Two sisters, aged 13 and 15, are gang-raped at gunpoint by four men in latest sex attack to horrify India



Two teenage sisters were raped at gun point by four men on Tuesday evening near India's north eastern city of Muzaffarnagar, police allege.


The sisters, aged 13 and 15,  were looking for their mother in a sugarcane field when the four men attacked them in the Kaserwa village, Superintendent of Police (Rural) Alok Sharma said on Wednesday.


Four men said they would shoot the girls if they cried for help or told anyone about the attack, they say.


It comes as the latest in a string of rapes on minors in India's Uttar Pradesh region in recent weeks.



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Jessyjjj, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

I didn't have to read where it occurred I already knew where it was likely to have happened. So so sad.



SurfnSand, Sydney, Australia, 5 days ago

Of course it's India



Mail 1234, London, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

The stories you hear are horrible. The Indian go nment seriously need to do something about this. Happens too often.



The Hustler, Somewhere..., United Kingdom, 5 days ago

I guessed where this occurred as soon as I read the first line of the title....



Taff, Bangor, 5 days ago

That is India. One of the world's richest countries, with more billionaires than anywhere, but where most of the money lies with a few people. We were there 150 years. They seem to have learned nothing but the language. I have been a number of times. Culture still 100 years behind. Over populated cities, a nightmare. Actually going backwards despite nuclear wons.



FloridaGirl904, Jacksonville, United States, 5 days ago

It's dangerous to be a little girl in India.



Dolly99, Sydney, Australia, 5 days ago

These poor children my heart breaks for them this needs to stop .


tennantm, larne, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

India....it just goes on and on and etc etc !



Bettina , Strasbourg , France, 5 days ago

Again and again...only was reading the title, I knew where it happened. What's going wrong there? Poor poor girls.



James6958, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Shame on the perpetrators and the authorities for not clam down on these far too common attacks.



Alberto Barbosa, Portugal, Portugal, 5 days ago

When was the last time anyone heard any positive news about this place?



Hotoffthepress, L.A., United States, 5 days ago

This has got to stop!!!



breconrise, Inthebeacons, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

The Indian go nment really need to get a grip on these vile crimes, let's start with life sentences for such crimes



KathW, London, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Horrific but what the heck your go nment has a space program India so clearly values that more than precting it's children and women.



chezzy, Lagos, Nigeria, 5 days ago

India again??



Dogrescuer25, Chicago, United States, 5 days ago

The go nment always remains silent. Disgusting.



lily, London, 5 days ago

A disgusting lazy go nment who are not prepared to prect children. Death penalty for these men.



username42, Saarfffff, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

India is a VERY, VERY big country of around 1.5 billion people so this constant reporting of horrific crimes isn't really representative of reality.



Tom Dooley111, The Sky, Netherlands, 5 days ago

India again. Time to boycot that country.



ToerdFerguson, BurtReynold Town, Vanuatu, 5 days ago

India and Russia - rming number of horrific stories coming out of these countries.



Sigismund Arbuthnot, London, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Increasing the number of police won't necessarily help. Policemen have been charged with rape in recent cases.



Unbelievable, Gt.Britain, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Got to start death penalty for these gutless monsters



Plover., Devonport, Australia, 5 days ago

What type of culture is THIS? Absolutely horrible people.

这是什么文化? 太可怕了。


Helena Charlotte, London, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

India again.



captainMAGICal, London , United Kingdom, 5 days ago

India? Not surprised.



HBranners, Andover, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Someone needs to get a grip of this.



SethPlate, Plymouth, United Kingdom, 5 days ago

Their e l god told them to do it!!


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