China delivers first overhauled JF-17 fighter jet to Pakistan



BEIJING: In a major boost for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), China has delivered the first overhauled multi-role JF-17 fighter jet to Islamabad as part of a project undertaken by the two countries over a decade ago for the development and manufacture of the aircraft.

北京:  中国向ysl堡交付了首架升级版多用途JF-17战斗机,这是中巴两国10多年前联合研制JF-17战斗机项目的一部分。

China and Pakistan had begun joint development and manufacture of the single-engine light JF-17 jets over a decade ago. Beijing delivered the first batch in 2007 and a number of them were later commissioned by the PAF, state-run Global Times reported on Wednesday.


After a decade of use, it was time for the first JF-17s to undergo overhauls, the report quoted military analysts as saying, adding that the first overhaul started in November 2017 after a contract was signed between the two sides in 2016.

报道援引军事分析人士的话说,服役10年后,首批IJ -17战机是时候进行升级了。报道还称,首次升级始于2017年11月,此前双方于2016年签署了一份合同。


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Blacky Paki • 6 days ago

Did Pakistan pay for it with Chinese loan money?



Blacky Paki • punjab • 5 days ago

Did you talking about IAF??? Who frequently crashing their jet, sometime shoot down own helicopter.

Never forgot 27th Feb intrusion by PAF.

“Tea is fantastic”

你说的是印度空军吧? 印度空军才经常摔飞机,有时还击落自己的直升机。




Nouman Attari • 5 days ago

Crashing the jet and bringing down your F16s , having the pilots lynched later.....ha ha ....SHOOTING down a copter was a human error , not by INDIA''S fighter jet but by INDIA''s own missile system wrongly fired at the copter..



Rajesh Singhal • 6 days ago

Pakistan has no other way out but to import jet planes from China. We are all aware of the quality of Chinese products and moreover,we have our strong fighter shooter, Abhinandan on the Indian map. Pakistan will be sorry for the deal.



Ram Garg • 6 days ago

no need to worry as these planes are made in china hahaha....



A G R India • chennai • 6 days ago

Pakistan budget deficit hit an 11-year high at Rs1.92 trillion, or 5% of the size of national economy, for the nine-month period ended March 2019 due to continued double-digit growth in defence and debt spending, and sinking revenues.Is china falling under debt trap or Pakistan? China knows they are exporting those for experiments through Pakistan Air force.Chinese air force personal are safe now.



Ash Man • 5 days ago

No money for education. No money for healthcare. No money for dams. But money eveready for military.



A G R India • chennai • 6 days ago

Fighter plane JF17 is a Joint Venture between china and Pakistan manufactured in china and imported from Chine as Made in China. what a great Joint venture.It is clear Chinese will not believe and trust Pakistan to setup the manufacturing the plant with the transfer of technology in Pakistan.



rkfromny• 41 • Rk • 3 days ago

OVERHAULED ??? Hahahahhahahaha AKA used refurbished waste product !!!



kanishka agarwal • 5 days ago

Down down Pakistan.... Keep buying the military equipments on loans and gift your country to China in the same Manner you gifted part of Kashmir to China in 1963



Rajesh Dubey

And this anti national Congressee has no concern for defence of India. They wants weak India. When govt started process of procurement of fighter jets they done everything to cancel deal



zeshan ahmad • 5 days ago

For india the old version of JF17 block 1 was more than sufficient. They have the airforce which loses SU30 and Mig21 to JF17 block 1 and even they shooted down their own helicopter.

对付印度的话,旧版本的JF17 Block1已经绰绰有余了。印度空军损失了苏-30和米格-21,还有击落自家直升机的本事,你说厉害不厉害


San dy • 5 days ago

Jf-16 more advanced than F-16 . Chinese preparing war against the United States of America and India .. Pakistan is now getting prepared to attack India in few days ...



Pappu Pass or Fail • 5 days ago

its made n china...,may be they are dumping it like.. Old wine in new bottle...first do they have money to buy jet fuel ???



chandra prakash • bengaluru • 5 days ago

JF17 is an outdated product next year. No use after 2019.



Sajid Patel • 6 days ago

If 17 Is a plane which shot down India''s two mig 21 jets


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