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Renee Kirsch

As someone who grew up in China with family members in police force but live in the U.S. for most of my life, here's my two cents on the subject.

China is very safe compared to many major cities in the U.S. But use your common sense. Don't make yourself a target. Don’t show off your diamond Cartier watch or 10-Carat ring if you know what I mean. You might want to know in big cities like Shanghai or Beijing and most of the capital cities of each provinces, people are very affluent. However, you do need to watch out for pickpockets and some purse or earring snatchers on motorcycle. Those purse or earring snatchers usually works in pairs. One drives a motorcycle in the front and one ride behind snatches the expensive purse or earrings of pedestrians. I have visited China in past 25 years but was never robbed or pick pocketed. I felt there are more thieves in Rome than in any major city of China. Just use some caution.

Chinese people generally are very friendly. Many folks said in earlier postings that harsher punishments are imposed to criminals who harm foreign tourists. That is absolutely true. For one, there is negative impact to political and international image and two, people generally are proud of their country and would not tolerate anything that might ruin that pride.

I would suggest anyone who visits China to stay in hotels with at least 4 star rating because most of those hotel staff could understand English and are more than willing to help out. Those hotels are not that expensive anyway. You can easily find good hotels that charge less than $150/night if not $100/night....BTW, many hotel chains like Holiday Inn, Hilton or Sheraton in China are significantly better than their counterparts in the US. Who would want to stay in Howard Johnson in the US? But they are built as 4 star or 5 star hotels in China!! Check them out…

As far as asking directions in big cities, look for young to middle-age people, many of them understand some English. Like many responses have pointed out, people, especially students are happy to practice English with you :-)

Finally, here are some essential Chinese/English phrases or sentences for tourists if you plan to visit China:




我建议所有来中国旅游的人都住四星级以上的酒店,这些酒店的大部分员工都懂英语,而且非常愿意帮忙。那些酒店也不会很贵。就算没有每晚100美元那么便宜,你也能轻松地找到每晚收费低于150美元的好酒店。顺便说一句,中国的许多连锁酒店,如假日酒店(Holiday Inn)、希尔顿(Hilton)或喜来登(Sheraton),都明显好于美国的连锁酒店。在美国,谁想住豪生酒店?但是他们在中国可是四星级或五星级酒店!!试试吧。



Important Chinese for Travel


zài nǎ lǐ mǎi piào

在 哪 里 买 票?

Where can I buy a ticket?

wǒ mí lù le nǐ zài nǎ li

我 迷 路 了 你 在 那 里?

I am lost. Where are you?

cè suǒ zài nǎ lǐ dì tiě zhàn zài nǎ ér

厕 所 在 哪 里? 地 铁 站 在 哪 儿?

Where is the restroom? Where is the subway stop?

jī chǎng dì tiě huǒ chē zhàn

机 场 地 铁 火 车 站

airport subway train station

bīn guǎn xíng li di shi zhàn

宾馆 行李 的 士 站

hotel Luggage Taxi Stop/Stand

yī yuàn jǐng chá cè suǒ chū kǒu rù kǒu

医院 警 察 厕所 出 口 入口

hospital police toilet exit entrance

Wǒ xiǎng qù jī chǎng

我 想 去 机 场

I want to go to + a place e.g. airport (机场), train station (火车站)…

háng bān jǐ diǎn qǐ fēi

航 班 几 点 起 飞?

When does the flight leave?

háng bān jǐ diǎn dào

航 班 几 点 到?

When does the flight arrive?

wù pǐn yí shī bàn gōng shì zài nǎ er

物 品 遗 失 办 公 室 在 哪 儿?

Where is the lost and found?

dēng jī kǒu dēng jī pái háng bān cuò guò hang bān Zhuǎnjī

登 机 口 登 机 牌 航 班 错 过 航 班 转机

Boarding gate Boarding pass Flight Miss a flight Transfer


护 照


Hang bān yán wù le hǎo jǐ gè xiǎo shí

航 班 延 误 了 好 几个 小 时

The flight is delayed for a few hours.

zhè shì shén me

这 是 什 么?

What is this?

Duō shao qián tài ɡuì le

多 少 钱 ? 太 贵 了

How much money? Too expensive!

wǒ yào diǎn zhèi ɡe cài

我 要 点 这 个 菜

I want to order this dish.

Zǎofàn zǎocān wǔfàn wǔ cān wǎnfàn wǎn cān

早饭 or 早餐 午饭 or 午餐 晚饭 or 晚 餐

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

I copied some of my word file over here but the formatting is screwed up. Well, hope this helps and enjoy your trip.



Anshuman Gandhi, Anshuman Gandhi

I have been in Guangzhou for 3 weeks and coming from India, it is weird to walk the streets at 2AM and see people, including kids and women walking around safely. I met this really cool 6 year old travelling by the night bus at 12AM from downtown area to the city center and he has been travelling alone for a few years.

Corners which should be mugging hotspots and kids doing meth are completely empty and clean.

The police trying to balance themselves on bicycles don't look scary at all but China if I only take Guangzhou's example is very safe. Friends of mine have visited Shanghai and Beijing and that is very safe too.

They don't really stare at foreigners either, forget mugging/raping someone.

Very unlike my home country.

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Christina (Charley)

Yes. China is a safe place to travel around. I am a female and travelled around China on my own and I’ve been doing this back and forth between my home and China for a few years now. It’s a fascinating place that shouldn’t be missed.

I would honestly say I felt safer in China than in my own City (London). China is like anywhere though, just remember to trust your instincts and also keep your wits about you should you visit somewhere that you’re not familiar with.

The people in China are usually very helpful and nice and they will try to help you if you’re lost, but remember communication is harder if you don’t understand Mandarin or any other Chinese dialogue.

Remember to keep personal belongings close by you and this is really all you need to be wary of if you take public transport. Just like in most places there is petty crime. I remember once someone called me stupid naive westerner because I said travelling by taxi is safe alone and it really is fine.

Most taxi’s are regulated by the Chinese go nment and they will have a licence. If you choose to take a Taxi make sure you’re asking for a receipt every time. I would also recommend using Ctrip to make train or flight bookings.

It’s also good to learn basic Chinese. It’s not required but it will definitely help you on your journey around China. I would say the west of China you should be more careful if travelling alone but for most parts of the country you’ll be perfectly fine.

Have a good trip and if you need other advice I am happy to help :)









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