What comes to your mind when you think of China?




Seth Krueger, former Server at Green Mill Restaurant & Bar (2012-2017)

What I think is fascinating is that if you had asked me this question a few months ago, I would have had a very different answer than I do now. I've been taking a class that covers the history of modern China, from 1644 to the present, and it comprises almost all of what I now know about China and its history. Education in the United States largely ignores Far Eastern history and focuses on Europe and the West, so my knowledge of China itself was pretty limited. So my answer then probably would have gone something like: Great Wall, Mulan,etc.

After spending several months studying the path China has taken from a dynastic empire to the co unist free-market power of today, I can't say I'm anywhere near an expert on China, or that I'm intimately familiar with its culture. However, I can say that when I think of China now, I have a drastically different perspective than I did just a half-year ago. What I think of now when I think of China is:

The importance of China in the world market and global political sphere, and how remarkable it is that it has achieved this status in such a short time.




The problems that a modernizing China will have to address in the near future to preserve its new-found influence, such as rampant pollution, income inequality,.

The size of China! not just in population, but landmass. And all the beautiful, varied environments contained there, something I want to see.

The diversity of its people. China encompasses more than 50 recognized ethnic groups, each one distinct and unique.

There are many more things that come to mind when I think of China nowadays, which speaks to China's rich cultural heritage, and the complexity of its current position in the world.






Oscar Owen, University student

When I think of China, I would first think about what I see in historical movies and TV series:

1.Traditional architecture as found in the palaces, shops, inns, houses and mansions.

2.Chinese gardens

3.Chinese languages - Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien etc.

4.Traditional Chinese clothing - which differs according to the era or dynasties (i.e. the hanfu and the cheongsam)

5.Famous historical figures like Confucius and Liu Bei

6.Chinese cuisine - especially the Peking duck and Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine

7.Chinese table manners - how they use chopsticks to eat, and that you you shouldn't put your chopsticks straight up in a bowl of rice.

8.Feng shui

9.Chinese festivals celebrated with lion dances, dragon dances, firecrackers and fireworks.

10.The writing systems - Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese












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China has a very long and very old history.  In fact, historically, that is until about the 19th century, China had the largest economy.   China being the second largest economy today, the counterfeit products and the heavy pollution China has today.  Speaking of inventions, I think the ancient Chinese were more authentic in their inventions than the modern Chinese.



Shubham Singh Tomar, worked at Predikt

I will be writing this as an Indian who has never been out India yet and whose primary sources of knowledge of international affairs are TV and the Internet.

An immediate impression of China is that everything is magnified to a huge scale! It’s huge, it’s vast!

There is a lot of China-envy in India, which has only grew in the last few decades. People do admire China for its fast decision making abilities and how it does not have to take every segment of the society on board before implementing infrastructure projects, policy reforms etc, which may not be a good thing in the long run but that's a different debate.

An average Indian's perception of China is limited to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. When we think of China we overlook the rural and downtown China, which is as much the part of China as the aforementioned big cities. 

People see China as an aggressive military power and regular small skirmishes and border violations don't help in this regard.

Last but not the least the Indian Chinese cuisine. The bastardization of Chinese cuisine in desi land has resulted in incredibly spicy, incredibly red and incredibly tasty dishes.









Alesh Vardhan, Unlabelled.

From the perspective of another Indian, this is what comes to my mind when I think of China.

1) Mongoloid people.

I know (now, after reading many answers about China) this is not exactly true and that China has many different races but this is what comes to my mind when I think of China.

2) Not exactly trustworthy.

Well, we lost a war; we have a right to whine about it and not trust China. And while many Chinese don't consider it as a big deal -as I have come to know from quora- it is a big deal to us.

Also, the constant skirmishes along the border, problems in South China Sea and help to Pakistan doesn't exactly help that image.

4) Chowmein (Noodles) and manchurian

I know this is gross generalisation and that there is more to chinese food than these two items but when it comes to Chinese cuisine, that has been Indianised, these two food items are the first ones that come to my mind.

5) Economy and infrastructure

Like India, China is a developing country yet China is better than us in many sectors. We wish India would be more like China.

6) One child policy 

Except Chinese, if anyone can understand the problem of overpopulation, then it's indians.













Sometimes we wish that India would also implement some policy of similar nature to control the population and other times we are glad that India didn't. Because if we had then our sex ratio would have been even more screwed and I wouldn't have my lovely sisters.



Vincent Shearman, Fantasy novelist.

The country of china known as the Middle Kingdom (Zhong Guo) named after the Qin who conquered the 5* kingdoms back in (whenever it was)

*I don’t really know how many kingdoms there were

Main language Mandarin, but there are many languages spoken in China. All languages share the same Han (characters) so that most films made in china will also come with Chinese subtitles.

Chinese is written with Han and Anglicized with Pinyin (Zhong Guo, Han, Qin etc are all pinyin versions of Chinese Han characters)

Han are often pictographs. The ‘Ren’ character, for example, meaning person is depicted by a character that could symbolise a pair of legs. Cat (Mao) and Dog (Gou) are a lot easier to make out as pictograms.

China is famous for the porcelain pottery named after it. and famous for martial arts such as kung fu, learned by peasants because they weren’t allowed to carry weapons.




汉语是用汉字写就的,通过拼音英语化(Zhong Guo, Han, Qin等都是拼音)




Kimberly Calloway, A Lover, Wonderer, Wanderer, Yearner, Believer, Survivo

When I hear “China”, a plethora of different images, words, and thoughts come to mind.

Some of those I listed here….

Cultural Beauty

Tasty Cuisine

Beijings air quality


One-child policy & 

Two child policy 

Academic success

Hardworking/work ethics


Alternative medicine

I don't formulate opinions on places I haven't been or people I haven't met.

Not to mention, I don't think it's reasonable to asses an entire country or it's people as one.

Many places are different with unique beauties and many people with their own attributes as well.

















Sng Kok Joon Leonard

One good memory though. I visited the Great Wall of China I think in 1994, before China really opened up for tourism, both internally and externally. My family had the whole stretch of the wall to ourselves for miles. Like the picture below.




As I understand it, these days the Great Wall is a tad bit crowded.



Ben Wu, Amateur interest in most things

 I’m afraid there’s only one reasonable answer that I, personally, can give.


For some reason, Chinese mosquitos LOVE me. Which really sucks. On most of my trips to China (usually during the summer because…you know…school), I’ve come home with a limb or two full of mosquito bites.

I remember once when I was fairly young (elementary school I think), a mosquito bit me on my left eyelid, making it basically impossible for me to open that eye for a week.

It’s gotten better in recent years, mainly because I learned to not sit down near grass or bushes or any NATURE. Not even for a minute.







Anil Sankar V, Partner at A M R V AND ASSOCIATES (2018-present)

Frankly speaking, (truly my view)

Chinese are hard working, finding solutions in worst situations, adaptability to any climate or country and to reach the top position in most tactical way.

Chinese eat any thing which moves.

Extra cautious while doing business with Chinese and be extra specific for requirements.






Julie Meyer, lived in The United States of America

Thank you for your A2A. China- several good answers have been given. I don’t know if I could add anything. China- all encompassing.The sheer number of people is beyond comprehension. The history, again, stretching so far back into antiquity. There are people that say the US is too much, that is the same feeling I ascribe to China-too much, not for the same reasons. I can read about China and learn. I simply do not know anywhere near enough about China to express myself, intelligently. A country that is overwhelming in scope.



Rock Racel

“upcoming economy”

“longest surviving empireish country”

“1 sixth of the world lives there”


“rational people overall”

“silk road”.








Rene Schreiber, works at T-Mobile Austria (2011-present)

If I think of China my first thoughts are by the family of my wife.

Then I think sbout the language. I want to learn it in small steps and my son get it as mother tongue with German.

The next thought is about the food. I like the jot and spice food. In April 2018 I ate with my wife a really very hot soup (hen la tang).

The last thought is about Chinese history. The bad time under Mao, the new time under Deng and the modern time today.

China is in some things better than Austria and in some other things is Austria better.






Leslie Smyth Bedows, Business Owner.

Extreme cruelty to animals, dog eating, child abandoning, refusal to help people in need, general selfishness, and pretty much nothing good.



Swati Shukla, former Student

The first and foremost thing that strikes my mind is definitely my all time favourite cuisine Chinese…Those mouth watering tangy Noodles is my whole heart.. And as a wanderlust when I hear China I often imagine myself walking in the Great Wall of China looking the natives making innovations with those tiny hands and eyes which is so cute.. So yea china means the great wall and my warm Noodles with chilli sauce…



Eric Go, Lived and worked in China for 5 years

I lived, studied, left, and returned and worked in China. For me, China is a place honestly reflecting people’s nice and ugly sides, no more, no less: Chinese are hardworking, but mostly because of greed; they are smart on engineering (sort of); they are extremely nice to family members and close friends, but also extremely cold-blooded toward strangers on street; they move fast, by running across red lights.



Vinita Shishodia, A dentist by profession

Largest emerging super power, where most of the people are true patriots and totally motivated to do well, for themselves and for the nation.



Neha Saraswat

  1. Cheaply made products dumped all over the world.
  2. A chinese duplicate of any product you can imagine.
  3. Single child policy
  4. Eating all kinds of living beings, even rats
  5. Noodles, of course
  6. 将廉价产品倾销到世界各地。
  7. 你能想象到的任何产品的中国山寨货。
  8. 独生子女政策
  9. 吃各种各样的动物,甚至连老鼠也不放过
  10. 面条


Sudhakar Lee, Viscom Student (2015-present)

China cars ( tinny toy cars) and Electronical appliances. Specially, mobile phone. But don't understand estimate the quality of few mobile brands from China. Guys , even the well known worldwide mobile maker “ BlackBerry Ltd” also bought by TCL Corporation that belongs to China but one of the largest multinational television producers and owner of Alcatel Mobiles too.



Harshita M, engineering from SJB Institute of Technology (2019)

huge population .

hardworking people and rapid development in their country



and the legendry actor “BRUCE LEE”






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