Isro releases first set of earth pictures captured by Chandrayaan 2



NEW DELHI: The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) on Sunday released the first set of images captured by Chandrayaan-2, India's second lunar mission.


The onboard camera captured pictures of Earth as viewed in space. Isro said the images were taken by the LI4 camera on Vikram, the lander on Chandrayaan-2. "The images were clicked on August 3," Isro said.



Chandrayaan-2 is a Rs 978-crore project, with which India hopes to soft-land a probe on Moon, while also put a satellite around its orbit.



While the spacecraft was launched on July 22, the landing is expected to happen on September 7. So far, all post-launch activities have been successful, and the next orbit-raising manoeuvre is planned on August 6.


The mission comes 11 years after Isro successfully launched Chandrayaan-1, in October 2008.



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Abhishek Kaushik•Patna•2 hours ago •Follow

ISRO has made India proud since it''s inception.....,The scientific minds and the people managing finance of the organisation are really zing as they complete their mission in smallest amount possible...



Saurabh•2 hours ago

A PROUD moment for India !



A•2 hours ago

In the next few days the engine, solar panels, orbiter, lander, rower will stop working if warranty is over. Please buy extended warranty too.



A•2 hours ago

Have seen such photos since 40-50 years. Not eted by the slow train to moon. Other countries reached in 4 days and India needing 50days. It just highlights the fact that ISRO doesn't have a powerful rocket like Saturn 5 or Delta or Ariane or Long March.



Luceefer Morningstar•2 hours ago

congrats isro . Proud



Fun Club•2 hours ago

Proud of being an Indian . Again ISRO made India more prouder. Jai Hind .



Guest•2 hours ago

Good to see results of space program planned before BJP era ... great show scientists.. keep ch po iticians, cming credit, at bay



A• Guest•2 hours ago

Congress was planned much before Nehru family but they seem to own it.



Dilbag Rai•Chandigarh•2 hours ago

Our India looking beautiful in the first pictures sent by Chandrayan 2,Congratulations to ISRO scientists.



Karan Parwani•Unknown•3 hours ago

this is progress



Rajiv Nehru•New Delhi•3 hours ago

Mr. Vikram Sarabhai - the first chairman of ISRO - to the present day is long history of excellence and excellent people. MGK Menon, Dr Satish Dhawan, Prof Kiran Kumar to the present Chairman Dr. Kailasavadivoo Sivan are unsung HEROES.,A matter of shame and a matter of sorrow that while po iticians scurry to lap up the limelight, I truly wonder how many of us are even aware of these names.,Salutations to the scientists who have made India proud.,This is to convey, endorse and record our unbounded gratitude to these extraordinary men.

维克拉姆·萨拉巴伊先生是ISRO的首任主席。MGK Menon博士、Satish Dhawan博士、Kiran Kumar教授、现任主席Sivan博士都是无名英雄。当政客们争相抢风头时,我真想知道我们当中有多少人知道这些名字。向印度科学家致敬,传达我们对这些非凡人士无限的感激之情。


Vande•3 hours ago

everything is fake surgical strike chandrayaans photos,timebomb I think u r also fake born



Time Bomb•New Delhi•3 hours ago

Why do I get the feeling that these photos have been taken from NASA''s picture library archives...


Ank• Time Bomb•3 hours ago

Great! you can sue isro and earn millions. go ahead. do something useful. FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME. lol



Kasim Ali•3 hours ago

Proud moment for us



Stud Baker•3 hours ago

You must be lying? Quran says earth is flat!!!!! But this one is round.



Sunil•3 hours ago

Great achievement by ISRO.....congratulations



Anu sharma•3 hours ago

This picture is very nice ...our salute ISRO ,many many congrats isro great achievement this plan



Akshay•4 hours ago

Great achievement...ISRO making India proud...


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