Is India really a great country?




Ambarish, lives in India

India is not a great country, its just an average country. What made me say this statement? I have heard enough and everday hear boasting messages about India.

  1. They say India has 3rd largest standing army. What so special in that for a 120 crore people's country?
  2. They say India is world's largest de acy . Whats big deal about that, when so called ed members never actually represent common people.
  3. What India does is just an average thing. Average in sports, art, science, technology, IT etc. Indians are average in everything and average person cannot achieve medal in Olympics. An average person cannot achieve Nobel prize. Average films cant achieve Oscar...
  4. They say India has Ayurveda. I say India had Ayurveda. There is nothing like mediocrity in Ayurveda. What we see today are average ayurvedic practitioners. Sometimes their medicines work sometimes not. This is not Ayurveda.
  5. They say India has Yoga. What we see are the western style gyms. India had the yoga.
  6. They say India has the family sy em world is looking for. But India has most repressed children. Indian children excel in non indian society. They are mediocre in India.


India was great but today's India is just an average country. If we accept it, we may become better otherwise we will kill our own way towards perfection.












India was a great country. Travelling back in time we could see India as one of the most developed countries in the world. The way we built up civilizations, food, science, technology, medicine, fitness, education, art was something the Europeans and the Americans never dreamt of.

Now if we are gonna put on a question “From where did the downfall start?”

When British invaded.

You might think, it was only because they invaded, we are developed. Really? Better take a closer look. was never invaded by the British. Every European country feared to conquer the mighty kingdom of . The only Emperor cum Commander who succeeded in conquering and almost the whole of Europe was Genghis Khan, The Mongolian Monster. is more developed than India. So saying India wouldn't have developed if not for British is complete bullshit. They took away everhthing from us. Robbed us from perfect textile materials, spices, jewels, messed up our forests. Not exaggeraring but in their 200 year rule, they robbed us of more than a trillion dollars. They capitalized on the Indians not being united. Every ruler just wanted to take care of their region and not India as a whole. If we were united at that time, we could've sent those English slothfaced poopheads back to England by throwing stones at them. This is one of the major points as to why India fell


现在我们要问一个问题"从合适开始衰败的? "




Srinu Poluparthy, Article Assistant at Lodha & Co. (2014-present)

Yes It is a great Country.

1.About the People:

Greed has perished into the people in the world except for the people in India. Indian people have the desires for the needs not the greed.Desire is different from Greed. Development of ourselves is a desire but Development of ourselves only is a greed. Adolph Hitler said “Greed has perished into the people minds. The power which was taken from the people should be given back” which is not applicable to India as Indians are not greedy and always power lies with the people only. Proof of my putting this is “India does not even tried to conquer any lands other than Hindustan/Indus land”

2.Hel Hand:

We are hel hands to every person irrespective of the gender and the country to which the person belongs. We tried to help the British or Portuguese or others at the initial stages to do business in India and help the people in respective countries. As every other countries having the habit of cheating and greed of conquering the world, we have been ruled by them. Still Indians allowed them to mobilise the natural resources to their respective countries. British has become richer by looting the India’s natural resources.






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Lot of Indian companies are also contributing major role in the world. Looting the people of the world with inflated prices and becoming richer and then giving all the wealth to people as philanthropist is not the case of Indian Business. Indian business is value based and stick on to core values of Dharma.


Coming to the technology, we are not lagging behind than any other country. Recently, we launched 104 satellites with single rocket, which is revo tionary achievement in the Rocket science technology. We do have the technology of having the ballistic missiles and atomic energy. And, moreover take success of any biggest tech company, Indians are part of it. It is not that Indians are lagging behind. Still other countries are using our knowledge and technology to grow themselves. Example, Rocket technology is being copied from Indian Brahman scientist in the era of Tippu Sultan.


Many of the reports says Majority population in India are under the poverty line. Yes, they are under the poverty line, because the foreign conquerors have loed India’s natural resources with which India might have been top country in the world with Core values. Poverty is measured with food facilities and sanitation facilities available to the people. But Indians are not under the poverty, as they are even happy with 2 meals a day by feeding others/Other nations.




说到科技,我们并不比其他任何国家落后。最近,我们用一枚火箭同时发射了104颗卫星,这是火箭科学技术的性成就。我们拥有弹道导弹和原子能技术。此外,以任何一家大型科技公司的成功为例,都能看到印度人的身影。这并不是说印度人落后了。还有一些国家利用我们的知识和技术来发展自己。例如,火箭技术就是从印度婆罗门科学家Tippu Sultan时代学而来的。



6.Po itics:

Indian po itics have really been started and continued till 20th century with ethical and core values. Later, Western greed and art of cheating has entered few po iticians who made the entire India to be ashamed off and who makes India downfall.


I don’t consider, India do have the 33% of Illiteracy. Illiteracy should not measured by checking the knowledge of reading and writing skills of English language. Previously, Indians don’t need English, since they are having the core knowledge of values, ethics and others in their local languages. Do we need to consider that as illiteracy, if Indians having the core Ethical knowledge, philosophy and society rather than writing and speaking skills in English.

8.Reservation Policy:

Reservation policy is worst in India. Although, it has been started with a good intent for the limited period, it made the long term impact of making the Lazy Indians and habituated to free food.

9.Indian Judiciary Sy em:

Indian judiciary runs with the core principle of Dharma, “ Many criminals can be escaped, but even one innocent should not be punished” while in the other countries, it is not the case to follow. If you are said that you have done a mistake, you will be hardly punished even if sometimes you are innocent. Following the aforesaid principle may lag in the Indian judiciary sy em, but will fetch the fre m of the innocent people. Not following this, all the innocent will be punished, and country will flourish with the criminals where whole universe will be under the trouble.









10.Indian Army:

Indian Army has started with a good intent of getting the fre m for our country not to invade or conquer other countries. Flaws in the Indian Armed forces are immaterial and irrelevant, while our intention is not to invade or conquer other nations. Still Indian forces never do the strikes.

11.Education sy em:

Indian Education is more value based not diversified to value less, greedy and cheating quality etc. Education is about the behaviour in the society not limited to the statistics and marks. Indian education includes Value based education along with great quality “Samskar”, while the abroad education will stick on to solving the bookish formulae and thesis. Indians do can solve the formulae and thesis, like Srinivasa Rnujan and other great person does. And, in addition they does with core values. India is the origin of great knowledge. Who can question the Indian Value based education and results of it, rather abroad greedy and bookish knowledge without “samskar” in it.

12.Black money:

To the full extent, Few Indians do have the lot of black money which they are kee at foreign banks. That few people, to whom the greed has already been conquered them makes the India fall and others to rise.

If we can talk about the History or Culture, it will be endless as India has such a great history and culture we developed and groomed till date.

Whether India is great or not should not be concluded with the statistics without being values in it. Achievement of statistics through greediness and by looting the other countries will not be called as Development or “Great country”

Great country will be called by their peoples attitude, culture, habits, values and Dharma’s not by achieving the statistics through greediness and by looting the other people/countries.




印度的教育更多的是基于价值,而不是多样化。教育应该关乎社会行为,而不仅仅是统计和分数。印度的教育包括以价值为基础的教育,而国外的教育坚持解决书呆子式的公式和论文。印度人确实可以解决这些公式和命题,就像Srinivasa Rnujan和其他伟人一样。除此之外,他们还有核心价值观。印度是伟大知识的发源地。谁能质疑印度以价值为基础的教育及其成果?







Pavan Thakur, lived in India

1.INDIA has launched 100 of satellites in one rocket.Which is a world record?

2.INDIA is 4th largest military power. Which never attacks any country first.

3.INDIA has 22 languages whereas European union have 24. india is like a European Union the UK and became 5th largest economy.

4.INDIA has more than5000 Years Of History.

5.When the west was hunting for food.we created worlds advanced town Mohenjo-Daro.we wre Vedas whereas the west was wandering without clothes.

6.IT is only KING NANDA who forced ALEXANDER the great to go back without any war.

7.INDIA gave Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism ,sikhism to the world.

8.SUSHRUTA did first plastic surgery in the 6th century BC.

9.INDIA gave yoga to the world.Aryabhatta told in480A.D.that earth rounds the sun.

10.we created most advance clock known as Konark temple.

11.we built the Khajuraho temple on the basis of Ksutra.which is one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world.

12.INDIANS never tried to kill Buddha and Mahavir because they thought opposite to Hinduism but Europian did this (hang him on the cross) with Jesus Christ.













13.The INDIAN ion commission is one of the most trusted ion body.Indian ion commission participated in so many countries on behalf of UN.

14.Indians have ed 3 Mus ms presi nt which is more than any European country.

15.I agree, there are some problems in India but we are going ahead.

16.India is going to be world's largest solar energy producer.

17.IN World Hapess Index India Is InTop 122

18.INDIA is going to run worlds largest healthcare Programme( pm just declared).








Subhashish Borah, lives in India

It doesn't matter , in an age of techno-scientific universalism and interdependence , globalization , and intercultural fusion , such 'nationalistic' romanticism is a great hindrance for the true psycho-spiritual pential of all humanity to grow and express. All historical po itical catastrophes had taken birth in this very hopeless imagination of national greatness. Gone are the days of such crap. All humanity is great , all past cultures and civilizations of the whole world were great.



Deyasini Dasgupta, Block Chief(Ikeda Kayokai) at Soka Gakkai International (2012-present)

India is a land of unity in diversity. Different states have different attire, food habits , festivals, culture and language. India is a de ratic country. You will find in India people from every re gion est. So as a result india have different language, attire and festivals throughout the year. You cannot visit whole of India in one trip. Along with rich heritage and culture, landscape is very beautiful starting from sea, beaches, pn land, valleys, plateaus, hills mountain. Seasons are pleasant. And after all we Indians are all United .


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