Take advantage of golden opportunity, invest in India: PM Modi to global business community



NEW YORK: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday invited global businesses to invest in India, saying historic reduction in corporate tax rates by his go nment creates a golden opportunity and promised more measures to improve business climate.


Speaking at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum, the Prime Minister said India offers a golden opportunity for investment in the country.


"If you want to invest in a market where there is scale, come to India... If you want to invest in start-ups with a huge market, come to India ... If you want to invest in one of the world's largest infrastructure ecosy em, come to India," he told global corporates.


India is aiming to become a $5 trillion economy by 2024-25.



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Subu - 14 hours ago -Follow

Everything agreed Shri Modi.



Stf - India - 14 hours ago -Follow

kudoa,good intiative By Prime Minister..it will boost employment in India..



Desi - Mumbai - 14 hours ago -Follow

what is wrong with some people commenting here...they are trying to bring investment, more qualified jobs...



Ashok Kth - Udupi - 13 hours ago -Follow

India must work on more manufacturing units which will eventually reduce imports.



Logical - YouTube Channel - 13 hours ago -Follow

Investors are not stupid robots like bhakts who believe the words of Dr Modi without verifying the facts.



Vinod - 14 hours ago -Follow

that's the irony of our nation. here is a PM wooing business community to invest in India and people are writing all sorts of negative image.



Ums - 13 hours ago -Follow

Only Drs

Where are the past Foreign Investment records?



Jaya - 13 hours ago -Follow

with Modiji as our prime minister, I am sure we have all the necessary things needed to boost foreign investment and growth. this go nment, unlike the go nments in past, is honest who listens to the investors and businessmen to ensure smooth functioning. No wonder we have climbed up the ladder in the ease of doing business in India.



Phani Prasad - Hyderabad - 13 hours ago -Follow

Donot invest in India, Modiji''s FRIEND Reddy will loot you. Beware of Andhra.



Aaaa - 14 hours ago -Follow

It's not easy to do business in India. Businessmen are considered dishonest in this country. Laws are made to choke businesses. Policies are changed by different go nments......no stable policy. Infrastructure is so bad that one cant imagine. Labour laws are decades old. If I had a choice, I will never invest in India when there are better options available in ... Read More



King Of - USA - 13 hours ago -Follow

Great pitch to prome India as an investment destination



Hena - 14 hours ago -Follow

India never was never is and will never be a place to invest and do business.



Bllog Suri - NA - 13 hours ago -Follow

With Modi it is Demagogery. Modi is a Demagogue.



Maneesh - 12 hours ago -Follow

Even after six yes rules and Max time spent in foreign land , Modi failed to get investors



Souvik Ghosh - Kolkata - 13 hours ago -Follow

bokum bokum bokum bokum bokum bokum for 6 years and continuing with no development at sight but only detoriation. Strange.



Mahendra - KOLKATA - 13 hours ago -Follow

All praise for our beloved PM ''NAMO''. Truly a father like figure.




bring reform in the labour law. that is the one point which is kee investment out



Anil Misra

best pm in the world



No Nonsense - Mumbai - 13 hours ago -Follow

He is the best PM our country ever haf.



K Mohan - Hyderabad - 14 hours ago -Follow

PM Modi knows how to attract foriegn investmetns



Sarcastic Bee - 14 hours ago -Follow

"Take advantage of golden opportunity, invest in India: PM Modi to global business community". Ohh and I was under the impression that Modeeejeee has already made India an attractive investment destination long back and the global business community has been queuing up to invest in India. I don''t understand why the greatest and bestest PM the universe has ever produced has to request the global community to invest?????



Deepak Vohra - 12 hours ago -Follow

Who will invest in a doomed country India where cities are gas chambers, rivers are toc, ever growing killer over population is out of control, where there is no water to drink


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