A Delhi bridge that’s slowly getting stolen



NEW DELHI: Unlike foot overbridges (FOBs) that are made, here’s the story of one that was “unmade”. Located over a busy road in south-central Delhi near Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, this FOB was constructed in September 2010. But barely months later, people started stealing its — elevator buttons, railings and even bricks — until it was in such a dilapidated condition that the PWD shut it two years ago.


Not much has changed since then except that the last remaining railing too was recently stolen. Now, agencies will decide on the future of the FOB, built at a cost of Rs 4 crore and once used by at least 10,000 pedestrians per week, a source said. A go nment offi al said accidents started to rise ever since people stopped using the bridge while it was being taken down bit by bit by drug users and thieves.



“Once the structure is made, it is police’s responsibility to ensure things are intact,” said the offi al. However, a police offi al said no compnt was made about parts of the bridge being stolen.


When it was inaugurated in September 2010, the FOB had steel railings and lifts on both sides. It was built within six months for pedestrians walking between JLN Stadium and Sai Baba temple.



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Paramjit Singh • 4 hours ago

Why to fight on the name of po itics??? Tell me whose po iticians really caring for nations and really servicing public ... Almost nobody...whether AAP, Cong, BJP or leftist...all are concerned with ve



Kundan Khullar • 5 hours ago

Seriously dont make it... we the thieving indians.... dont deserve a better nation.



Prateek Ks • 4 hours ago

Surprise to see police commented that no compnt was made...it means they will not prect public property till no FIR or compnt! Wow...hats off!



Sunil Maheshwari • Delhi • 4 hours ago

Whatever we might say about our glorious past and our culture, it is a bitter truth that dishonesty and rowdyism is in our genes.



Partha Banerjee • 4 hours ago

Basically majority of North India is famous for stealers, dacoits and rapers and this part is no. 1 in the world for these type of activities. So its a normal in dent in Delhi.


Bronz Body• kanpur • 1 hour ago

Very true



King Of • USA • 8 hours ago

basically Indians are thieves .part of DNA , so no surprise



Karan • Dehradun • 9 hours ago

Chor Indians with no value sy em whatsoever


vivaan babbar• 8 hours ago

R u not Indian? Why not do something constructive rather abusing themselves.



asian highway • heliopause solarwinds • 7 hours ago

no surprise at all. the city is a dustbin with worthless people by the hoards who have absolute disregard for anything civilized.



SUBRATA • 4 hours ago

How funny a bridge can be stolen part by part and the administration is not taking preventive measures.



Sharad • Pune • 6 hours ago

We the Indians. Shameful and Disgusting.



Ramesh • Bangalore • 6 hours ago

I have heard of passengers looting mugs and chains from rail coaches. Recently I read a news item that passengers looting pillows, towels, blankets from AC coaches. Now show their looting skills like this. Well, everyone wants to see India a developed country. But not like this.



Ramesh • Bangalore • 6 hours ago

If this is the case, how India can developed in par with other develo co



Anupam • 8 hours ago

no wonder...



Lay Day Kay • Forbidden to Publish • 4 hours ago

Anything Free - we will take home, Incredible India



Nation First • New Delhi • 6 hours ago

Incredible India


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