Delhi-Mumbai in 10 hours by train?



NEW DELHI: In the next four years, you can hope to reach Mumbai from Delhi in just 10 hours boarding a superfast train. Similarly, the journey from Delhi to Howrah could be completed in just 12 hours.


The railways has set the target to increase the mamum speed of trains on these routes to 160 kmph to cut down the travel time between the national capital and financial capital by five hours and save five-and-half-hours' journey time between Delhi and Kolkata. The fastest trains now (Rajdhani) can run at mamum speed of 130 kmph.


This is among the clutch of proposals that the railways has finalised as a part of its 100-day agenda under the second edition of the Narendra Modi go nment. The railways estimates to spend about Rs 13,500 crore in shoring up the national transporter's infrastructure over the next four years.



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Sandip • 8 hours ago

Modi(2.0) as a leader with a vision and action.. feels good when taxpayers money is ly utilized


Sandip Debbarma • 2 hours ago

Bhakts always see a modi hand in development and Congress hand in his failures.



Dr Vidyadhar Yellutla• Bangalore • 2 hours ago

Sonia mafia was purchasing AGusta VIP choppers for family trips, Modi ministers are giving priority to common man



modi modi • cow country • 9 hours ago

Fantastic! Great achievements by Modi.

太棒了! 这是莫迪的丰功伟绩。


Prakash Kumar• 2 hours ago

Absolutely. Had Modi been in power for the last 20 years then Mumbai to Delhi would have been possible in less than 3 hours. Congress really cheated the people for 60 years. Our Make in India initiatives has produced some great super fast locomotive. Soon we will be exporting the engines and our forex reserves will explode even further.



Satish Sharma• Amrotsar • 5 hours ago

lucky to have piyush goel as railway minister. He is man of actions like Gadkari. In near future we will see so many new developments.



Neeraj • 4 hours ago

We are lucky to have Narendra Modi as our PM. If 10% of the po itician work to have the dedication like him, no one can stop India from reaching heights never seen before.



shaleen mathur • 6 hours ago

First improve security of tracks before increasing speed.



Sanjoy Pandey • Kolkata • 5 hours ago

This will be a great advantage. Security aspects should also be taken care of.



Dharmendra • 6 hours ago

Go nment in action mode.



Vipul Bhagat • 3 hours ago

Will go on for next 4.5 years until next ion

And the Indian public loves it

Any information on Bullet train

I just came back from india Not even a Inch Of work is done



Jai Bharat • 52 mins ago

This is what expected from Modi 2.0 . This man can set and achieve the target what other useless po itician not able to even think.



Cn Rsubrnian • New Delhi • 2 hours ago

Good move by Railways. Tax payers money is spent ly spent, everybody will be happy. Modi Sarkar Zindabad.



Manoj • Bangalore • 3 hours ago

Cant imagine Congress past Rule RUINED our Nations Growth !



Awadhesh Kumar • 3 hours ago

Great now India is growing fastly



Subrniam Dharana • 7 hours ago

All these sounds good. But, let the basics of running trains ON TIME be seriously implemented. This will repose fa th of passengers in railways.



Om Prakash • Ludhiana, Punjab, India • 7 hours ago

The punctuality data of railways is very bad. Just by increasing the speed of trains will not help. Traffic management needs tremendous improvement.



Anand • 55 mins ago

Great. Speed and quality should go hand in hand.



ames James • 3 hours ago

Ridiculous. has had trains travelling at speeds of nearly 400 Km per hour for decades and here these guys are making a big deal about 160 Kph in the 21st century. If you think at slow speeds you get slow speed results.



R Aloor• 3 hours ago

Have some sense. It cannot be done overnight. It needs decades of planning implantation and funds. The first bullet train on its way. Slowly all major cities will be covered.



asian highway• kuiper belt outer space • 2 hours ago

dont compare with , japan etc. besides didnt start building railways with 300,400 k speeds upfront. they improved gradually. similarly, we are also a work in progress.



Sanjay • Pune • 4 hours ago

Good move by go nment. Please pay attention to passenger safety as well.



Yashodhan Patwardhan • Mumbai • 4 hours ago

instead you can build some dams so people can get water to drink



Francis Coutinho • safat • 28 mins ago

this is a good promise for the convenience of our people we should all pray that this project is implemented and ex ted in time



cpl new • 1 hour ago

Modi Baba answer for below

Distance between mumbai to banglore -1000 kms and time taken train -about 24 hours (that too if luckily train on time,which mostly are not on this route)

Distance between mumbai to delhi-about 1450 kms and time taken train -about 15 hours (most of time trains are prompt)

why banglore is so ignored being IT HUB






Vivek Bharti • 1 hour ago

Why we don’t have basic health infrastructure ???if not like US/UK at least like Ethopia. If we don’t have basic health/ nutrition and education issues addressed we can not considered a civilized nation..lest compare with any good country





chanakya • Mumbai • 1 hour ago

Extend bullet train from ahmedabad to delhi so that mumbaikars reach delhi in 6 hrs



Santimay Basu • New Delhi • 2 hours ago

If there is a will, there is a way. PM Modi is always proving this . Sincerity, commitment and determination lead to the success.



mohammed mansoor • 2 hours ago

it will another scam by BJP



Pawan Pankaj• Bangalore, India • 3 hours ago

Good step....though late



Anushka • Surat • 3 hours ago

Fast train in India is a risky. Accident prone tracks needs to repair.


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