Huawei promises 100% refunds if Google and Facebook apps stop working



Huawei is resorting to drastic measures to counteract the effects of its inclusion on a US blacklist, which has resulted in several key US companies cutting ties with the Chinese electronics giant.


The biggest blows to result from the Huawei ban, however, arguably relate to the imminent loss of access to Google’s Android mobile OS as well as Google’s proprietary app marketplace. Meanwhile, Facebook also reportedly is no longer allowing Huawei to pre-install its apps on Huawei phones.


So, let’s review. Huawei, which is currently the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, could soon be cut off from accessing official Google apps like YouTube and Gmail in future handset models. Losing access to Android would mean no future OS updates from Google, along with the security measures they bring.



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Teknoid12 hours ago

Chinese customers won't miss those apps at all, since their go nment won't let them access them anyway.



Anonymous9 hours ago

This is a good reason to buy Huawei, who wants all that bloatware facebook, instagram, whatsapp compulsorily pre-installed on your phone anyway?!



K11 hours ago

It would be ironic if Huawei comes up with an OS that works better than Android. I use Android, but it is buggy.



Crop12 hours ago

Time to buy a Mate 20 pro. Awesome phone, please, Apple, Google and everyone else collects your data and sells it, EVERYONE. If they say they don't they're lying.

是时候入手华为Mate 20 Pro了。

华为Mate 20 Pro是一部很出色的手机。苹果,谷歌等等会收集你的数据拿去卖。这些公司会否认,其实是在说谎。


Complicated Simpleton12 hours ago

I’ll stick with my old school flip phone.



heat12 hours ago

Apple google facebook had some good years. It is time for something new.



Bamboo10 hours ago

Facebook not allowing Huawei to install Facebook apps on their phones. Wow, I have never and will never open a Facebook account. So I don't care in the least



Warren12 hours ago

Hauwei scientists are hard at work trying to replicate Google and Facebook platforms. They just need a few more years working as janitors at their facilities in San Francisco.



Anonymous11 hours ago

for me to choose between facebook or Huawei, i would choose Huawei.



Sunny8 hours ago

If there is a contract between Huawei and Google or other US company before the ban, now that these company stop the trade relationship and abondon the contract, can Huawei has the right to ask for compenstion?



Kit6 hours ago

I would pay extra for a phone that doesn't have Facebook on its list of bloatware that can't be uninstalled



Arlen12 hours ago




Jeff12 hours ago

Save yourself the hassle of the refund and don't buy in the first place.



American10 hours ago

Huawei phone is cheaper and better. US the socialist country don't like competition.



Joel11 hours ago

I have a Huawei smartphone and laptop that I've had long before this all come to pass. It's really a shame, as their products run well.



Threeline7 hours ago

China isn't the one stealing our info, Facebook and Google is.



kh8 hours ago

Just got my Huawei Mate 20 Pro for $599. It works great!

我刚花599美元买了一部华为Mate 20 Pro,太好用了!


sonny wofl11 hours ago

Bravo Huawei



Ben3 hours ago

I have a Huawei phone, I look forward to their Android replacement, Android is getting slower and slower



Dave11 hours ago

Didn't they also promise they wouldn't steal US technology?



commenter5 hours ago

huawei is awesome ! their phones are very hard to hack so the u.s. go nment don't like them because of that since they can't spy on you easily that way




Glen8 hours ago

As for me Huawei is nothing but the best phone I've ever had. Although I cannot afford an upgrade I'll still stick with Huawei.



Alex32 minutes ago

Well done, China, very well done indeed. Keep up with the good work and "Make China Stronger, More Prosperous and Greater than USA "



JJ7 hours ago

moving forward, how can you trust whatever OS this company may put out?



F12 hours ago

What good is this promise if company goes out of business.



John12 hours ago

Lol. I won’t believe any of their promises.



Peter12 hours ago

Trump's policies are working to protect America.


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