New Isro sy em to shield its assets from space debris



NEW DELHI: Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) is setting up a network of telescopes and radar to develop its own sy em to mon or space debris to safeguard its space assets. The network will be set up under the Directorate of Space Situational Awareness and Management. Currently, Isro has 50 functional satellites, including communication, navigation and surveillance satellites, in space.


Talking to TOI, Isro chairman K Sivan said, “Till now, Isro was dependent on Norad (North America Aerospace Defense Command) data, which is available in public domain, for kee track of space debris and mon oring our active and passive (dead) satellites. However, this global data is not accurate. Norad also keeps accurate data, which is exclusively available to those that are members of its network. Therefore, Isro can’t access this data.”

Isro主席K Sivan在接受《印度时报》采访时表示:“到目前为止,Isro一直依赖北美防空司令部(Norad)的数据来跟踪太空碎片,并印度的主动和被动(废弃)卫星。然而,这些全球公开的数据并不准确。北美防空司令部也掌握准确数据,这些数据只对其网络成员开放,Isro无法获取。”

To get accurate data about the movement of space debris to avoid collision with its satellites, Isro has decided to set up telescopes and radars in four corners of the country.


“Our sophisticated multi-object tracking radar installed in Nellore (90km from Sriharikota) will be part of this project. We will also set up a telescope in Ponmudi (Thiruvananthapuram) and second one in Mount Abu (Rajasthan) and third one in deep north. We will also install a radar in the northeast,” Sivan told TOI, adding, “Once this network is operational, we will be able to get accurate data on space debris and will also become part of the global network where we can access very accurate data on debris from hundreds of radars set up across the world.” The directorate would mon or inactive satellites, pieces of orbiting objects, near-earth asteroids and adverse space weather conditions.

K Sivan对《印度时报》表示:“我们安装在Nellore(距离Sriharikota 90公里)的多目标跟踪雷达将是这个项目的一部分。我们还将在Ponmudi (特里凡得琅)、阿布山(Rajasthan)和北方分别安装一个望远镜。我们还将在东北部安装雷达。一旦这个网络开始运作,我们将能够获得有关太空碎片的准确数据,我们也将成为全球网络的一部分。在全球网络中,我们可以从世界各地数百个雷达获得有关碎片的精准数据。”


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Shubham ParasharNoida7 hours ago

India is becoming independent in its true sense now .. Our scientist as well as go nment shoyld be given credit.. INDIA RISING



B Srinivasansaginaw USA7 hours ago

INDIA definetly becoming a true space power



AIndia5 hours ago

These radars would be used to track enemy satellites which fly over India and dazzle them with lasers.



Hindus Are Te rorts Mus ms Are Saints6 hours ago

As long as the italian whore does not get to loot the country the quality and quantity of ISRO and DRDO will keep increasing at fast pace. Already increased by 100 times since 2014.



Proud Indian6 hours ago

We have to become independent and self reliant on our own capability.



Manju RIndia6 hours ago

Next to our defense forces its ISRO that makes us proud Indians.



Pradeep5 hours ago

Slowly but steadily ISRO is establishing itself as a leader and torchbearer in the space technology. Jai Hind.



Soumya Banerjee5 hours ago

The ISRO chief should be provided the best possible security cover, as we know well what happens with Indian scientists whenever the decided to challenge the prowess of western nations.



Akr6 hours ago

BJP great going unlike Congi and other corrupt parties this go nment is really really doing things for the nation. Jai Hind.



Koshal Kumar6 hours ago

India is becoming a independent in its true sense now. Our scientists as well as go nment should be given created.



Dayanand6 hours ago

Great strides!!! ISRO under Modi's patronage is using full pential.

大步前进!! 在莫迪的支持下,印度空间研究组织正在充分发挥潜力。


GuestNew Delhi7 hours ago

if india want to grow they need private player in this field..we should pull up player like tata's..



Dominic 4 hours ago

its really india ''s biggest proud.. the devolopment of india is increasing gradually. khub ee valo kotha. jai hok.. valo lagche.



lucifer gamer5 hours ago

Best decision by my proud isro

Space debries are dangerous




Pawan Kumar38 minutes ago

Self-Reliance is the key in every important area for India. ISRO is leading in this movement.



Gummaluri Venkata Sitar Sastry43 minutes ago

Commendable effort



True2 hours ago

Good appreciable move, by avoiding dependency on west and becoming self sufficient....



priyanka2 hours ago

india should become world power in all aspects



Anonymousbangalore3 hours ago

ISRO is one go nment institute which is shining b along with RBI and DRDO



Ashwani Kumar3 hours ago

Good job by ISRO as space is now very important for any future war and our assets in space must be prected.



Dan Shaw4 hours ago

how many years to complete?



PSR4 hours ago

It is required as its been many years and so many satellites are just rotating over there. Should check if there is a possibility to bring them back down.



Madhu N RTrivandrum5 hours ago

Would the surveillance be used ag inst Indians



Mayank Mehta5 hours ago

Space is future and now India with ISRO way ahead with leaders



Time BombNew Delhi7 hours ago

ISRO chief has an uncanny resemblance to the character of dance master played by Mehmood in the movie Padosan.


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