华为“鸿蒙”操作系统或与Mate 30 Pro一同发布

 Huawei’s Android-based operating system might launch alongside the Mate 30 Pro

华为基于安卓的操作系统或与Mate 30 Pro一同发布


We’ve known for a long time that Huawei is working on its own operating systems that could be used on devices if it ever had to replace Android and Windows. That scenario unfolded a few weeks ago when the Trump administration placed China’s largest smartphone vendor on a blacklist that prevents it from importing any technology made in the States, whether it’s software or hardware.


Then Huawei registered a “HongMeng” trademark in several countries, which is believed to be the name of its OS, and it looks like HongMeng is coming soon.


A report from Huawei Central says that Huawei is inviting people to test its operating system on a new device that might be a Huawei Mate 30 phone. That’s according to a person familiar with the matter who also added that Huawei plans to release Hongmeng alongside the Mate 30 phones.

华为中心的一份报告称,华为邀请人们在华为Mate 30的新设备上测试其操作系统。据一位知情人士透露,华为还计划在发布Mate 30的同时推出“鸿蒙”系统。


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Gold9 hours ago

With Huawei's Hongmeng OS in its Mate 30 series, all apps that work in Android will work in HM. Google Play can be replaced by Aptoide, which has the largest Android app store. HM is tested 60% faster than Android. No wonder Huawei is the leader not only in telecom equipment but also in cell phones.

随着华为“鸿蒙”操作系统在Mate 30系列上的推出,所有在安卓上运行的应用程序都可以在“鸿蒙”上运行。谷歌应用商店将被Aptoide取代,后者拥有最大的安卓应用商店。“鸿蒙”的测试速度比安卓快60%。难怪华为不仅在电信设备领域处于领先地位,而且在手机领域也处于领先地位。


searchawife13 hours ago

American software is done. Now China has its own operating system. It mean it has its own chips and its own device. Operating system is the most powerful system because it control hardware device, chips, cpu, etc. Now China will dominate world technology like Apple and Microsoft.



c1 hour ago

Now for national security reason, China should ban Android and require all phones in China to use Hong Meng OS.



Asim11 hours ago

This was going to eventually happen anyway. Trump just sped up their timetable. U.S. businesses depend on China more than China depends on the U.S. They more than triple the U.S. population.



KissmyChineseass7 hours ago

It's ok, we China build our own space station, now we going to have our own chip and OS. Who's laughing now.



Tom3 hours ago

It is only a matter of time that Google will regret why it cannot sell any of its product to an existing existing big customer who will now be forced and justified to make their own .



zho12 hours ago

Trump is making China great again.



wenshen k10 hours ago

trump's blacklist set a very bad example. Now Japan also use the same technique to ban some semiconductor products from Korea. The militarization of technology is tearing apart the cooperation among countries.



American9 hours ago

I'm buying Huawei.



Stephen2 hours ago

US is projected to have 285 million internet users by the end of this year. China is projected to have one billion internet users by the end of this year. Don't you think most app developers will write apps for Hongmeng OS ? Thanks to Trump, we have just hastened the creation of a third ecosystem besides Apple and Google.




harik9 hours ago

Imagine if there was no Android and open source, would China still be able to develop their own OS??



The American12 hours ago

Yeah, like anyone would want a Chinese anything. Everything they make has a 29 day warranty because it will fall apart on day 30.



Democracy Exporter4 hours ago

Another great phone years ahead of any current and near future iPhones, Galaxy phones and Google phones, and the Americans can't have. So, it much be a sour grape.



Plump11 hours ago

They can't create. Only imitate and manufacture on large scale.



Rocketboy11 hours ago

No one trusts China and their companies, but everyone loves their money.



James13 hours ago

Who cares



Right1 hour ago

The Chinese os will not get off the ground. Many have tried, and failed at this endeavor.



Linda23 minutes ago

I try to avoid buying anything from China.



Jesse10 hours ago

Alot of Chinese trolls with western names commenting!! Funny chicoms!!


真搞笑 ! !


d.a.5 hours ago

Huawei & Hongmeng. what a terrible name



Jesse10 hours ago

Chinese stolen tech? NO THANKS!! Keep that garbage in china!!

偷来的技术吗?我们不需要,谢谢! !


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