Chandrayaan-2 will carry Nasa payload too, will calculate Earth-Moon distance



NEW DELHI: Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) has for the first time revealed that Chandrayaan-2 lunarcraft, to be launched in July, will carry a Nasa “passive experimental instrument” to the Moon. The US space agency will use this module to calculate the distance between the Earth and the Moon.


Besides the solitary foreign experimental module, Chandrayaan-2, involving an orbiter, lander ‘Vikram’ and rover ‘Pragyan’ will also carry 13 Indian payloads that will be used to conduct different scientific experiments and for taking images on the Moon, as reported by TOI earlier.




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Balram • 9 hours ago

All the best.



Girish • USA • 9 hours ago

Anxously waiting for that GREAT day !!!



Girish • 8 hours ago

I am humiliated, on this special and one of a kind voyage to the moon where India could make history. India is carrying a US payload which could sabotage the whole Indian Moon landing or US could take joint credit. (Remember NASA workforce 45% is Indian) USA doesn''t like any non-white country to surpass them. God bless ISRO Jai Hind.

通过此次独一无二的月球之旅,印度可能创造历史。但是印度携带美国的仪器,这可能会破坏印度的整个登月计划,或者美国会抢我们的功劳。(记住,NASA 45%的员工都是印度人)美国不希望任何非白人国家超过他们。愿神保佑ISRO,印度必胜。


Gundchedilal • 9 hours ago

put RAGA on board Chandrayaan 2, he will send abuSes to PM Modi from moon as well



Rajeev S • Jhumri Talaiyya • 9 hours ago

ISRO is absolutely brilliant.



bala r. • Chennai • 6 hours ago

Has the distance changed after US went to moon in 1969 or they started of to moon without knowing the distance?


bala r. • 3 hours ago

@bala r Yes the distance has changed between the Earth and the Moon. Every year the Moon moves away the Earth at about 4 cms.. So since 1969, the Moon should be 100 cms farther



bala r. • 2 hours ago

Have they really go there in 1969??? Now strongly becoming doubtful!!



Jay Smith • 7 hours ago

All the best for successful mission. ISRO is result of constant hardwork of Indian scientists who succeed to do miracles in limited budget.



DharmamSatyamNyayam • 9 hours ago

Ever since Modi govt came to power, Indian capability is on display. Such things would not have happened under UPA rule



Sambhav • 3 hours ago

Along with payloads can we also send Rahul,Mamta,Mayawati,Kejriwal ??



Sambhav • goa • 1 hour ago

Why not modi he will be the first one on the moon



Hi Sudip • 6 hours ago

Great !! That means NASA has full confidence on our ISRO which is globally recognized !!

太棒了! !这意味着NASA对我们的ISRO有充分的信心,这是全球公认的!!


Dhanjit Das • 8 hours ago

Hope everything goes okay.



Shubham Dalvi • 9 hours ago

anxously waiting!!



Iron • New Delhi • 3 hours ago

Please send Rahul Mamta Benerjee and throw them mid-way in the space...



Smoking • Land of Cannabis Indica • 4 hours ago

Why the heck NASA wants to calculate the Earth - Moon distance now??

The Fvkk did they do during Apollo Mission in 1969..




Sandeep • Bengaluru • 5 hours ago

ISRO is pride of India. .All the very best....

I can foresee our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi announcing the successful launch of this mission




Dean • traveller • 5 hours ago

NASA is lying!! if we don't know the distance between earth and moon we can never sent a rocket there, let alone make it land!!

NASA说谎! !如果不知道地球和月球之间的距离,我们就没法把火箭送过去,更不用说让它着陆了!

dean m • 3 hours ago

I think they want to use it for precise distance between earth an moon at any point in time. Since moon follows an eliptical orbit, the distance keeps changing. Perhaps this equipment will further help in precise calculations for landing or other research areas.



Meh Daddy • 6 hours ago

Best wishes to ISRO and team. Hope it''s a great success.



Secunderabad • 4 hours ago

Isro is a gem of India



Mahesh • Kashipur, Uttarakhand • 4 hours ago

Kudos to ISRO.NASA is requesting it to take their instrument on board the Chandrayaan.Proud of ISRO.



Shivkumar Mohite • Shivkumar Mohite • 6 hours ago

Modi''s photos are everywhere - in petrol pumps, post office vehicles, govt offices etc. He may be sending a photo to the moon also.



Abdul Wahid S • 5 hours ago

India would have been miles ahead if not ruled by scamgress for decades.



Rajeev • 1 hour ago

our saints could calculate the distance between sun and earth long before NASA ( Hanuman chalisa is the proof) and now we need their technology to calculate the distance between earth and moon !! Are we really develo !!!!!!



Rahul Pal • Kolkata • 2 hours ago

I love ISRO they are really doing a great job round the year that too in a very high success rate. We are proud of you. We are proud of our country.



Smoking • Land of Cannabis Indica • 3 hours ago

What if the payload is some sort of sabotage device??



Tukaram • 2 hours ago

All credit goes to Modi and BJP .Rahul is attempting Bail Gadi when he is still on bail.



Pradeep • 3 hours ago

Carrying the Nasa payload to space will be an ultimate tribute to the capabilities and success of ISRO.



Hansa • New Delhi • 3 hours ago

Modi has said that by 2020, he will be the first man from India to step on the moon.



talking Indians • talking Indians • Moon • 6 hours ago

landed twice on the Moon and its rovers walked hundreds meters there but never ever BOASTED so much as Indians are doing here.



boasting idiots • boasting idiots • ISRAEL • 6 hours ago

Israel is light-years ahead of India in technology, especially in electronics, radar, missiles, control and guidance. Dare ANY Indian to dispute it. If Israel moon lander crashed, why the hell Indians are so confident India''s junk-2 would not crash?

Then WHY are Indians boast and brag here?



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