Can India stop China from becoming a superpower?




Pawan Chaudhary, Solution Architect

China is already on track to become an economic superpower and will challenge world superpower in defence in few years .

China has bigger influence in world matters than India .

China spends a lot in creating new infrastructure,their policies strongly favours local companies ,they have a strong manufacturing industry and economies of scale.

Lot of Chinese companies have a global presence ,we are a bit behind them .

Instead of stopping it (which we cannot ) we should learn (not everything )from China and its rise to become a superpower .

For example ,China and Chinese companies are investing a lot in AI and quantum computing ,this is something we should emulate from them.

China is opening a new quantum research supercenter

We have learned from our mistakes of economic crisis of 91 when the economy was about to collapse , we have come a long way but we still have a lot to do .

We should look into our issues first which are stopping us from becoming a superpower mainly,co ption ,tax evasion ,lack of good infrastructure.

We have our strengths as well , great service industry , world class space programme ,young workforce ,doing a decent work in expanding defence capabilities.

We should work in making our country progress faster rather than stopping others, after all the world is big enough to accomodate india in the league of so called “superpowers”.













Lant Chapman, Works in The Instructional Arts Industry

India must consolidate power on the sub-Continent. Fortifying the borders to the east and north, establishing trade routes to the south and west. India must also strengthen the Indian position in the Indian ocean.

India with border fortification can reach out to areas to the east ,and north strengthening areas of trade with the geographic regions to the east and north.

India must show focus having goals beneficial to the Indian politic. India must create an infrastructure network inside India allowing for ease of trade. Cities must show a high level of planning, according to infrastructure needs.

In the United States large cities are planted on an open grid allowing for ease of travel, lending to open trade. The open grid allows for authorities to distribute resources in a disciplined manner. Inland waterways are maintained within the greater area of the US to allow trade within US authority.

India does not have a large inland navigable waterway system. With work India can build structures, satisfactory to Indian needs. Other forms of transportation can be used in place of inland waterways.

China’s civil engineering of the inland waterway structure has benefited China. Connecting inland areas with the open sea. Creating areas around ports strengthen the position of ports found in the coastal areas.

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Baba Vickram Aditya Bedi, Business Adviser, Writer (2017-present)

There is something obvious being missed by Indians at the moment. India was able to influence China for nearly 2000 years without firing a shot. India, spread Indian Culture, Indian Ideals, Buddhism, Karate, Astronomy and Mathematics to China. These were ideas and concepts, which created harmony between both neighbors for thousands of years. Since the Communist party came to power it has negated the importance of our historical contribution to China. This of course is very immature as China is known to the world largely because of the contributions made by Ancient India. Thus, it is time for India to do what no country can do better at ,“Thinking and Imagination”, it is time for India to become an intellectual super-power once more.


India today, is busy trying to build it’s economy, it is busy imitating the West. And, this is not working that well. Yes, for somethings the solutions must come from the West. And in other aspects, trade must happen with the West. But, ultimately the Vision of a Successful India cannot be imported. What so impressed China once about India was three fold. India was a proud and sophisticated place. It was a nation which valued learning above all material things. And, India was extremely wealthy and innovative. Today, India is trading with the world again, it values education but does not put much pride in it’s own culture and civilization. As a result of this, it does not innovate. Nations innovate when there is a feeling of specialness about themselves. They than take existing ideas and make them work better for their civilization. India is not doing this at all. Becoming a super power is more than just accumulating capital. It is about thinking like a super power. A Lion can not be a Lion if he does not think like one. The world’s first political scientist, Chanakya stated “There is one thing we can learn from the Lion, that he puts his entire heart into his ventures no matter what the outcome”, is that not what Chandragupta did when he began the process of the unification of India? He was told he could not defeat the Nanda’s after all they had stood up to the Greeks of Alexander. But the dynasty he founded did more than just Unite India, it spread Indian Culture, Buddhism, and Indian Values, which today are known as Asian Values. Buddha, Baba Nanak, Kabir, and M.K. Gandhi did the same. How many did they free from mental and physical bondage is in the billions. Aryabhata, did much the same for ancient Indian mathematics.

It is for modern India to now think and innovate. The worry of China is not going to go away until this time. There is only one thing that will keep peace in India, and it will be the foundation of building unique Indian technology. If we achieve this, than our civilization and culture will be on a sound path to bringing back Indian historical significance. Failure to do so, will insure a mediocre rise of India and this will not maintain equilibrium in Asia.




Aakash Ankit, Volunteer from Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

I will tell you if you tell me Why would we stop China from becoming a superpower?

People do know that I belong to a great nationalist organization of India, and still don’t want china to not be a superpower. That said, I think, India should also find its way in becoming a superpower. While we missed the train of 1980–1990s, we must not leave any stone unturned to avail the opportunity presented before us.

India has second largest cultivable land in the world. It has greatest human resource in 2025. The utilization will ensure that India will be a superpower, along will China and other countries, and able to sit on the table to tackle and decide for peace and prosperity of the world.

China is our neighbor, we must try to have a peaceful relation with him.


人们都知道,我属于印度一个伟大的民族主义组织,但不希望中国无法成为超级大国。尽管如此,我认为印度自己也应该找到成为超级大国的道路。虽然我们错过了1980 - 1990年的列车,但我们绝不能放过我们面前的机会。



Rivalry between Indo-China is a natural things, and must not be looked away, as both are big countries in the neighborhood, both have 1.25+billion people, both got independent around 1950s and are the prospect of future. But this rivalry should not be taken as a jealously to contain every move taken by other country. As I am impressed by Shou'en Li’s answer, I would like to say, China should take few steps like banning of Masood Azhar and supporting India’s bid to NSG to make roads for the good relation with India. In absence of which, India will naturally go to USA, Japan and other countries, where India and Indians are rightly respected.

To the fellow India who asked this question: We need to extend ourselves in many things, including economy, industrial growth, military, and even games and sports. Just do your work with full honesty and Integrity, and we will definitely move forward and climb ladders.

中印两国都是周边大国,都有12.5亿多人口,都是在上世纪50年代前后独立的国家,都是未来的发展方向。中印之间不存在天然竞争。Shou'en Li的回答给我留下了深刻印象,我想说的是,中国应该采取一些措施,比如支持印度加入核供应国集团,为与印度的良好关系铺路。如果中国不这么做,印度自然会跟美国、日本和其他国家合作,从这些国家获得应有的尊重。



Ajatshatru Madhukar, works at Government of India (2015-present)

Two things-1) Now, no one and i repeat No one can stop China from becoming a super power! I hope sooner you accept this fact, lesser amount of sulking you will have in store for you.

  1. Why should Indians waste their time on stopping China becoming a super power, while they have their own problems to tackle. Aren’t there so many other meaningful things to do? Do we not have to worry about health and education of our children? Do we not have to worry about growing malnutrition and infant mortality and maternal mortality? Do we not have to focus our energy on Our awesome space program? Do we not have to improve our IT sector, which is our powerhouse and has been seeing a tough time?

Since we have so many other things to do, we as an Indian focus more on tackling these problems.


  1. 印度人有自己的问题亟待解决,为什么要浪费时间阻止中国成为超级大国呢?难道印度没有其他更有意义的事情可以做吗?难道我们不用担心孩子的健康和教育吗?我们难道不必担心日益增长的营养不良、婴儿死亡率以及产妇死亡率吗?难道我们不需要把精力集中在我们了不起的太空计划上吗?难道我们不需要改善我们的IT产业吗? IT产业是我们的动力源泉,却一直处于艰难时期。


We should focus more on growth of our own economy, and uplift the living condition of our people. After all we are home to maximum number of people living under poverty line, we are home to maximum number of people suffering from Tuberclosis, we are home to maximum number of hungry people, we are home to maximum number of child laborers, we are home to maximum number of people in so many other categories too.

We will not see this uncomfortable picture, or try to look away from it by focusing on other side of the story. We will go back to thinking how awesome we are at thinking that “we are awesome”.

We have to learn from China’s growth story, not that our own growth story is any less to any one. We shown the world what we can achieve, so we have to focus on that.





Suvronil Das, Deep Learning and AI enthusiast & avid follower of politics

I felt interested to know the Chinese perspective here , although I disagree to the intention of the question, at least the way it has been served in this forum. I feel the question should have been put in this form , rather? ‘ As China becomes a superpower, how do we, as Indians, ensure the security in Asia-Pacific region from China’s military aggression?’

So,as an Indian, how do I want to see China?



Rise of China is important, as the global policies that have been, for far too long, dominated by west, is now getting an Asian angle. Balance of power and economy are slowing shifting towards Asia. But how are India and China, contributing to it?

China is establishing relationships with North Korea and Pakistan and having hostile relationships with most of it’s neighbours. Some of them are economically important countries in Asia and Oceania region. On one hand Chinese economy is establishing trade relations with most of these countries. On the other hand, military aggression and disputes are on the rise. Be it South Korea, Taiwan , Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, all have the same concern. China is not the only country that has military might in Asia. But it’s the only country in the centre of concern for all. It does speak a lot and this is not an Indian narrative. It’s the overall outlook and Asian countries don’t live anymore in an age, where, they need to say ‘yes’ to a western propaganda.



Had China taken more controlled and peaceful role in Asia, the face of Asia, would have changed to a great extent. Europe afforded two World Wars during industrial revolution. Asia , in nuclear age, can’t afford even half of a world war. The damage done, would be catastrophic and not beneficial to any Asian country. China has a lot to ensure here, because, somehow, I feel even most of the Chinese know, that if such a large scale war starts, apart from Pakistan and North Korea, there is not going to be any country, who will stand by China. Not even an economically starving Russia.

I believe , the moral of the story should be - ‘PROGRESS in Asia should come with much needed PEACE. Not WITHOUT it.




Abhinav Goswami

Somewhere else on this platform I had earlier mentioned that China is a manufacturing giant. Its a powerhouse. With rapid implementation in technology, China is already leading the world and now in a position to dominate global geo-politics. China is the only country after USA to have developed their own 5th gen Fighter Jet. And those fighter jets are now inculcated into air force.

China’s infrastructure is massive, really massive. From world’s largest network of high speed railways (and earning profit out of some routes on those) to expanding navy, to simply stunning bridges over sea. China has achieved a lot, lot more than what the world thinks. Wait, how did I forget the Three Gorges Dam ! ....

We are struggling with many aspects. The very basic difference I see is : China used its population to a massive advantage, and did it at the right time. India is not able to control population growth and not able to use it to advantage i.e .low cost high volume manufacturing. With arrival of newer technology, employing large numbers of workers might not be feasible in economic and strategy point of view.

In such scenario, how can we even think of stopping China from becoming a super power ? China is already a super power, lets acknowledge that and work towards making India one.






Allen Ng, worked at Many Places in USA

As an Indian, “Why would you or why do you want to stop China from becoming a Superpower??? This is a perplexing question for me and for many many people in the World. Especially coming for an Indian, you have to question the motives behind this hateful question. As an Indian, you have to remember that your country and China share a wide and long border as well as share a long long history together. And there have never been major all out hostilites between the two long standing neighbors. There may have been some conflicts, but I cannot recall reading any history of major all out hostilities between these two countries.

Currently, India is still basically a third world country. Their underdeveloped infrastructure, sanitation systems, caste system, high crime, transportation system, manufacturing, disparity of wealth, disparity of education, proper governance, etc. etc. are basically still much in third world status. Yes, there have been some growth due to great push from Modi, but basically India is still very much third world country. It is to India’s advantage to not take hostile and hateful actions towards China, as their fragile growth and development may become hindered or retarded. It is to India’s disadvantage to be so hateful to their neighbors especially China.

There are other replies here that state that Chinese are not that hateful to the Indians, but are seeing the growth of hateful Indians. This is probably due to some (not all) Indians are jealous and may lack self esteem causing growing hate and contempt. That is not a good sign.

In this modern age, everyone in the world need to get along and work together for growth in a peaceful manner. Hateful feelings like this questioner should be left to the garbage pile heap which India has multitudes of.





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