China 'will overtake the US as the world's biggest film market next year' as Beijing 'starts to curb Hollywood films' amid trade war with Trump



China will beat the United States to be the world's largest film market by ticket income next year, a new study has claimed.


Chinese cinema-goers are set to spend £350 million more than their U.S. counterparts in 2020, heralding Beijing's dominance in the global box office for the foreseeable future.


The projections were made by analysts at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), who expect Chinese film audience to fork over a total of $12.28 billion next year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


The U.S. box office is still expected to be higher than its Chinese equivalent this year.


But with a population of 1.4 billion - about four times the U.S. population - the Asian superpower has been selling more film tickets than any other country since 2015, the report added.


Chinese fans are due to splurge $11.05 billion on cinema admission this year, analysts estimated. The figure is about $1 billion less than the U.S. projection of $12.11 billion.


China has already overtaken the U.S. to be the country with the most film screens in the world.


Statistics shared by official media show there are more than 60,000 cinema screens in China by the end of 2018; while the corresponding figure in the U.S. is 40,575.


Last year, Chinese urban residents paid more than 1.7 billion visits to cinemas and the country's overall box office revenue exceeded 60 billion yuan ($8.68 billion), Chinese authorities announced.


Audience in China are gradually turning away from Hollywood blockbusters in favour of grand and patriotic home-grown films.


The three highest-grossing films ever in China are Chinese-made Wolf Warrior 2 ($820 million) and The Wandering Earth ($679 million); as well as Russo Brothers' Avengers: Endgame ($610 million), according to Chinese reports.



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Row Jimmy, Napa, United States, 20 hours ago

Hollywood should relocate to China.



Alice Rosemary, Thousand Oaks, United States, 20 hours ago

That makes sense. Hollywood is full of abusers who haven't produced decent films in decades.



Datdeus, Philadelphia, United States, 20 hours ago

Who cares. If Hollywood wants my loyalty then stop preaching at me and make an entertaining movie



Its okay to be right, Temecula California, United States, 20 hours ago

They can't make a movie anywhere near as good



Beefy Chew, Atl, United States, 20 hours ago

The only good Chinese films are banned in China.



L257, Mind your business, United States, 18 hours ago

Judging by the quality of Chinese-funded movies, Hollywood has nothing to worry about.



MileHigh, Denver, United States, 20 hours ago

If you control the medium you control the message.



Huskyspice17, Southern Town, United States, 19 hours ago

Korean movies are much better than Chinese movies.


ZeZe, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 18 hours ago

Some but there are many great Chinese movies



vance, Jacksonville, United States, 19 hours ago

Who cares?



Andy Sipowiicz, Denton, United States, 16 hours ago

No lives are going to be lost if Hollyweird takes a hit, who cares.



William Quantrill, Blue Springs, United States, 15 hours ago

Who watches Hollywood crap anyway? In other words, who cares?



realhonesty, Naperville, United States, 19 hours ago

FINE, they can make their own movies that NO ONE in the west wants to see.



Pat Nowak, Sherwood, United States, 19 hours ago

I had a chinese girlfriend a few years back and she made me watch chinese movies. They sucked.



AProudAmerican, FH, United States, 15 hours ago

I quit going to movies a couple years ago when some of the "Big Stars" started trashing our President. They don't live in the real world, yet try to influence how we should vote and live. TRUMP 2020



archerthespy, London, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago

Chinese are busy copying holleyweird,bollywood movies.T hey lack creativity.They



KAREN34, DALLAS, 15 hours ago

Is this supposed to scare Americans?? Lol!!

这是为了吓唬美国人吗?哈哈! !


Sctrojan13, Leavenworth, United States, 18 hours ago

So it hurts Hollywood lol



DoNot-Speak4Me, sunshine city, United States, 19 hours ago

LOL. Now I am really scared. what will Hollywood do?



rosebella, Palatine, 19 hours ago

Great send the actors, singers etc. all to China!



aohdivnj, Philadelphia, United States, 15 hours ago

GOOD! That means De Nero and the Holywood crowd will all move to China.

很好! 这意味着好莱坞的明星们都将搬到中国。


Yabba_Dabba_Dooo, Anytown, United States, 16 hours ago

I'm okay with this. Hollywood's lack of original ideas, their constant self-back patting and political grandstanding have made them boring.



b.l., corpus christi, United States, 17 hours ago

I would never pay to see their propaganda crap.



Rocksman, Colorado, 18 hours ago

Not a fan of Hollywood anyways, no biggie.



cricket003, Philadelphia, United States, 18 hours ago

As an American this does not matter at all. It only hurts citizens of China. We don't watch Chinese movies. They watch our movies and shows.



CastingOff, No City Just Islands, Åland Islands, 19 hours ago

Didn't they buy Hollywood long ago?



TCSNAZ, Tucson, 16 hours ago

With the crap coming out of Hollywood no one will notice.



MarvinMartian PtDeux, Here, United States, 16 hours ago

Hollywood has helped all the other production markets by destroying themselves in a thousand ways.



theIntelligentOne, The Port, United States, 16 hours ago

But would their films be better is the question?



Cicero59, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 19 hours ago

It's been coming for a while. Half the big Hollywood blockbusters set scenes in China these days just to get a bigger slice of that market.


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