Why doesn’t China play cricket?



Rishabh Maheshwari, passing interest in Cricket

1.China places utmost importance to Olympics. As Cricket is not a part of Olympics and neither will be in forseable future, China doesn 't invest heavily in “production line of Cricketers.”

2.China was never colonized by British. All major Cricket playing countries have a history of long British colonization.

3.Cricket is not really a popular global sport. Except for rabid following in sub continent, it is actually not a very popular sport in all other test playing nations and is virtually a minority sport in rest of world. It means that while players like Kohli are earning big (thanks to India), they are not really global sport icons. What I am trying to say here is Cricket has no wildly popular players that Chinese kids would like to emulate.

4.Cricket is indeed a complicated sport and more of an acquired taste. Making it popular in a huge country without any Cricket culture is phenomenally difficult. There are dozens of cheaper and much more accessible sports available. Apart from Basketball and Football, which are popular, Chinese players are considered best in sports like badminton, TT etc.






Setu Purohit, Ex-District team Captain, School team Captain.

China does play cricket, and actually has an ambitious goal of becoming a test playing nation by 2020!

China has an official club handling its cricket aspirations from as late as 1858, known as Shanghai Cricket Club. It has played against touring teams since then. The first international match of China was against Iran in 2009.

However, one of the important facts that the public misses is that even countries like Maldives, Iran, etc., also play cricket and all of these countries are under direct supervision of an ambitious and an important organisation for spreading the game’s demography, The Asian Cricket Council (ACC). One should really appreciate this organisation because even though the progress has been slow at least there has been progress and countries like China, Maldives and Iran are really benefitting.





Puru Mehta, Cric fanatic

Well who says there isn’t Cricket in China?

China has had the Shanghai Cricket Club which acts as a de facto national side and has been playing interport matches against international teams since 1866!

China has its international cricket team which is an affilate member of the ICC since 2004, and made its international debut in 2009. It also reached the quarter finals of the 2010 Asian Games and participated in the 2014 edition.

But international cricket did not evolve in China mainly because it never had a colonial rule. Cricket evolved at all formats in the countries where there was a rule by the English. Take South Africa, Zimbabwe and the Indian Subcontinent as examples.






Pratham Dhoka, Cricket lover. Dream that one day 32 teams play at the WC

Many big countries of the world like China, France, US, Germany, Russia, Japan do not play cricket. It is because the game never really reached those countries. Cricket is famous in India because it was used by the British to keep the Rajas busy and to impress them.

China is a big sporting country if you see. They are, most of the time, 2nd ranked in the Olympics medals tally. The country's near half population plays table tennis. Chinese people also love football. But if you go to China, you would find 'cricket' only in restaurant menu cards.

China should start playing cricket. They have very good reflexes in addition to their exemplary concentration skills. They also have the world's highest population and can find talented youngsters also…….. Good luck China!

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Shubham Tiwari, studied at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram

Because they don't trust the quality of bat ,ball and specially the abdomen gaurd made in China

I hope u understand




Rahul Singh, Company Secretary

China will not only play Cricket but will invest very heavily in it the very moment cricket get into Olympics. China has already invested very heavily in Football, example being buying out Italian legendary football club AC Milan and investing heavily in another Milanese club Inter Milan.

China will invest in everything which affirm it's status in the world as 'Superpower' be it in Economy, Defence, science, sports or in any other cultural field to show itself as ‘Softpower’ and not only as a manufacturing powerhouse.

ICC just have to ensure that Cricket enter into Olympics and Cricket will get another financial behemoth in China rivalling India's dominance.





Abhishek Kumar, studied Software Engineering at National Institute of Information Technology , New Delhi

If you notice, most developed countries like America, Japan, Russia etc don’t play cricket.

Only private bodies who handle cricket like BCICI, CA etc and Players and sponsors get benefited from cricket.




Arvind Balasubramaniam

They do. However their team was bowled out after reaching double digits playing against the mighty cricketing giant called Nepal quite recently.

Okay, jokes aside, if China really decides to get serious, you can expect legions of Chinese boys trained from birth to becoming super cricketers.




Biraj Thapa, Passionate Cricketer

China plays cricket !!

But the problem is they don’t play the noticeable level of the cricket. The china women’s team recently took part in the Womens WT20 qualifiers, and they played well beating a team like Nepal !!! And China though don’t give much emphasis to cricket because of their low fan base and low interest,but they do play cricket . Even the teams like Germany , Italy & Argentina plays cricket as well but they are not noticeable.




Ramnath Nayak, works at Novartis

Cricket is a fast-growing sport in china. It is already a well-established sport in Hong Kong, a former British Colony.



Mitul Shona, BTech Biju Patnaik University of Technology, ST Joseph's Convent Higher Secondary School, Sambalpur (2009)

China does not belon o the Commonwealth group of Countries. Cricket is mostly played by he countries either ruled by British Government or under the dominion of the Queen. Thus the India,Pakistan, Australia, Newzealand,the Caribbean island, Bangladesh ,England, and Ireland to name a few. As China never came under English Dominion so also Cricket is not played by China



Pradeep Kumar, studied at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

They do have a national team, FYI.

China national cricket team is the team that represents the People's Republic of China in international cricket. They are a member of the ICC since 2004. They are being coached by Rashid Khan, a retired Pakistani cricketer.




Thisura Thenuka, I love cricket more than anything

I just found out the real reason.

ICC didn't let them play cricket because all of their faces are alike. They are afraid that the batsman who gets out will come into the ground as the next batsman. He only needs to change his shirt.

P.S.- No offense. Quoted from Facebook





Barrichello Brawn, Played cricket for 10 years

They are still in practice sessions. Hope they will join soon



Vee Keyan, Toilet Cleaner and Garbage Remover (2006-present)

China was not a true British colony ever, more a Japanese colony than British



Mankaran Singh, Have been playing Cricket cousin attended U-19 camp Simran

Only 12 nations play cricket if some poor Asian nations and nations with a bit of poverty like India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Afghanistan,Nepal are taken out then Cricket would have zero value in India and India might fund more on Hockey again and get an Olympic medal atleast n make Hockey popular and commercial sport in modern era by getting sponsors,glamors and making it popularized in urban areas .China doesn't plays cricket because they focus on Olympics always and Cricket is not an Olympic sport and has long duration of game

In India cricket rules but in most of world Cricket is a crap game as compared with Hockey. Field hockey is played by 100 nations and India won 8 Olympic gold medals and 5 as an independent nation in Field Hockey and only 1 in shooting thanks to a Punjabi Sikh boy named Abhinav Bindra. Why would china waste their precious time in slapping balls for 4 hours in shorter format or play for 5 days are they are so unemployed and jobless?

USA considers cricket a game of jobless and even England doesn't take it much seriously except Ashes.





Rushikesh Gawali, No more a cricket fan...

If you take a look at China's sporting culture, it mostly plays only individual sports especially olympic sports.

They dont play other team sports like football(soccer), rugby, etc. either.

They do play cricket but only as an associate nation.

They did play cricket in the Asian Games 2014.

They are improving in cricket, but it is some time before they rock the cricketing world so to speak.







Jibin Matthew Joy, works at Royal Enfield Motorcycles (2015-present)

As a matter of fact china does have its own cricket team with the CCA (Chinese cricket association ) being an ICC affiliate member since 2004 The association has over 680 member clubs under it, and according to their wikipedia page aim to attain a test match status by 2020. The chinese team was also part of the Cricket event during the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010



Hariharaprasaad Pethaperumal, B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering, Amrita University (2021)

China plays international cricket. They have an international team. But it is only an affiliate member. This point can answer your question better. All the 12 full members and a few associate members are popular because they play more number of matches and take part in major ICC tournaments. But China hasn't become popular because it has played only a few number of matches and has not taken part in major ICC events



Gopal Iyer, Loves all sports at Movies

Cricket is more or less a game of Commonwealth nations. China has never been a part of it. They have never been under English rule completely. Moreover, with a long history of civil war and strife, they try to excel in games that test the individual's strength . Cricket is a laidback game, a spectator's delight. Individual sports are demanding and more dangerous.



Hemanshu Desai, B.E. Computer Engineering, University of Mumbai

China does play international cricket.

It is an associate member of ICC.

The Chinese have been playing cricket since the 19th century within the country while their first international match was against Iran in Thailand in 2009.





Koustav Garai, studied at National Institute of Technology Durgapur

why do they need to play cricket to rock the world? they are doing it anyway.

moreover cricket is played only in about 10 odd countries. so by playing cricket, they can rock at most those countries.




Shubham Trigunait, B.Tech in Electronics & Communication

It is simply because to take part in a world cup you need to qualify for the world cup. And the chinese team is no where near to the standards that have been set by other teams.

Untill and unless they start performing well in Associate Nations tournaments, it js very difficult for them to feature in a world cup.

Especially since the ICC has decided to allow only 13 teams now to play world cup!





Chanchal Mehra, Cricket lover..

China does play cricket but is not a big force.

Also the agenda of China is to reign Supreme in games and sports of Olympic distinction for a global visibility. Cricket though popular is not a part of the Olympic events.

If it is inducted in the Olympic games I am sure China will dash for better emphasis to cricket.





Nripinder Kaul, Stranded on the pretty blue planet...Well over 3000 movies and 200 TV series

Why isn't India a recognized football team...same answer, Lacks Talent and less viewship




It's Easy because they cant see the ball, fielder, baller, boundary, umpire simultaneously.

It's like this- what they supposed to see




and what they actually see




Ratnakar Mittal, Reading and thinking.

Is cricket really a game. Its played by a bunch of lousy laggards. Is there a game on this planet, where almost 40% of the palyers are in dressing room at time of match, at any situation of match. Where you just need to keep stand until ball comes to you or perhaps in your direction. where there is no fixed size of ground. Where you have opportunity to sell things every 2 and a half minutes. Where you can have the luxry of lunch and tea breaks. Does lawn tennis badminton boxing hockey swimming football have those luxuries. Is it really a game. Why should any country and its people bother about cricket. Chinese must be having better things to do and that they must be doing, that is why on all world events like Olympics, Asian games and grand prixs they win loads of medals and we indians try and hide our faces even after being 1 billion plus.



Satya Jeet, Aspiring High

Cricket is famous in countries where Britain ruled . China was never under the British crown. So cricket is minority sports there. But Chinese cricket team is affiliated to ICC since 2004. Their board have ambitious aims to play in 2019 world cup and Get test status in 2020. Their coach is a Pakistani cricketer Rashid khan .

So they are trying to get in international mainstream cricket.

All the best to Chinese team . may be a shaolin cricket match can be seen




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