'India Ashamed': Outrage grows over ruling party lawmaker accused of rape


NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Protesters stepped up demands on Tuesday for India's ruling party to sack a state lawmaker accused by a young woman of raping her, holding several demonstrations just days after the accuser was critically injured in a highway collision.

Opposition groups say Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is protecting Kuldeep Singh Sengar, a legislator from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, whom the woman accused of the rape in 2017.

"Why do we give people like Kuldeep Sengar the strength and protection of political power and abandon their victims to battle for their lives alone?" Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, a leader of the main opposition Congress party, asked on Twitter.




She called on Modi to immediately sack Sengar, named on Monday in a report to police, who are investigating a car crash at the weekend that has left the victim battling for her life.

Sengar denies the charges, but the case has put the spotlight on the crime situation in Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state.

Its chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, a Hindu monk-turned-politician, has said law and order in the state has improved since his party took power in 2017.

A party spokesman in the state, Rakesh Tripathi, said a disciplinary panel suspended Sengar last year and asked for his explanation. "He has not been sacked yet because the charges haven't been proven," Tripathi added.



该党首席部长Yogi Adityanath曾是一名印度教僧侣,后来成为一名政治家。他表示,自该党2017年长权以来,国家的法律和秩序已经有所改善。



Mayawati, a former Uttar Pradesh chief minister and leader of a major regional political party, said the ruling BJP was protecting Sengar, and asked India's Supreme Court to intervene.

Congress party workers staged a demonstration in the state capital of Lucknow, where the victim is in hospital. "My daughter is critical, there is no improvement in her condition," her mother said on Tuesday.

Dozens of opposition lawmakers protested outside India's parliament, holding placards with slogans such as "India Ashamed #Unnao", referring to the site of the crime. Elsewhere in the Indian capital, women and students' groups also held protests.

Modi, who has repeatedly cited women's issues as a priority for his go nment, including schemes to promote education and hygiene, has been silent on the case.






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kalim4 days ago

Carry on the protest unless and until the culprit is to be brought to justice.



truth prevail4 days ago

BJP slogan "SAVE DAUGHTERS" now realise it was not a slogan, it was warning "SAVE DAUGHTERS"



Downhill4 days ago

But isn't that India's national pastime??????



buhahahaha4 days ago

animals pretending to be humans



Will3 days ago

Watch on YouTube- "Innocents Imprisoned Kandhamal Travesty of Justice". The RSS / BJP / Hindu Nationalist lied to the US State Department to help coverup Human Rights Violations, Religious Persecution , the rape of a nun and the murder of a swami by his own people. Also research the criminal history of the BJP / Modi Regime / Hindu Nationalist because its long with many crimes of abusing women.

在YouTube上观看——“无辜的人被监禁,坎达马尔扭曲正义”。这位RSS /人民党/印度教民族主义者向美国国务院撒了谎,以帮助掩盖侵犯人全、宗教迫害、强奸修女和斯瓦米人被他同胞谋杀的事实。另外,还可以查一查印度人民党/莫迪郑权/印度教民族主义者的犯罪历史,因为它长期以来一直都有虐待妇女的罪行。


Itachi4 days ago

In india a girl walks in and a mother walks out



ja4 days ago

People are same with different party name. God bless our country.



Tomb4 days ago

If you are from UP or Gujarat - Modi will excuse any crime and criminals. It's his politics of India.



Sorb3 days ago

This the fail of law and order in India. When the culprits become the rulers the law enforcement will laugh at the crimes and close the eyes.

In the ruling party how many of the MLA or MPs are free from crime charges by the Courts?? Very little only, so one Culprt try to protect another culprit. That is happening in India.




mem4 days ago

India doesn't need to be buying jet fighters, or going to the moon, India needs BIRTH CONTROL, and TOILETS for all of its people.



buhahahaha4 days ago

on the other hand if this happenned to one of the cattles, there would have been riots



dynamax4 days ago

there are many cases of rape across bharat, and which is now termed rapistan.



Lucifer4 days ago

See it's like a Pandemic and is spreading like Ebola.



Dave4 days ago

India, with its "village chiefs" system, makes the country a rape sanctuary anyway. Why do they bother looking at the top of the food chain rather than what is going on in the house next door?



Bill4 days ago

Well unfortunately rape in India with no consequences has been going on for decades ........women finally are not afraid to voice their concerns & disgust!!



Tomb4 days ago

There are two corrupt icons in India currently. One is Mamta Banerjee and the other one is Modi. Believe it or not.



dfoxman22 days ago

Their laws says being 'charged' with a crime is not enought to exclude one from contesting elections and that only if, and when convicted, can they be expelled from parliament or their party...innocent until guilty ploy.



Ravi S3 days ago

Incredible India - that is what they say in tourism promotion. Sadly true in a different sense.



Seven billion less humans4 days ago

Well if there were 95% less Indians and population on the planet these things wouldn't be an issue.



concern4 days ago

India is not ashamed, the culprit is. Kuldeep Singh will be convicted if the allegations are

true, sometimes allegations are politically motivated, important to find the truth.



Anamjem / WAK.3 days ago




Tiznow4 days ago

FORTY percent of the current parliament run by the BJP has committed a heinous crime. From Rape,Murder and Assault. The BJP party is a facist party. Look at the madness they spew. Today a BJP minister Ranjit Srivasta wants to ban muslims from owning a cow. This is the BJP's agenda. The cow!. In the eyes of the BJP a cow ranks higher than a woman.

目前由人民党控制的议会中有40%的人犯下了滔天罪行:强奸,谋杀和袭击。人民党是一个反法西斯政党。看看他们有多疯癫。今天,印度人民党部长Ranjit Srivasta想要禁止拥有奶牛。这就是人民党的执政。牛!在印度人民党眼中,牛的地位比女人还高。


George3 days ago

It is the political agenda of BJP. Compare and analyze the records, before the BJP rule.



kalim4 days ago

Actually caste system has made HINDUSTAN as RAPISTAN.

High caste Hindu has dominant position and can rape a low caste hindu female. When low caste Hindus are not safe there what about minorities and those who are creating unrest in Gujrat and occupied kashmir. Right of thought and expression is suppressed by this immoral act.


高种姓的印度教徒占据主导地位,可以强奸低种姓的印度妇女。如果低种姓印度教徒得不到安全时, 和那些在古吉拉特和被占领的克什米尔制造动乱的人怎么办?思想和表达的权利被这种不道德的行为压制了。


Lolllll4 days ago

Its in the Interest of Indian national Congress to defame the BJP. BJP has noting to do with these rapes, Indian national congress wants to be back in power to appease Muslims and Minorities and kill Hindus........Its time to root out Indian national congress and make sure they will never come into Power again.

诋毁人民党符合印度国大党的利益。印度人民党与这些强奸案无关,印度国大党希望重新长权,安抚和 ,杀死印度教徒。是时候铲除印度国大党了,必须让他们永远无法再长权。


Nathan3 days ago

heh. and in the usa.. a certain "top" lawmaker has dozens of such accusations. and well... half the population seems ok with it!



Cheez4 days ago

Yes it is very shaming but he has not been a member of the ruling party for a few months now, from the time he was put in jail for the crime he had committed. He is no more a member of the ruling party.


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