible limits issued by the World Health Organisation. This spike in the bad air quality is now taking a direct toll on the life expectancy levels.


Perhaps the most concerning cause of rising toc pollution levels is the PM 2.5 particles found in the smog, which can easily enter through the bloodstream and settle in the lungs and nasal cavities and lead to fatal problems. PM 2.5 is the most dangerous pollutant in the air. It is also capable of creating clots, blocking the blood flow and even lead to worsening of conditions like heart attack and severe pulmonary infections. Another report pointed out to pollution impacting people's immunity and inflammation, making them more likely to gain weight.


Experts based out of University of Chicago, in one of their researchers also analyzed that of all the top polluted cities in the world, resi nts of Delhi will get to live for ten years fewer because of the bad pollution levels


A report released this year titled "State of Global Air" further states that pollution is the fifth leading cause of mortality all around the world:


"Air pollution is the fifth leading risk factor for mortality worldwide. It is responsible for more deaths than many better-known risk factors such as malnutrition, alcohol use, and physical inactivity. Each year, more people die from air pollution-related disease than from road traffic injuries or mria."


As the go nment declares it a public health emergency, this goes on to prove that it's a sad world we are living in.



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it cant be ,,,why are our po iticians do not die fast




i am so happy as all the Indian po iticians spend a lot of time in Delhi..lol...as some of them just refuse to die early



unmesh desai

27 years if Kejriwal stays as CM



Paul S

If 17 years is correct figure, then pollution is killing about one fifth of the pollution or 40 lakh individuals in Delhi alone. The number is more than the total number of Indians killed in wars since East India company occupied India in 1600s.



vipul arya

GOOD NEWS. THERE WILL BE FEWER DELHI DONKEYS. that was bound to happen when they ve for KAACHRAWAL....



Nagaraj Bellary

Fifty years ago we never even imagined that one can buy drinking water. We are buying it.

Similarly, one day we have to buy clean air.




Ashwani Kumar

Why only New Delhi, India has the dubious distinction of having world''s 9 most polluted cities among 10 in the world.




But but ..the po iticians in Delhi are now in their eighties and nineties. You mean to say that po iticians are POLLUTION PROOF?



Madan Mohan Siddhanthi

This is bound to happen .first we care nothing for environment see the dirty cities every where in the country .I do not balme the go nment they can at best catalysts by providing funds , people have to take care



HappyTimes User

This a very big problem



aryan Patel

good , nature has to bnce over population



Dilbag Rai

Delhites willing to long for a longer life will have to keep their environments neat clean and pollution free




Move the go nment offices to tier 5 city




Will my life insurance rates come down if I move out of Delhi. They should.




Neel Patil

Master stroke by Modiji




Already Indias life expectancy is so low due to poor quality of food, health care and lifestyle. Oh not to forget the garbage street food they eat.



vivek chandra

This is so terrific the polutiion in Delhi is increasing day by day


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