If you give an unbiased review, which is the best country to live in, India or China?




Nirmal Kumar Selvarajan, Director

I have lived in China long enough to share my views,yes,they love their money,smokes and drinks along with their food too(they do eat some crazy stuff).

But,China has committed its share of mistakes by focussing majority of its infrastructural developments in the southern side and neglecting its northern provinces,this has led to heavy migrations and clogging in major cities in the south,it's not a balanced development.

Having said that they still are doing great in terms of infrastructural developments and Shanghai though crowded is just wow!

Even Suzhou,Chongqing,Guangzhou,Nanjing are nice cities to live in.

It's manufacturing efficiency is unparalleled and they can just about photocopy any product and also manufacture new ones at very little profit margins depending more on quantity than quality.

Warm people once you get to know them,they love their KTV’s and it's a big thing there,but,I personally felt that their women can dress better,it borders vulgarity most of the times and they love to show skin and are obsessed with anything western.

What was really disturbing is their blatant disregard for intellectual properties,every software is cracked and used not only in private but also in public entities(production plants),it's a loss of millions of dollars to the European companies producing these softwares;millions of dollars!

Yes,I didn't see ethics or integrity,it's money which matters and that's all there is to it,and I personally didn't find their engineers all that great or intellectually quick and I have trained many from different parts of the world,so,comparatively Indians did better there,but Germans were the best.

Our manufacturing efficiency is lacking way behind developed counterparts and I felt it was mainly due to mindset than anything else,yes,labor laws are absolute rubbish and with these laws no manufacturing facility of global standards can flourish.

Still I am here in India with a will to contribute my might in bringing back this country to its past glory,yes,it has potential,it just needs able leadership with an iron fist,things will start changing,I will fight on!!!













Having ‘lived’ in both countries as a foreign expat, I have to say there are multiple answers to this based on your needs.

Disclaimer: I am currently an engineer involved with a company specializing in heavy construction and heavy industry setup and operations consultancy.

I have lived in China a lot more than India. I have been to India 6 times now. Longest being 9 months and shortest 6 months. Whereas I have lived in China for 1 year at a stretch with vacation breaks 4 times and numerous short trips.

First impressions: China beats India hands down in terms of infrastructure, money and overall getting a more ‘western’ lifestyle infused with local quirks. Chinese mega cities are something else, few western cities compare to them and the different thing is that they are are so new. Like the whole infrastructure is so new, it’s all very modern and top-notch, other cities have great infra to, but it’s all very outdated in general or maybe I am used to it. Transport, from rural centers etc., logistical ease in material good is better.

India has better and more English speakers, after my first trip, I felt super confident in India even in smaller cities. I could always find someone be it a shopkeeper or random person who would know English. AS for accent, I got used to it, not an issue anyway. There is much more diversity in India in general, people, places. It’s like continent crammed into a country. Internet, overall fre m, which I think makes Indians more brash in expressing their opinion in comparison to Chinese.

In general I would say, for an average person, China is much better. The country is simply growing in every aspect in breathtaking stage. The town center near to our project when we started in 2010 was a dump. In midway, it got included in local 3 year plan. And in 3 years it was transformed, literally they put everything in there roads, school, hospital, malls, clubs etc. Locals where overjoyed obviously, I hardly doubt India can pull of something like that.

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Avantika Roy

Definitely India!


1.Politicians will come and go but India will rise at a very slow pace. Should you worry about it? No, if you have a buisness then all the govt. officials will be in your favor. If you will start with just having a toyota, in next ten years you will atleast will have an Audi or multiple fancy cars.

2.Indians dont have a habit of calling other's thing their’s. What you own, it will be yours forever.

3.We compete our own selves and are never jealous of others like China is.

4.If your child is from IIT/BITS/IISc/IIM then he will be well recognised in colleges like Oxford, Harvard, Ivy league, Stanford etc. as a very smart and witty person.

5.You can enjoy 6 weathers. Many different cultures, Many cuisines, many serene beauty.

6.Love football? Yeah, though India is not recognised at international level though we have plenty of football grounds. Wanna watch football match? Spend hundred thousand rupees only and fly to Paris, watch a match, dine, fly back to India with lots of cookies for them.

7.Religious or atheist? No issues man.

8.Who the fuck said we don't have toilets? Those people must of some secluded villages! We have various types of toilets….waterhose, tissue paper..

9.Many kind of music!!! Many concerts!! In a year, you will have at least have 30 great movies which will leave you spellbound.










8.谁他妈的说我们没有厕所?那些人肯定来自偏僻的村庄!我们有各种各样的厕所……水管和卫生纸. .

9.各种类型的音乐!!许多音乐会! !一年内,你至少能观看到30部让你着迷的电影。


Aria Diehl, Countries YAY!

I am a super biased person as a disclaimer. As seen from my other answers I am feircly Indian. However I have to say. The answer is


China is a lot more developed than India. LIKE A LOT it is also cleaner. I am tempted to say safer but that isn't necessarily true.

China has much better infrastructure, much better access to goods (because they make a lot of them). It also has a higher quality of living. Especially in the cities.

I have a lot of friends in school from china.

I love India and will be moving there one day in the future. However for this question my answer has to be china.








Martin Andrews

Watch this video then ask yourself the question which country has the better standard of living.

Hangzhou is not even a Tier 1 city yet its standard of living is far better than anything in India right now, not even the best Indian city comes close to this let alone the best cities in China.

when more than half your country is in poverty and more than half lack toilets and you are trying to compare to China who has finished most of the millennium development goals and has cities that put Western cities to shame.

Tell me what matters more to a poor person, food or fre m of speech?

When questions like this get asked I laugh because either this person is highly ignorant and hasn’t been to China or is a troll.

So in my unbiased review China easily has a higher standard of living








Kailash Kumar, Common man of India

Generally speaking, the country in which one is born, is the best country to live in.

Going by this logic, for an Indian, the best country to live in, is undoubtedly India. The same applies in the case of an individual born in China.

Culture including language, food habits and such other things play a very import role in one’s comfort level while living in any country though many people migrate to other countries due to better jobs opportunities available there.

Since the individuals have no role to play in determining as to whether in which country they will get born, comparison between two countries can be made only for academic discussion.






Sommer Shiels, Director/Producer at Curate Media Group (2018-present)

India for many- this is unbiased.

The reason being I often feel uncomfortable when there is inhumane treatment of animals, I saw this first hand in China (which was shocking) this doesn't mean that I don't like China. I don't judge a whole population or country on certain incidents.

However, traveling in India for someone like me is more comfortable and I can feel at ease and relaxed that majority are vegetarian and have a deep respect for animals and take care of live stock. This is very important to me not only as a world nomad but as a human.





Jonri Purwak, Been to Bejing, Shanghai, Hanzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Macau, and Hong Kong.

I have never been to India, but I’m guessing China is more developed. Shanghai is comparable to developed cities, except for its dangerous traffic.




China is now way ahead of infrastructure, like at least by a decade may be. India is picking up, but not fast enough. There at reasons for that too.

I lived in both the countries, for a decent period of time. The Chinese focus on making it big in number, no matter whatever it is. It's simply their mindset, their philosophy. It's just the way things are around for them. That is one reason that can be attributed to their success. It's their relentlessness.

And that success overall within the nation gives you (as a citizen) the feeling that you are a strong country, you have a certain acceptable quality of life. The infrastructure that you see in China speaks for itself. They were nowhere close to being lazy in developing their country. They marched way ahead of any western country you can imagine in such a short time, including the United States where I come from. Some cities in China make you feel like you are in the future. Boy they spent a lot. For drinking and nightlife, China scores way ahead of India. There is no match to it.





Kartik Kogta, lives in Shenzhen, China

I am not disagreeing with other answers but as an Indian who is working in China i consider myself more eligible to answer this question.

I would be blunt with you here if by best country you mean standard of living than India is decades behind China even a Chinese who live in slum enjoy standard of living equal to that of a lower middle class Indian such is a gap between two nations.

Moreover China is performing better than India in almost everything whether it is infrastructure,healthcare,education,research or development,lower crime rate or anything




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