Don’t forget to live, ek hi zindagi hain: IITian writes in suicide ne


HYDERABAD: A final year master’s degree student committed suicide by hanging himself at his hostel in Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H), attributing his decision to take the extreme step to his ‘poor grades’ and ‘failure to secure a job’.

Mark Andrew Charles left behind an eight-page long suicide ne, a copy of which is with TOI. “I don’t have a job, probably wouldn’t get one. No one hires a loser! It’s zing to look at my grade sheet. A few more letters and it’ll look like an alphabet chart,” the youth from Varanasi wre. This is the second suicide reported at the institute this year. In February, a third-year student, Anirudhya Mummaneni, had jumped off the seven-storey hostel building. Mark was doing his masters in design and had recently completed his second-year exams. He was due for a final presentation on July 5.




“I did have dreams, just like everyone. But now, it’s pretty empty. All this positivity, the constant smiling, telling people that I am ok, even though I’m not,” Mark said in the letter addressed to his friends and parents.

The master’s student apologised to his parents for not being able to do justice to the sacrifices they made for him.



“Two years away from home, at the best institute, with the best of people around me, I wasted it all,” the letter read, requesting his parents to not bury him and instead hand over his body for medical use. “I’ll make a good specimen cadaver to the future doctors of India,” he wre in the ne.

He also apologised to all his friends and said the last two months of his life were the best.




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Ashok Pandey•15 hours ago

I did not have very good scores in MBA. Though I was depressed I did not give up hope. Even today I am trying hard to improve my quality of life.



Kadirvelayutham Uthirapathy•Karaikal•20 hours ago

I admitted my daughter in a degree course recently. With in a week, several other institutes are conducting sessions there to join other related studies also simultaneously. I could not understand the urgency to get a job.



Rajender Dobriyal•Unknown•20 hours ago

what a waste of a wonderful life, he could have lived and then shared with others and helped them to overcome failure, rather than ending his life



Abhishek Nirm Pandey•Unknown•1 day ago

Marks, grades, positions, is this only required for an life. If you wanted to live, you can live an life without any expectations...people live with an sry of 5000/-......Please live a simple life, suicide is not solutions for everything....parents please teach your childrens, how to lead an life without money....dont push them towards marks, scores....



Gautam Natrajan•1 day ago

Sorry for the kid.Do the highly paid and respected IIT faculty have any responsibility regarding grades or not?



Lohar Sonar Combo•Azamgarh•1 day ago

There is a vast greenfield in po itics for such "losers" in academics.,Wondering, why did not he join the national po itical dr in preference of life over death.,That, a person committing suicide for such & such reason has too many advises to give to others.



B Singh•1 day ago

While Speaking to my house cleaning maid, she told me. She earns upto Rs.25000, her son Rs.30000, her daughter. Rs.25000 and her husband too. In the end they take close to 1Lac/month. Same for hard working labor in USA/Canada who earn upto $7000-$10000/month working as trucker, crane operator . Our education sy em does not teach anything about money and this is why we see suicides. The only way they show is GRADES, GRADES, GRADES, JOB, JOB, JOB ..............

我和我家的清洁女工聊天,她告诉我:她挣25000卢比,她儿子30000卢比,她女儿25000卢比,她丈夫也一样。他们一个月的收入接近10万卢比。在美国/加拿大,同样从事卡车司机、起重机操作员等重劳力工作的人,月收入可达7000- 10000美元。我们的教育体系没有教过学生关于金钱的知识,所以我们一而再再而三地看到自杀现象。他们唯一能展示的就是成绩,成绩,成绩,工作,工作,工作。


Ashok•UK•2 days ago

It is shame to give up like this. I cannot have sympathy for an escapist. Just imagine the obstacles that dhirubhai or narayanmurthy had to face before making good. In spite of all this we cannot produce engineers who can be innovative and contribute like in western countries. There is something wrong with our education that even after so much hard work we only produce mediocre engineers. We still have no MIT or Harvard in India.



Kumaravelu Parthasarathy•2 days ago

Utterly shocked in reading his letter. Somehow, i m recalling a character in 3 idiots movie, that song,



prem G•2 days ago

I have 33 arrears and no way I can even complete my degree,If u talk with me before ur decision definitely y would have changed it



Yugratna Raghuvanshi•2 days ago

What a good guitar player you were Monku Bhaiya..That was totally nexpected. You should have thought even once about your younger bro. He is just in eleventh an he as to face so many things in life..According to me an elder brother or sister teaches us many things in our life...He has lost a guide in his family...,RIP-Mark Andrew

Monku Bhaiya,你的吉他弹得真好。这真是完全出乎意料。哪怕就一次,你也应该想想你的弟弟。他现在才十一岁,还无力面对生活中这么多的事情。就我个人而言,哥哥或姐姐在我们的生命中教会了我们很多事情……他失去了家中的一位向导。安息吧,安德鲁。


Mickey Nivelli•Unknown•2 days ago

SADLY some people in the grips of anger, envy or greed, like "road rage" - breed, many a mindless sad moment. When a failure or morbid impulse starts to control,the mind, we have attain life affirmative solutions. Suicides are irreversible resolutions of temporary problems. It is wiser to realize that each birth on this earth happened for,a specific purpose. So our sacred duty to the Almighty, is to make this place better before our departure.



Axa Aga•2 days ago

bloody IDIOT . . ..wasted efforts of his parents just for some grades & so-called job . . .absolute foolish



Yugratna Raghuvanshi• Axa Aga•2 days ago

He was not a bloody idiot...He was such a good person... He knew how to live in difficult situations.. But he lost his self-confidence over here sir;



Krishna Singhal•2 days ago

Very sad and painful,Whom to blame and whom not to blame,it is difficult without full knowledge and understanding,



Work is Worship•2 days ago

Sad, Sad and very sad, indeed. We take life so foolishly and give it for the sake of praise from others. Be it studies or sport, or job, it is the inner satisafaction that matters. Peer comaprison are not the way to go about and committing a suicide is certainly NOT the solution.



truth is god god is truth•Supreme lord Krishna space•2 days ago

Survival of the fittest to survival of the wisest is the 21st century wisdom, you proved again to the world education is the ability to meet the life''s challenges, there are so many school drop outs who became billionares by their dint of hard work and diligence and creativity, no education is worth without creativity, creativity is not bound only by bookish knowledge.



Jaffer Quadri•2 days ago

Life is never an easy go... people face problems everyday , everytime..Life loves taking examinations for a person . If you fail you can always do better next time...What happened to this poor soul was tragic but fighting back is always the second option ...you should choose the second one not the first option which is giving up.... All my friends always remember hardships come in your way because you have the pential to win.



Venugopal Mangat•2 days ago

Very tragic... Here''s an intelligent and loving person who due to severe depression with feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem could not realize his pential. Unfortunately, this tormented soul could not approach anybody for help nor could those around him realize his need for one. He didn''t want to trouble anyone...



cpl new•2 days ago

If some one knows his parents,and pass on thier details,i want to help them whatever i could



cpl new•2 days ago

Such a touching ne,unfortunate,he seems to be good guy,if he could had job or good counselling ,he could had best honest employee and employer can have,lot of besharam people progress with fake profiles etc honest people think to succeed with hard work,RIP and his parents should get courage,if some one known to his parents should take lead to help them in this difficult moments



Know THE Truth•India•2 days ago

the reason for such cases is the increased expectations from the society, relatives and family, and the lack of timely counselling. Life is much more than grades. Even good grades are only a ticket to the industry, and nothing more. The problem today is that a handful of students get placement from google or facebook or microsoft with USD80K package. This news is advertised in indian rupees as Rs.50 Lakh annual package. Because of even those who get job offers of 8-10 Lakhs feel they are losers.... Read More


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