Can India stop China from becoming a superpower?

印度可以阻拦中国成为一个超级大国吗? (4)


Mohammed Faris NM, lived in Malappuram, Kerala, India

As an Indian , I feel this question as most stupid one that I had ever seen in quora. People like these kind of mentalities are only good for drag our country behind. First of all understand that if we have to develop we should invest on our own things like education and health of our own people. There will be some people who are busy in finding pleasure in others fall. And what I want to tell that accept if anyone had a good thing happend and don't be jealous on it ever.. try to bring happiness in our own society by absorbing good thing from other societies whatever you found better in them. Then work positively for the progress of your own people instead of dreaming others fall…

Grow up and be mature man! Then only you can live in a better India! Probably a developed India!




Vikas Shelke, Sr MKT Man

India need not try that , China has achieved it what India should have achieved , China was not looted to last blood like what British did to India . India had head start though nation divided in 3 parts was one way to ensure India is checked by west .

China has achieved it with shear hard work , focused and short term planning and hard core core laws favouring industry first . No power can stop China from becoming a superpower , its already a superpower in economy and military and with its growing influence in world order will overtake US shortly .Only thing India needs to do is to put her home in order





We can really do a lot !!

We can take you golden begging bowls to ISRAEL OR USA and ask them to donate us some mercy .

We can send our illiterate foolish politicians to JAPAN and ask them to join hands in our pursuit .

We can send our highly RESERVED go nment diplomats to RUSSIA and beg before them .

This all w can do……







Swagato Barman Roy

India cannot. China started modernisation more than a decade ahead of India. Then, because of their stronger work ethic, Asian cultural values and resources, are almost a century ahead of India in many respects.

Even the collective force of Russia and America cannot really stop China.

The best India can do is to seek peaceful co-existence via trade and cooperative while growing its own capabilities to defend itself.





Pushpak P, @ JLR

1.Indians needs to shun this delusions of grandeur of becoming a super power or a great power or anything of that sort without first addressing the defects of its inefficient and sluggish economy.

2.More can be achieved by cooperation than unnecessary confrontation and stupid rivalry. There is no wisdom in pulling others down while making no effort in standing up against our own mediocrity and our inability to act rational.




Vaibhav Rajvir Bhatnagar, Proud Indian | History Buff | Buddhist

Why do you need to stop anyone from becoming anything?

Up your game to match China. Comparing India with China isnt gonna solve anything.

1.Remove Reservations (Caste & Religion)

2.Remove Red Tape

3.Move towards becoming a free market economy

4.Create a Merit based Welfare State

5.Reduce/Remove Corruption

6.Focus on becoming economic powerhouse before military powerhouse.

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Semar Manganov, former CIA agent, Retired

How can India stop China growth ?

China GDP is 4 times than India while the population is nearly same.




Subrato Roy, studied Electronics & Mathematics (1996)

The extent of stupidity inherent in this question is astounding.

No sir/madam. No country can prevent any other country from becoming a superpower. Period.

Applies vice-a-versa.

What China has achieved is commendable and what they are up to is ambitious.

We need not envy or feel jealous.

Our role is a counter balance.

We are in an unique position, due to location, manpower, economic strength, cultural out reach and military might to provide a glimpse to China of what could be the limits of their power projection in the region and surrounding.

There is space for both the nations.

Our approach to the Chinese has been blinded by half baked analysis by Western commentators and western “educated” idiots in India, like Nehru. These people neither have/had understanding of the basis of Indian civilization nor the Sinic / Chinese civilization.

Currently the Chinese are on an expansion spree. This posture will change in next few decades. And this current posture is an anomaly if we take a long view of the Chinese civilization.

Just make sure we have a USD trillion scale economy and 200 plus thermos nuke tipped ICBMs to nuke any miscreant out of their misery. We are good then. Superpower or no superpower.













Tirumalesh B, Thesis in Global Relations and politics

Sorry, we mind our own business;

we have no intentions to stop China or some other country from becoming a superpower but to become ONE on our OWN




Lalit Bhatt  Author-Let's Kidnap the President, IIT Delhi

Why we have to stop someone from becoming superpower.

why not take a positive approach we raise our game.

Both countries has a very rich culture and tradition and it will be good for the world if both country provide an example by raising their game. Let the rivalry be in innovation and upliftment of human life.

And why only India and China, let all countries in the world be uplifted and every citizen of the world gets a chance to live a minimum decent life.






Mervyn Locke, Enlightened laowai/Decade-long China resident/Permanent China bull

China already is a superpower, and will continue to grow in strength. My only advice to India would be to ditch religion and the caste system, as these are the biggest impediments to growth (not only in India but elsewhere too, by the way).



Shraddha Pandit, B.A Psychology, University of Mumbai (2017)

We can't, because it already is one of the super powers, if not the most powerful country. But instead of concentrating on stopping them,what we can do is follow some of their values for building a better India.



Bala Panchapakesan, Project Manager

Instead of bringing down somebody, use your positive attitude to see how India can become superpower. India can never be better by Stopping China becoming superpower. This does not mean that China is already a super power as the name “Superpower” is a myth. We are all running the race till now which is not finished yet. It’s better to concentrate on how to run the race better, efficient and faster to be in leading, rather to stop the guy who is running with you, at least your morale will in intact.

The issues between these 2 countries, Let the go nments take care of it to soultion. This doesn't means the common citizen’s from both countries need hold others neck.

I even doubt that this question was posted by an Indian. By Posting it as Anonymous I am able to see the cowardliness of the person who posted it





Alex Kaier, stayed awhile in China

India can't even protect Indian women from their own men nor clean up their streets. What chance does India have of stopping the disciplined and hard working Chinese from becoming the world's foremost superpower? Don't make me laugh.



Kumud Mazumdar

Why an Indian should think of stopping China from becoming a super power? Thats should not be the mentality of any Indian. Instead we should talk the cue from them and try to improve our position as well. The destructive attitude of Indians should be changed first.



Shaon Adhikary, Site engineer. at NPCIL KAIGA Atomic Power Station (2016-present)

No, we should try win-win strategy hence both countries will grow more faster than now. Aslo we need to boost our startups and infustruture to grow India's Economy faster, no need to try or think harm about other nation which led negative impact to our own



Sandeep Jadhav, Bulk Material & Fuels Prep., Handl. & Dust Control at Ambuja Cements (2007-present)

I doubt if this question has been asked by an Indian. We Indians never believe in stopping anybody. We should as always, focus on developing ourselves instead



Viswanath Olupu, Deputy Executive Engineer at Water Resources Department, Govt. of AP (2018-present)

No.India Cannot take that risk.If it is Pakistan, it would have taken the risk.

China is already a Super Power and the West fears it.The Rise of China to the primal position of International Power Politics is inevitable.Only probelm, is that of power projection.

Take for example, the US. It projects power through the institutions like The World Bank,IMF,EU and NATO etc., which were establshed after Second World War and during Cold War.

China needs to establish its own Multilateral institutions in partner ship with second grade powers like India, Iran and first grade power like Russia. Itneeds to establish credibility in developing the African Countries and Middle Eastern Countries.






Goutham Basa

Why do you need to stop China. Why cant you ask how to overtake China? A competitive race is what is needed for development rather than stopping a growth of any country.

In all probability you may have intended to ask how to match or overtake China in economy and power.




Harshit Jindal

Their is no need to do these types of bullshits.They are growing because of thier own efforts for the betterment of thier own country.They are united and on the mission to develop china but problem of indians is we are disintegrated and busy in riots compulsorily monthly basis somewhere in india.

We focus on how to fool go nment by not giving a single penny as tax but not for our country…..so if they are developing and growing than anyone has not even right to think that hoe to destroy others.

Come on …focus on your work..give employment to others and pay tax (obviously) and we can go ahead of china soon but we have to work on ourself





Chakravarthi Amith Raghav, M.S Vedas, Puranas, Itihasa. & Big Data and Cloud Computing, Sanatana Veda Pata Shala (2009)

This is the most retard question i have come till date. As an Indian with good culture and trust in my abilities, I believe You never stop someone from achieving something. You only strive harder to achieve more than that other person.



Rajeev Yadav, Owner, Professional Engineer

China deserves to be a super power. It has given a lot to the world. India should learn from China.



Percy Fotescu

I think the question is flawed. As an Indian you should be concerned about making India a superpower, not about stopping China from developing.

If India really wants to maintain the power balance within the area,it better develop fast. And a developed China is good for the economy. So is a developed India.



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