US Vs. China Military Spending: Which Is Bigger?



US Military Vs. China: Which Spends More?

美国Vs.中国: 谁军费开支更多?

The United States and China are the world's biggest military spenders, but dollar for dollar the U.S. spends far more. It's not only spending more than China. The U.S. spends almost as much on its military as the eight other nations on the top 10 list of military spenders combined.

The U.S. spent $619 billion on its military to 2018, according to a report published in 2019 by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. That's 36% more than China, second on the list of top military spenders.




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Inaminute15 days ago

Spending more does not mean anything. Spending wisely does.



David15 days ago

I’m sure our soldiers are paid a lot more than China’s



The Boy From Hoboken15 days ago

we spend more than china but we are fighting wars they are not so their money goes a lot further than ours even though we spend much more.



Greg15 days ago

And this is why our countries debt is out of control. Ask this question, who does America owe all this debt too? WOW, will you be surprised!



Kayden Greg15 days ago

just because you spend the most does not guarantee victory.



Greg15 days ago

....and we added $1.48 Trillion to the National Debt in 2018....we are going broke quick



Mike15 days ago

Why does no one question the USA's military philosophy? We need to devote attention to domestic problems like health care and infrastructure repair and stop being the world's policeman.



J15 days ago

The difference is that the US has to borrow most of the money, China don't need to!



Ock15 days ago

Wars cost money.



duuapn215 days ago

Seems like we don't spend our military budget very efficiently. Lot's of money is spent on policing the world, getting involved in unnecessary conflicts. No other nation on the planet does this. One has to wonder: are we really always right ?



SabSab15 days ago

Yet Trump wants to raise it to $750 billion, and still claims that's not enough to keep us safe. China doesn't need to beat us, they just need to wait till the US bankrupts itself.




China and other countries have invested mightily in their infrastructure. While the US struggles to fund a single bullet train, China has hundreds of them criss-crossing their enormous country. There's a price to be paid to be the #1 war-mongering industrial nation.



American15 days ago

That's because US has military bases everywhere. Just to maintain these bases and personnel US spends more.

军费开支大, 是因为美国到处设军事基地。为了维持基地的运转和人员的开销,美国军费投入才会那么高


Lawrence15 days ago

Peace through strength. However, the growing $22 Trillion national debt will eventually ruin America.



kevin15 days ago

China will eventually be the dominant power because they dont try to start wars with everyone and China invests in their country and economy. The US sends money overseas to rebuild other countries and to fight for foreign interest. In the long term China will dominate.



Adrian15 days ago

USA Outspent North Vietnam 1,000 to 1, and Lost, or have you forgotten so soon?



Kyle15 days ago

Which is better... is the question



American2 days ago

In the next couple of decades. China will surpass US military spending as it will surpass US economically. More money means more military spending.



john15 days ago

China labour cost is a lot lower. so to invest in weapons and research will be cheaper in China, also China doesn't like war



Charles14 days ago

I would think since our weapons systems are more advanced, then they would cost more.


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