Last Mughal emperor’s descendant promises gold brick for Ram temple



A descendant of the Mughal dynasty living in Hyderabad has reiterated his offer to present the first brick to build Ram temple at Ayodhya, if he is given the Babri masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi land.

居住在海德拉巴的莫卧儿王朝后裔重申,如果他获得Babri masjit -Ram Janmabhoomi的土地,他愿意贡献在阿约提亚重建罗摩神庙的第一块砖。

“It will be a golden brick,” he told TOI in an interview on Saturday. “Not only will I present a golden brick, I will also hand over the entire land for construction of the temple,” said 50-year-old Habeebuddin Tucy, who says he is a sixth-generation descendant of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar. Tucy had made the gold brick offer in September last year as well.


Tucy petitioned the Supreme Court to implead him in the Babri masjid dispute. The court is yet to admit the plea. “No other party in the case has ownership documents of the property but I, as a descendant of the Mughal rulers, have a right to express my opinion on to whom the land should be given,” he insists. “At least, I should be heard.”


The petition was filed on February 8. Tucy’s advocate Praveen Kumar told TOI from Delhi that the Supreme Court has not entertained any more petitions in the case. “But it is not that the petition cannot be taken up,” he said.

图西于2月8日提交诉状。其辩护律师Praveen Kumar在德里告诉《印度时报》,最高法院没有受理此案的任何诉状。但这并不是说不能受理这项诉状。”


Tucy explained that the first Mughal emperor, Babur, got the Babri masjid constructed in 1529 to provide a place for the troops to offer namaz. “It was exclusively for the troops, not others. I do not want to get into what was there before the masjid was built but since a certain community is staking claim to the place saying that it is the birthplace of Ram, as a true Muslim, I will only respect their sentiments,” Tucy said.


On August 14, the Supreme Court was informed that there was evidence of a Ram Temple having been built during second century BC in the very place that the Babri Masjid was constructed.


“None of them have any documents to lay claim to the land. Only I can be considered as someone who has a say on whom the land should go to since I am a Mughal descendant,” Tucy said. Asked if he had any documents that could prove ownership of the land, Tucy said he also did not have the papers. “But I have credibility for rightful ownership. Every year, the cellar doors of the Taj Mahal are opened by me for the Urs ceremony of emperor Shah Jahan,” he says.

图西称:“他们都没有土地所有权的文件。因为我是莫卧儿的后裔,所以在决定土地归属一事上我才有发言权。”当被问及是否有任何文件可以证明这片土地的所有权时,图西表示他也没有这些文件,“但对于其合法所有权我有发言权,每年, 我都打开泰姬陵地下室的门,为沙贾汗皇帝举办Urs仪式。”


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Ishaqidupula paya2 days ago

The, hindus of India, do not want gold brick, but their, Ram Janam Bhoomi, in its entirety.



Vinay Rane•Member • Vinay Rane•2 days ago •Follow

Mughals were “Invaders” not “Localites”........

Discussion ends here..................



Gagan•3199•Influencer Wordsmith Member • Gagan•Others•2 days ago •Follow

Very Interesting, the true Irony is, If Hindus in their own country cannot construct a temple for Lord Ram, where else will they construct.



Mohini Madhukar•11217•Influencer Movie Buff Wordsmith • Mohini Madhukar•bangalore•2 days ago

Land without any document of title is Govt land. Let central Govt or State Govt decide what to do with Babri land. Why go to court ?



Pankaj Gupta•4420•Wordsmith Frequent Flyer Member • Mohini Madhukar•1 day ago

Right apporach. Another way of looking at it is that the land belonged to oldest living community, ie, Hindus. They rightfully owned the land and had built temple for all. It is the time to set right the land grabbing by invading Mougal and built glorious temple.



Kedar P•2924• Kedar•Mumbai•1 day ago

Mr Mughal ! Keep the gold brick for your survival ! Mandir Baneyga ! Hindus will make the temple without the gold stolen by your forefathers !!



Dollar Patel•11973•Influencer Wordsmith • Dollar Patel•Rajendra Nagar•2 days ago

This is how they get their readership. Bits of gossip.



Amarendra Ray•5880•Influencer Movie Buff Wordsmith • Amarendra•delhi•1 day ago

Last Mughal emperor died in Rangoon, his two sons killed by British in Delhi, Khooni Darwaza remain a silent spectator. Who is this descendent never mentioned in history. No need of any golden brick.



Sameer S•1371• Amarendra Ray•1 day ago

He is not descended of Mughal.



Strong Voice•6058•Wordsmith News King Frequent Flyer • Strong Voice•1 day ago

The part of the same gold looted from Hindus?



Barkat Choudhury•5112• Strong Voice•1 day ago

What have your Hindu Kings and rulers did for India ? Apart from making lavish palaces for their pleasure which are now turned into 5 star hotels now, what else they did ?



Balachandramenon Vengasserry•2779• Balachandramenon Vengasserry•Alappuzha•1 day ago

No gold brick please, but submit a petition to Supreme Court that entire disputed land shall be used for Ram Temple..



Zakir Rahmani•238• Zakir Rahmani•1 day ago

do support in giving the land for Ram Janambhoomi and resolve the dispute amicably among the community



A•12324• A•India•1 day ago

If any persons claim to be descendants of Mughals in order to lay claims to property then first let them stand trial for compensation to the descendants of those who were killed by Mughal empire.



Psp•154•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Psp•1 day ago

This descendant of Mughals can go to Pakistan



Sher Khan•340• Debasish Hota•1 day ago

Lies, lies and lies. Ram exsted in your mytholohical scripts only. So, how could he be born, let alone at that very place?



Debasish Hota•Member • Sher Khan•23 hours ago

Hindus are not begging a golden brick from Mughal defendant.



Jana• Jana•Coimbatore•1 day ago

What ever wealth he possesses is looted from this country. Who is he to offer the same.in fact all the looted wealth has to be confiscated. His ancestors were invaders who polluted this nation.



dattatray bhor•106•Member • Dattatray•1 day ago

Hindu community is capable enough to build Ram temple, you invader go to Pakistan with your gold.



Pidched Rr•1386•Influencer Wordsmith Inboxer • Pidched Rr•1 day ago

Descendants of an invader/looter has no say in anything about our land.


Hindustan Hindu Rashtra youtub•3667• Pidched Rr•Hindustan Hindu Rashtra•1 day ago




Sameer Ali•129• Sameer Ali•1 day ago

Hindoo politicians do not want Ram mandir to be built because then they will no longer be able to use it as a debate topic.


S GOUDA•274•Influencer Wordsmith News King • Sameer Ali•Bangalore•1 day ago

That''s the truth.



Nationcomesfirst•8184• Nationcomesfirst•Mother INDIA•1 day ago

We don''t want any golden bricks..we have enough gold in Hindu temples.so let''s build Ram temple Soon with our own money..



s k Kaul•345• S K Kaul•1 day ago

We do not need Golden brick. We need apology what his forefathers have committed by demolishing our lords Mandir.


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