After girlfriend gets engaged, 22-year-old streams suicide live on Facebook



AGRA: Unable to cope up with his girlfriend’s engagement with another man, a 22-year-old youth committed suicide and live-streamed the act on Facebook from a temple in Raybha village under Achhnera police station in Agra district. The victim also left a four-page suicide ne, wherein he apologised to his family for his extreme step and urged them to donate his organs.What is more worrying is the fact that a few of his Facebook friends witnessed the in dent live as he had informed his friends and family members about his decision beforehand, sources said.

阿格拉: 由于无法接受女友与另一名男子订婚,一名22岁的年轻男子在一寺庙内自杀,并在Facebook上直播了这一行为。死者还留下了一份长达四页的遗书。在遗书中,他为自己的极端行为向家人道歉,并要求家人捐献自己的器官。消息人士称,更令人担忧的是,他在Facebook上的一些朋友亲眼目睹了这一事件,因为他事先已将自己的决定告知了朋友和家人。

The in dent took place early on Saturday. The body of the victim, identified as Shyam Sikarwar alias Raj, was found hanging inside the temple premises by the local resi nts.


In the four-minute-long video, Sikarwar asked the police authorities not to take any action ag inst anyone while he requested his family members to put a few pictures of his corpse on his Facebook account.


“I miss her and can’t live without her. I can’t bear the fact that she is getting married to someone else. The stress of losing her has affected me so much that I lost my job,” said the suicide ne left behind by Sikarwar, who used to work in a Gurugram-based factory


Ajay Kaushal, station house officer of Achhnera, said, “The victim’s body was found hanging inside the temple premises by local resi nts. During the probe, we found out that the victim was unemployed and depressed because the girl he was in love with was getting married to someone else. We have conducted the autopsy and handed over his body to his family.”


By the time this report was filed, the victim’s profile was deactivated from the Facebook by his family members.



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Manish Gupta•2 hours ago

Such a foolish step to someone.




Kaushal•India•2 hours ago

So sad,His love is real, great.. not fake ,So it''s very painful to him,But suicide for a ch girl like this,It''s not good yar



Shailesh Chavan•Panaji Goa•2 hours ago

Result of non sense stupid bollywood romantic movies.



Patrick Lopez•3 hours ago

What a waste of life for just an mundane phase of life.....



Pk•3 hours ago




Anand•4 hours ago

one more ideot ...



Saurav•3 hours ago

Suicide is a word that many people like to avoid. Talking about suicide makes most people cringe and makes them very uncomfortable. Suicide affects teenagers and young adults around the globe each year. Every day, families around the world lose someone close to them due to suicide. Suicide is an unfortunate occurrence that happens among all age groups



Saurav•3 hours ago

Suicide is a subject that is not talked about often. Suicide does not only affect adults, but it affects teenagers as well. Suicide can happen to anyone. The age group that is most affected would be teenagers.



Nation•3 hours ago

Poor Guy? Should use Brain over heart?



Aniket Masurkar•Mumbai•3 hours ago

Such a big loser



Medha•4 hours ago

it's sad why mental health is so ignored in the society. it should be normal to feel depressed, people should be able to ask for help when needed. it shouldn't be seen as a weakness, but a temporary problem which can be taken care of.



S Palraj•4 hours ago

worth your life. Almost all the marriages anyway end up the same way. Be it love marriage, arranged marriage or even a child marriage for that matter. No love stays forever.


Jagdish Naik• S Palraj•3 hours ago

Love Jesus. His love is permanent



Ashish•Pune•4 hours ago

Height of idiocity... life is long journey many people come and depart. detachment from an attachment is way of life.



Dreet•4 hours ago

Are their no other girls left ? Mental health problems with the youths are increasing by the day.



Surendra• SHIRI S K•4 hours ago

No regret for this Death. Deep regrets for his parents.



Riyfkm•5 hours ago

If you ditch the girl and she files a r*pe compn, you're dead.,However if you are a rapist, you roam free... Welcome to Indian Justice Sy em



Mowgli•Unknown•5 hours ago

a woman is never so much attached to us as when we suffer.



Expert Oion• Mowgli•3 hours ago

This is where bad boys win. They bangg girls and leave so no emotional sentiment



Aakash•5 hours ago

Though life is precious, we will never understand his pain...No one likes to die...



Aditya Jha•5 hours ago

Life must go on. Must not end life for only one thing. There are many things to do in life.



Snkumar•5 hours ago

it's nothing but foolish. It's okay to fall in love but if it doesn't get reciprocated or result the way one like, one has to move on and look for someone else who may at times may turn out to be a better option. He has foolishly dest yed three families, including the girl he loved.



Deep Kahlon•5 hours ago

good this idiot died ... he was not fit for lyf


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