It it safe at night in china(2)



William Gary

Hi, as a foreigner in China it took me a while to get use to the country. I have vacationed in China for over a month at a time, every year, for ten years. In the US I live in a nice suburban town next to Hartford, CT.

I am always every vigilant when I’m in Hartford, CT day or night I am always aware of my surroundings. In Xiangtan where I spend most of my time, is a city over 700,000 people. I can go out any time of the day or night without reservation. Yes, when I walk through their massive parks at 2 A.M. in the morning I keep my guard up so to speak. Have I ever had an unpleasant experience………never.

In the US it seems the most time people feel uncomfortable is when the see two or three teenagers walking towards them. In China there is no such feeling.

I’m not going to go on and on about China, but I will say this. China I have found to be safe, treats foreigners very well and people go out of their way to be accommodating.






Flora Ding, lives in China

No, I don’t think it’s safe… That’s why you see in China, people install prison-alike doors and windows, to protect themselves from thieves and muggers.




People dare not leave their doors unclosed when they go out, there are security doors, security keys..Very different from Australia, many Australians just close the door when they leave home, Chinese need to double lock it, to make sure no one can break in.. I find such prison alike apartments everywhere, in big cities and small cities..

But you can still go out at night, it’s not a problem. Many places are still crowded till 10pm, like malls, theatres, squares… full of people. Sometimes I get on subway at 11pm, and there are still many passengers. So you don’t need to worry when you are in these public areas. But be careful if you go to some quiet place without seeing anyone at late night. Not only in China, but in any country, it’s not that safe




Jing Cai, PhD candidate from University of Melbourne

Originally Answered: Why do people say China is safe at night?

As a Chinese living in Australia currently, from my own experience, I don't feel afraid if I walk on the streets in China after 12 am. However, in Aussie, I avoid going out alone at night after 12 am. Can I say because I believe China is safer at night? Well, I do not think the reasons lie in the matter of safety.

It can be crowded even at night in China, especially on weekends. People love to hang out at night. Some street food restaurants have an overnight food supply. The shopping malls, in general, close after 10 pm. In this case, even after 11 pm, there are plenty of people on the streets with all the lights on, so you are not gonna be afraid at such a noisy night. However here in Australia, if you are not living in a place around CBD, it can be really quiet at night. If something bad happens, you’ll find no one to turn to.

The other thing is that, unlike Australia as an immigration country with people from multiple cultural backgrounds, the majority of people living in China are ethnically Chinese. So as a Chinese myself, I am quite familiar with the characteristics of Chinese people. I can imagine what might occur at night, what kind of bad person I might come across at night. However, here in Australia, I will never know who I will meet at night, what he will do and how I can react. From this perspective, fears come from uncertainty.





Patrick Whelan, worked at Beijing No. 2 High School

I live in Beijing. I have lived in 14 countries on 6 continents. I have traveled more than 250 towns and cities in 45 countries, and China is the safest country I have been to. Of course, things can happen, especially with such a massive population, but it is extremely rare and nothing has ever happened to me or anybody I know after spending 4 years in China.

I am from Canada, and even as an ex-military, big, athletic man, I feel I have to pay attention when walking alone at night there, and even more so in the US, and even in Europe. In China I never think or feel like I need to be cautious, and you don’t see anybody clutching their bags on the metro or bus, or actively appearing cautious.

Ordering safe taxis is easy and very cheap, and the bike-sharing companies like Mobike also keep you from having to walk, when walking increases vulnerability.

Unlike in the West, while people do drink in China, you don’t get groups of drunk, aggressive people traveling around in packs looking for something to do.






Sam Arora, Traveled to China several times and more trips planned

My affinity and determination to know more about China started when I was in my primary school.

I was born a small town in present-day Punjab region of India a few years after independence from Britain.

My primary school teacher used to tell us story about China, its long history/civilization/culture/respect for Lord Buddha/food/pure silk/architecture.

For a six or seven years old kid, all this made a permanent mark, and I vowed one day I would per sure visit China.

That was in mid to late 50 S, then in 60 S my birth country and China were not friends anymore.

The teacher stopped talking about China, however, in private he still told me stories about China.

Fast Forward: I moved to Canada in my early 70 s, and it was the first time I worked/studied with the Chinese.

Finally, my dream to go to China became a reality. I was stunned solid to see China, the first time. Now several trips and more in the planning to continue my quest now I realize one life is not enough even to scratch a surface of China.

Now the answer:

China is very safe at night, regardless small village or mega city.

My friend in Shanghai told me the best part of moving back to China as he is not worried his young 16 years old daughter is walking home in the middle of the night in Shanghai.

1.Never mind Shanghai, girls can walk alone in any city/town/village.

2.China is known for low violent crimes.

3.The Chinese are very respectful to females.

4.The Chinese women have now per sure have half the sky. They are extremely active in every facet of life. (Thanks chair Mao)

5.Women are working by themselves during night shifts.

6.You can see women are traveling/working/walking in the middle of the night fearlessly.

In my view: Today, China should be world model for the status and safety of females.

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This is Chinese rail, one of the most disciplined people, this compartment was extremely clean.






This small little red book changed China for ever, this book laid the foundation for respect for women.



In true sense the Chinese woman is liberated now, a world model



This is new China, safe secure law and order and extremely beautiful all due to this small red book (By Chairman Mao)

A word of caution: No matter how safe is place, be prudent, be proactive and be vigilant, try not to be victim.






Emily Mai, Client Relations Manager

Despite having a massive population, China is surprisingly a super safe place.

Now when I say safe, of course there are a large number of petty thefts, car accidents and reports of fake food/medicine being sold, but you can feel very safe walking home or riding the subway home at night. You will rarely (if ever) hear about someone being mugged or beaten up for no reason in China.

I have walked home at 3 am in the morning and no one gave me a second look let along do or say something horrible. But you do have to keep your wits about you, it’s not an ideallic paradise. Guys still try to grope you on the subway, there have been reports about taxi drivers raping their passengers and people putting drugs into people’s drinks to take them home. But honestly, I feel more unsafe walking alone at 8pm in Australia than I do in China.

There are always extreme exceptions to the rule, but all in all I would say yes China is safe at night :)






Sibo Ha

This world is not very safe ,this is a fact.Different country have different culture,different city have different environment.

China is a huge country,it has 9.6million square kilometers of land,it has so many cities, Beijing ,Shanghai,Shenzhen,more than 200 cities,and it has a population of 1.4billion.

So, on the other hand, security is relative, not absolute.Even Japan, with its highest security, is not saying that there are no cases.





This is my hometown—Yinchuan,it is an important city in the northwest part of China.I am not sure that in night you can do not care about anything walking on the street,because everyone have rest, the city has entered a period of self-management.At this time,you should have strong sense of self-protection.



But in Shanghai, you shuold not care about that, this is an intenational city,and is has more than 3 million people living in this city,every time make you feel comfortable.

Final,I need to emphasize rhat , security is relative, not absolute.




Michael Borsen, studied at Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Overall very safe I would say. It is just very peaceful as everyone is having a good time.

Safety is a sign that the majority of people is enjoying their lives ,other than having a lot of problem and do illegal stuff like stealing or robbing.

Life threatening dangers? Like some mob go around the corner and assassinate you? Dont even think about it. Corners always have CCTV to watch over, the criminal would not be dumb enough to do bad stuff under that.

Theres really not much to worry about. Try explore China on your own and you may find many interesting stuff!

Just enjoy China at night! And btw, welcome to Wuhan, Hubei! I am currently in a KFC at Han street drinking coffee at 9 o′ clock and I am not going home until 10.








Nik Snith, lives in Los Angeles

I lived in China for four years and, separately from that, have visited a number of time amounting to an additional several months. I lived in three different cities for at least a year and spent extended time in at least fifteen other cities. Not once did I ever feel that my safety was threatened at night. It’s mainly because I felt safe enough to have the confidence that I would eventually end up at home just fine. And it always worked out. I would go as far as to say that I felt safer in China than I have around some areas of the city I grew up in. Chinese people deserve a lot of credit for that.



Alyssa Burke, studies History at Iowa State University (2021)

I have traveled through a portion of Shenyang, which is China’s 13th most populated city (according to the 2010 Chinese census), and I felt very safe walking at night.

I live in a relatively small city in America, and I will avoid going out at night unless I absolutely have to. There’s too many risks to going outside at night here, even though this city is considered “safe”. In comparison to a city in China, I feel more comfortable in China.

While I was is Shenyang, I was always walking with someone I knew since I was unfamiliar with the location and didn’t know enough Chinese to take care of myself. However, I never felt like someone was giving me weird looks or was up to no good. When I’m in America, even when I walk with someone else, I feel uncomfortable walking at night. If I have to be outside, I make sure to move as quickly as possible and have pepper spray.

Of course there are cases of creeps in China, but not nearly as many as America. Not enough to make me think about it ever time I stepped outside the door.






Farzan Safavi, Living in China

China is generally safe

I have been walking home at night with my girlfriend and the only thing people do, either they just smile and pass by. I live in a third-tier city with very little foreigners, so being a “louwai” (foreigner) is very exotic here. Sometimes, they may say “Hello” or take a selfie with me. That’s the only danger to be honest. However, there are problems with such large population. For instance, my iPhone 6s was stolen in Guangzhou at a nightclub, and my wallet was stolen in Chongqing during day light but this is the worse case scenario that could happen.

Pickpocketing is not uncommon and it can happen. I have never witness street fights, violence or leave alone shooting. There’s a general safety walking around during day and night.


我和女朋友晚上走路回家,人们要么朝我们微笑,要么就是默默走过。我住在一个外国人很少的三线城市,所以作为一名“老外”,我在这里很显眼。有时,他们可能会跟我说“你好”或与我合影。说实话,这是唯一的风险了。不过这么庞大的人口也存在一些问题。例如,我的iPhone 6s就在广州的一家夜总会被偷了,我的钱包在重庆被偷了,但这已经是最糟糕的情况了。


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