India Says Russia's Missiles Don't Work (And Wants to Buy Israeli Ones Instead)


India is now looking to Israel, from whom it has purchased numerous weapons, such as the Heron drone and the Derby, a radar-guided, beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile with a range of 50 kilometers (31 miles).

After losing one of its fighters to Pakistani jets armed with American-made missiles, India is not happy with its Russian-made missiles.

In fact, it wants to replace its Russian air-to-air missiles with Israeli weapons, according to Indian news site NDTV.

“In two years from now, the Indian Air Force's frontline Sukhoi-30 fighters may be re-armed with Israeli Derby air-to-air missiles after the jet's Russian-made R-77 missiles were found wanting in air combat operations over the Line of Control on February 27 this year,” NDTV said.

During air battles along the Kashmir border on February 26 and 27, an Indian Air Force (IAF) MiG-21 was shot down, apparently by a U.S.-made AIM-120 AMRAAM (Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile) fired by one of Pakistan Air Force’s (PAF) American-built F-16 fighters. India claims to have downed a Pakistani fighter – which Pakistan denies – but India was still embarrassed by the capture of its MiG-21 pilot, who was shown on Pakistani television and later returned.

印度现在正将目光投向以色列,从以色列那里购买了大量武器,比如苍鹭无人机(Heron drone)和德比(Derby)。德比是一种雷达制导、超视距空空导弹,射程50公里(31英里)。




2月26日和27日,在克什米尔边境的空战中,一架印度空军(IAF)的米格-21被击落,击中该飞机的是巴基斯坦空军(PAF)的一架美制F-16战斗机发射的美国AIM-120 AMRAAM(先进的中程空空导弹)。印度声称击落了一架巴基斯坦战斗机,但巴基斯坦予以否认,印度对米格-21飞行员被捕、在巴基斯坦电视上示众一事感到十分尴尬,该飞行员最后被遣返印度。


What troubles the Indian Air Force was that Pakistan was able to destroy an Indian jet from long range. “Among the Indian Air Force's fighters which were targeted were two Sukhoi-30s which managed to evade the AMRAAMs which were fired at close to their maximum range of 100 kilometers [62 miles],” according to NDTV. “Fully defensive and desperate to escape the incoming AMRAAMs, the IAF Sukhoi-30s escaped being shot down but were unable to retaliate the F-16s because they were out of position and their own missiles, the Russian R-77s, did not have the range to realistically engage the Pakistani fighters. IAF sources told NDTV that the Russian missiles do not match its advertised range and cannot engage targets which are more than 80 kilometers [50 miles] away.”

The early-model AIM-120A/B has a range of up to 75 kilometers (46 miles). But in 2010, Pakistan received a batch of the AIM-120C-5, with a range of 100 kilometers (62 miles). The most advanced AIM-120D has an estimated range of up to 160 kilometers (100 miles).



“The PAF surprised the IAF by launching air-to-air missiles from inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir,” said Sameer Joshi, a former Indian Air Force fighter pilot. “The AMRAAM effectively outranged the IAF air-to-air missiles which did not get a command to launch.”

India is now looking to Israel, from whom it has purchased numerous weapons, such as the Heron drone and the Derby, a radar-guided, beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile with a range of 50 kilometers (31 miles). To counter AMRAAM-armed Pakistani F-16s, the IAF is looking at the improved I-Derby, which features a more radar seeker and – most importantly – a 100-kilometer (62 mile) range.

前印度空军战斗机飞行员Sameer Joshi说:“巴基斯坦空军从巴控克什米尔地区发射空对空导弹,让印度空军大吃一惊。AMRAAM的射程超过了未获得发射命令的印度空军的空对空导弹。”

印度现在正把目光投向以色列,从以色列购买了大量武器,比如苍鹭无人机(Heron drone)和德比(Derby)。德比是一种雷达制导、超视距空空导弹,射程50公里(31英里)。为了对抗装备了AMRAAM的巴基斯坦F -16,印度空军正在研究I-Derby改良版,它具有更强的雷达搜寻能力,而且——最重要的是——射程达到100公里(62英里)。

But that raises another problem: how to integrate an Israeli missile into a Russian airframe (and an ironic problem, given how much Russian-built planes have been destroyed by Israeli missiles). “Integrating the missile into the Russian fighter will be a challenge and, according to sources, will require Israeli expertise, particularly in developing a data-link between the Sukhoi-30 and the missile, once it is fired,” according to NDTV. “A fighter jet communicates with the missile through the data link and passes on updated vectors (location) of the fighter which has been targeted.”

Strangely, while disparaging Russian missiles and buying Israeli ones, the Indian Air Force is reportedly ordering yet more Russian weapons. Moscow is offering medium- and long-range versions of the underperforming R-77.




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Charles20 hours ago

The Manufacturer states on the receipt, that no refunds will be made!!



robb20 hours ago

They should call Russia's complaint hotline which will direct them to a call center in India



Richard23 hours ago

Russia can no longer allow air attacks in nation 's being protected by their defense systems. Otherwise as someone else said, they don't work because it is hard to light the fuse.



Todd Collins18 hours ago

Even though Russia's missiles don't work, they still work better than China's missiles.



Hounddoggin23 hours ago

Should have called customer service when the missile didn't work. At least they would be able to understand the person talking to them.



Wayn23 hours ago

India didnt check the ' Use before 1969 ' sticker on the missile



Jose Marti17 hours ago

For some reason the US has not always been helpful with India. Indira turned to Russia for planes and military equipment.



Tony23 hours ago

The Russian missiles don't work? Did they call the tech support that is based in India for help?



dg23 hours ago

So India spends all that money with Russia and never bothers to actually fire any missiles to check if they work?? "Hello, my name is Bobby. I understand you have a problem with your missile today?"



Mr. X22 hours ago

Well apparently Russian made BUK missiles are affective at shooting down passenger airliner jets. I think we all remember MH 17

很明显,俄罗斯制造的山毛榉导弹在击落客机方面很有效。我想我们都记得MH 17。


David23 hours ago

When you go to the cheap seller, you get cheap goods. And nobody tests many air to air missiles in real combat except America. You get what they pay for.



rick23 hours ago

" India claims to have downed a Pakistani fighter – which Pakistan denies –" And which it never provided any proof of. Unilke Pakistan which had actual photos.



Har22 hours ago

Here you see "necessity" as the mother of inventions, Israel has to have a strong defence so they are pretty good at designing defence weapons.



Usafruct22 hours ago

Good for them India has made its choice toward prosperity and fre m. The US is the best place to keep your fre m and gain prosperity for all.



marc20 hours ago

Of course Russian missiles work! They explode precisely at the moment of launch.



Anonymous16 hours ago

That's actually one of the missiles features. Actually that's true for most Russian made military equipment.



Rationalize23 hours ago

India is ready to sign a huge deal with Russia. This is an article just to please American public. Well done Yahoo!



Dejan22 hours ago

India use cheap version which is ten times cheaper then version used in Russia. Why they don't admit that? Every good thing cost a lot.



nunya23 hours ago

China wouldn't remain a russian ally if russia sold Chinas neighbors weapons that worked.



Thomas22 hours ago

It took 50 years for India to realize Russia's Missiles Don't Work. No wonder they lost in every battle.



Fgalaxy17 hours ago

Russia just advertises how advanced it's weapon system is, however no one has seen any of these hi-tech hardware.



John22 hours ago

It is common knowledge that a country never sells its top of the line weapon to another country but rather a scaled down version.



Sam B23 hours ago

Interested in joining NATO?

They are looking to kick Turkey out.




Individual 1 Bone Spur9 hours ago

"India Says Russia's Missiles Don't Work". Well nothing from Russia work. Look at the mail order bride from Russia, she doesn't work either.



DemLican13 hours ago

Did you check the date of expiry on Russian missile before loading on MiG-21? It must have said, best before 1991!



fortim21 hours ago

I asked the Russian side of the story, and the Russian said that it would help greatly if the Indian fighter pilot wears headon displays helmet instead of turban.



Ryan10 hours ago

Someone should let turkey know they are buying a weapons system from a country selling munitions that don't work reliably.



metehan23 hours ago

Smart Russia ain’t gonna give something that works especially if Indians can’t pay up good money.



kalim51 minutes ago

Actually wars are fought on morale. If your morale is down you can't win a war though you have israiel missile or Russian missiles. Just keep your morale high.



Mark3 hours ago

Go around your residence and look for all the stuff you have that was either designed or built in Russia.


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