US cuts off India preferential trade access



The United States will end preferential trade treatment for India from Wednesday, US President Donald Trump has announced, in a fresh economic headwind for New Delhi alongside slowing growth and record unemployment.



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Alla Bux3 days ago

Not going to make much difference. India exports were about $56 billion in 2018 to USA and out of that only 5.7 billion (about 10% of total exports) received 'preferential tariff'



Ranger3 days ago

So be it. India will not let large US corporations like Walmart kill small mom and pop stores.



Priyesh3 days ago

Only 190 Million dollars will be the actual loss... it's like a drop in the ocean.



Shaikh masood3 days ago

Instead of opening market for mighty American companies, it is better to lose few 100m dollars. It can be recovered by other means. Make in India first



ob3 days ago

Great news for India. This is a recognition by the US that India is now a developed nation and does not need a ‘developing’ nation concessions. India should open all its markets to the US to further deepen the social, economic, diplomatic, defence ties between US and India.



Naxalite3 days ago

Sigh! Such short honeymoon period for Indo-US ties.



Asif3 days ago

We don't need the access. We are happy with our 7% growth. We are better than everyone, please bow and acknowledge.



MANISH3 days ago

India will sort out its differences with America eventually.



Desi Dimaag3 days ago

India has moved on to be global superpower. This designation was created for developing countries, this move is symbolic that India is fast moving to next bracket of developed countries.



Hari3 days ago

Indian software exports around 150 USD Billions and exports many countries. Modi don't bend for US tricks. We will buy cheap oil from Iran.



Imran3 days ago

Pakistan media is trying to give pakistani people some relief By telling them they are not alone with their falling economy but the fact remains. India is growing and will be second largest economy only next to china in less than 15 years.



Hafeez3 days ago

No longer buddies???



Askari3 days ago

India will decide its own destiny

Why is this news here?

This will benefit India

It is a loss for USA not India





R S SHARMA3 days ago

At last some good news for Pakistan



Straight talk3 days ago

Trump is isolating the USA because of their own ineffectiveness on trade, they have had the monopoly on the US petrodollar for decades which gave them a head start.



Mohan3 days ago

India is a planet in itself. India with robust domestic consumption does not have to export in a big way like the ambitious China to sustain the welfare of her people.



ali3 days ago

Don't wory India is way ahead of Pakistan



M V K3 days ago

With Modi at helm, things are going to only improve further from here



MazZak2 days ago

India is relatively a strong nation with independent policies. It does not bow to US or IMF.



Hwh3 days ago

So is Pakistan planing to fill the gap?



Lutera3 days ago

Unlike China, India's economic growth is dependent on internal consumer spending. Exports are important but ending this facility will not make much of an impact on multi-trillion dollar economy. Good relations between India and US will continue to progress.



RAja Raman2 days ago

There are no buddies, Iron brothers in diplomacy. It's all interest.



hallian2 days ago

this shows unlike Pakistan, India has something to export



Pervez2 days ago

India always stood by its people in past. I dont think it will be different this time.



Pankaj3 days ago

Diplomatic test for Modi go nment. And Trump can't be sharper than Modi



Siddharth2 days ago

Party time in pakistan.



Friendly_Neighbourhood3 days ago

Will this development help improve the economic condition of Pakistan?



Desi jat3 days ago

We know how to deal with it,stop worrying about ourselves...mind your own crippling economy.



Sunil BURMAN2 days ago

@Zak, With fifth largest economy and growing at fast speed of little more than 7% pa and Modi ji again in helm of Affairs, India only to way forward. Now it's time to lead the World. But with huge external unpaid liabilities Pakistan will collapse sooner than expected.



Neha2 days ago


Mumbai ahmedabad bullet train costs 15 billion dollars. It might cover your deficit.



Zak3 days ago

Living on generosity of Americans.



Shahid Hassan3 days ago

Trump has started a trade war with China , India , Mexico , Germany , NATO allies . The bottom line is he would be taking the US economy towards a recession. His policies have not yielded so far the stock market is reflecting pessimism. The last two years are not the next two years and the card of economy as a means of re-election is falling apart . . Most people in India as well as the rest of the world know that trump policy influence has less than 12 months on the clock .



A shah3 days ago

Two superpowers know how to treat each other



Mohan2 days ago

5.6 billion may seem huge to Pakistanis. That's what they expect to get from the IMF over the next three years.



Bhaijan3 days ago

Unfortunately India is under continued illusions that it’s a US minion, in fact it’s not minion, nor preferred nation to US, the bilateral relations are based on mutual benefits in equal terms. There’s a trade favor in India kitty, and US had been repeatedly asking India to buy more from US, but nothing happened. Hence a businesslike policy is imperative like ending preferential trade status to India. There are no free breakfast in US I hope the Indians know this.



Fittay Mu2 days ago

India GDP growth is still 5.8% -- that is still higher than China's GDP growth, India's main competitor.

Other small economy and poor nations in the region, such as Nepal and Bhutan and Maldives and Myanmar and Pakistan are struggling to attain even 2% growth -- that is the main concern for these poor countries in the region.




Feroz2 days ago

India has the lowest Exports/GDP ratio among large economies, to that extent impact on GDP will be minimal. It is exporting countries like Germany, China, Japan and many in SE Asia who are going to be negatively impacted in a trade war.



Zak3 days ago

Much more to come. This is just the start.



Tariq3 days ago

No big deal. Indian exporters of these goods will lose about 10% of sales as a result in the short term. Not a calamity.



KJ3 days ago

5.7 billion is a very small fraction of the GDP of India - 0.2% of GDP



zeeshan3 days ago

who cares US now...



Faisal3 days ago

Now India knows there is NO free lunch



Shehbaz3 days ago

It doesn't effect India at all. India is already rich enough.



Aravind2 days ago

Not a big issue for India.



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