What is the status of women in India?



Shalini Pal

I am an educated independent Indian woman and I want to talk about the position of women in Indian society. It is disheartening to see how discrimination ag inst women is so well blended into re gion and to realize it we just have to start questioning the "normal" things. Why a widow is not allowed to sit in some pujas (holy functions)? Why remarriage of widows is looked down upon but remarriage of widowers is seen as a necessity for life. Why a father is head of the family? Why a mother who carries a child in her womb, feeds her/him, bathes him/her doesn't gets the same place and respect as father? Why in hindu marriage we have ritual of kanyadaan? Why in some parts of India only the mother have to touch feets of their daughters and son in laws to pay them respect but fathers don’t need to? Why a women after marriage is expected to accept her in laws as her own family and the man is not? Maybe we should also start questioning ourselves. How can I respect my husband and trust him if he married me after getting a hefty dowry from my family? How can I live a respectful life knowing that I have taken dowry (price tag for a man's services as husband) from my wife? How can we teach our daughters that no matter how educated or how well off they are they will always be inferior to men? How can we teach our sons that life is easy for them because they have already won the gender toss?


I am not a strict follower of anything or anyone. And all I want to say is nothing is perfect. Not man. Not society. Not re gion. If you follow anyone or practice any re gion, take the good, realize what is not and correct it. We don't have to go all out and become a social worker. All we have to do is ensure we don't become an accomplice in promoting hatred, racism, or any form of social e l. Some things which our society or re gion teaches us may no longer be valid. We cannot turn a blind eye and just keep practising them. Even in a very short span of a year, we change our clothing to suit the weather. Then how can we just assume that all the teachings of our ancient re gion are still valid.



Neha Verma, Engineer at Rolls Royce Aero Engines (2016-present)

1.obsessed with white skin as white is only beautiful here. Brown girls are asked to take care of their skin tone as otherwise parents will have difficulty in finding perfect guy.

2.Girls are taught at home to hide periods, buy pads in newspaper so that no one sees it. Urinating in public is fine, alcohol is fine, smoking is fine, teasing ladies in broad daylight is fine but buying pads openly is not.

3.Girls consent in sex hardly matters, as it’s the of a man to enjoy his bodily pleasures but the girls body is a temple designed only for giving birth to babies.

4.A girl fulfilling bodily pleasures like a man is a slut. But not the uncle who touches inappropriately at her home.

5.If something wrong happens, girls character is questioned.

6.It’s a compulsion for a girl to learn household chores as after all they are meant for that.

7.Girls have proved their equal pential in every field, but still if a guests visits home only mothers or the females go in the kitchen to make tea or coffee.

8.Fathers name is compulsory everywhere. no one asks for a mother’s name, (only husband or father).

9.A girl when young is gifted with kitchen set to play with,but a boy is gifted with racing cars.

10.Boys don’t cry, tears are meant for girls

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Hari Nair, Vasudaiva Kutumbakam: The world is one Family

Let me tell you a story. I hope I answer this question by the end of that story.

She is born into a world of hapess. They pamper her with gifts and with love. She is constantly told that she is the apple of their eye, the princess of their paradise. Gradually she grows up. She is asked to go to school. She is asked to study. She does her part and does it well. She plays with her brothers and friends. Then she is slowly asked to stay away from them. When she asks why, they tell her "Because its not ." When she asks why? They say, "Because the society says so." Out of love, out of respect she obeys. She watches them play from her room, through her window. But she is not unhappy. She creates a world inside those four walls. A room filled with imagination. A room were everyone has a happy ending. An ever ever land of solitude and peace.



She grows up to realize the differences between the sexes, she grows up to understand the realities of life. She is told, she is the giver of life. But what she doesn't understand however is, despite all this why is she still inside those four walls. Why is her place in the kitchen? Despite having the same education as her brother and having scored better than him, why is he studying further not her? Why is it more important to learn to cook than what she wants to learn? When she walks out of her house, why does she feel like a sheep for slaughter? Why doesn't she feel safe in her own country? A country, which promises her the to fre m and the of exp ion. Why does she feel violated a 100 times a day without anyone even touching her?


She falls in love. A man she knows will keep her happy. A man she knows will do good by her. He reminds her of her family. An innocent romance of words and eye contact. But they find out about it. They tell her its wrong. They don't ask her about him. They don't want to know why she loves him. But they tell her she is wrong. Why she asks? They don't have an answer. Why? She asks again. They tell her, "The society says so". They say they will kill her if she doesn't leave him. Out of love, out of respect she obeys. She forgets the man of her dreams. Out of love, she forgets. She is asked to stay away from strangers, especially men. She is doubted despite her innocence. She is asked to go back to her room. The four walls she is so accustomed to now. Only now, it had lost some of its magic. She starts doubting the capacity of life, to offer happy endings. She wonders, if this is how the world treats its princess's.


Then one day, she is asked to serve coffee to some random man. After he leaves, they tell her, he is her groom. They tell her she is a lucky girl. She knows, that's not true. She knows that, its not . Before she can figure out what is going on, she is inside another room. Only this one is unfamiliar and strange. The very people who had warned her, to stay away from strangers, had locked her inside a room with one. She is scared. But she doesn't give up on her parents, she trusts them and finds love in her new life. She understands that the game of life is filled with sacrifices. She is happy when she realizes that she is pregnant. Her family is happy and so is her husband. She gives birth to a boy. She raises him like a prince. Hapess finds her again and this time she is blessed with a daughter. Her children grow up together. She pampers her son. He tells her she is his Queen. She loved her daughter. She becomes best friends with her. She inducts her into the kitchen. When her daughter tells her that she wants to study further, she tells her, that's not her place. She asks why, she tells her "The society says so". Her son climbs the corporate ladder. But her daughter elopes with her boyfriend. She felt disgraced. She felt rejected. The society told her, "You are a bad Mother". She started hating her daughter.


Years have passed now, she is alone. All who she knew, have left her behind. She was staying with her son, who had barely any time. His wife, the girl she chose for him, had no time for her. She was left alone to fight her battles. She wonders, if this is the way the world treated a Queen? One day she ran into her daughter. She looked older and beautiful. She had her grand daughter with her. The moment she saw her mother, she just hugged her and started crying. She told her she was sorry. She told her she could not leave him. She told her of the days she spent crying over her family. Her mother felt sad too. She was near the end of her life and her grudge on her daughter had faded away. They made their peace and said their good byes. 


Her daughter came to see her today. She was shocked at the way her mother was being treated. She felt insulted that her own mother who had taught her the lessons of life was barely living on her son's mercy. She shouted at her sister in law and dragged her mother out of the house. She was now in her daughters house. She felt at ease with her. She felt like she had gained her best friend back. She learned that her daughter was working now. She had finished her studies upon the insistence of her husband. She asked her, "Who takes care of the kitchen". She told her, they earn enough to hire a house keeper. Her daughter seemed very happy with her life. That somehow made her happy. She wondered how some one she hated so much, could bring her so much joy. She met him that evening. Her son-in-law. She was nervous. She was scared if she would be asked to leave. But he surprised her by greeting her with love and seeking her blessings. She realized that he was every bit the man, she wanted her son to be.


Days passed by and once again she started feeling like a queen. She started feeling like, she was the part of a family. Her daughter felt the same way. She was excited to have her best friend back. They would talk till the end of the night. She fell in love with her grand daughter. She was an angel. 

But then on that fateful day she fell sick. She knew she was not going to make it. She asked for her grand daughter. On seeing her she started crying. Her daughter told her that everything was going to be ok. She asked her not to be sad. She silenced her saying, she was not sad. She was happy for her grand daughter. She was happy that she would be brought up by her daughter. She was happy that she would not have to live through the circumstance of her mother. She was happy that she was her grand daughter and not her daughter. She placed a hand on her grand daughter's head. But the hand fell limp as life left her body. But there was a smile on her face. Because in that ultimate moment when life was leaving her, she realized, she was finally going to REST IN PEACE.




Rebecca Cunningham, Medical Student

I don’t think I’ve cried this much in a long time. This girl is so brave,so honest and so,so alone(to understand just how alone,read the vile comments below the video). She has been perpetually suffocated at home, treated badly by her brothers and her casteist and sest father’s goons(and her own brother) are after her life.

She still hopes for a place in her father’s heart and his love, after all that she has tolerated at his hands. Her disgusting brother has been writing vile comments about her(the present wee is only for show/out of shame at having been outed.)




Gurnoor Pannu, Brutally honest, Writer, Motivation speaker, Feminist

As a woman in India, I feel really empowered. I feel many men are now step forward for women s. I love to offer my seat to a tired man in a metro because I believe in gender equality. Life is pretty awesome. Men are actually scared of getting caught up in harassment or rape cases. It's awesome being a woman.

Sadly, it's not the same for all the women in the country. But I have hope. Soon, even the women in rural India will feel empowered and things will change for the better. The only thing I fear is that feminism is sometimes mistaken for giving priority to women. Equality should not, must not be compromised




Shubham Sharma, works at Sagar Institute of Research and Technology : SIRT Bhopal

As a mother she is god....as a wife she is life....as a daughter she is laughter....india,bharat,hindustan is a place where womens are treated divine in scriptures.i would mention despite all the atrocities that happens .we the indians repect ,value , and moreover accept their role whatsoever it is. Hope one fine day all women of this world would think about being indian.I could have written about rapes ,molestations ,and dowry to earn sympathy but for me a women is all that maintains decorum in home, discipline in life and the urge to become better by each passing day.....# proud to be indian



Ali Akram, lives in India

There are many aspects of it lets have a look.

1.First of all, the basic aspects of the de acy is available for the Indian women, i.e- the universal adult franchise. means they participate and organize themselves for the oral posts of any running de ratic organization.

2.Women in India have the perfect blend of strength and tenderness. They have the beautiful quality to manage home and the outer world simultaneously.

3.Though at some levels like dowry, crimes like rape, sexual harassment at office or public places, and molestation, eve-teasing, even after over sixty years of independence women are still exploited, which is the shameful side of our country. Yet one can’t deny that the situation has improved since the earlier times

4.Women, who now represent 48.2% of the population, are getting access to education, and then employment. From 5.4 million girls enrolled at the primary level in 1950-51 to 61.1 million girls in 2004-05. At the upper primary level, the enrollment increased from 0.5 million girls to 22.7 million girls.







Reenaa Toomarr, former Travel Content Writer

Status of an Indian woman:

The women of the present generation have generally received higher education than the women of their preceding generation. There have been far reaching consequences in the economic status of their families.

Roles of an Indian woman:

The modern women are inclined towards the social issues, and trying hard to improve the social status of women at large.






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